Thursday, December 08, 2016

Blogmas Day 8 ¦ The battle of the brow products

You probably all know that I love a good brow product so today I thought I would show you some of my favourite products. So without further ado I'm going to get on with it otherwise this post will be a billion years long.
Starting off with the powders my favourite has to be the High Definition beauty Brow palette in Foxy. These powders are just beautiful, they look really natural on the brows. I mix the medium brown and the dark brown which makes the perfect shade for my brows. The other brow powder I really enjoy is the Freedom brow powder in the shade Ash brown. This one is a little bit cooler toned than the High Definition palette. Again it looks incredibly natural and lasts really well. If you are on a look out for a dupe I would highly recommend the freedom one. Brow gel wise I have Benefit Gimme brow which is one of my all time favourite products. It's brilliant for both setting the brows and to use as a stand alone brow product for super natural makeup days. A cheaper alternative is the L'Oreal Brow artist which although the brush is a lot bigger than the Gimme brow the formula is very similar. It is slightly crispier in the brows than Gimme brow however it is very similar if you can't quite bring yourself to spend £18 on a brow gel.
Moving onto pencil I have three which are very similar, out of the three I would say that my favourite is the Smashbox Brow tech matte pencil however the Benefit Precisely my brow pencil and the NYX Micro brow pencil are incredibly similar. All three are very little pencils and they are all really good cool toned shades. Finally We have brow pomades which are 100% my favourite type of product to use on my brows. The Benefit Kabrow is a lot stiffer than any of the other pomades that I have tried. I do find this is just a little too warm for me however I do like the texture and as long as I'm careful my brows don't end up overly dark. The other two pomades are different textures. They are a lot softer then the Benefit one. The freedom one is a little more ashy toned and doesn't last quite as long than the Anastasia one which is my all time favourite. It is just my favourite brow product. It lasts incredibly well and is just the perfect shade for me. Not to ashy not to warm it is perfect.
So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this

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