Friday, December 15, 2017

Blogmas Day fifteen - A quick festive pamper session

I love a good pamper, however being at uni doesn't make it so easy as this year I don't have a bath and that tends to be my go too for a good pamper. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products to use for a bathless pamper. 

Starting off I wanted to mention the Janina whitening trays* now I'm not going to linger on these as I know a lot of people aren't into teeth whitening but I did put up a full review yesterday should anyone want more information. I know for me having white teeth just makes me feel good and these are just easy and pretty much mess free. 

I also love a good face mask, I have tried so many recently and some I'm really loving are the soap and glory ones. You can pick masks up for such low prices, some from primary are 80p which is just crazy. I would also definitely recommend the Garnier sheet masks which are beautiful for dry skin and the Boots sheet masks are also lovely. 

In any pamper post lush have to be mentioned. I think something I really love to do which takes about two minutes is to give my lips a good scrub and moisturise. The lush lip scrubs are my favourite, the one I am currently using is the sugar plum fairy one which is part of the Christmas range. Once I've scrubbed I always like to put on a super thick balm like the Nuxe Reve de meil.

Another lush product I'm loving for a quick pamper is the Snow fairy body conditioner which is just perfect for anyone who hates moisturising as it can be done in the shower in the warm. I know a lot of brands have these in shower moisturisers however I find this is the only one that leaves my skin feeling like it has had a proper moisturiser on it. Also it smells amazing especially when layer with the Snow fairy shower gel. 

So that's just a couple of quick and easy ways to pamper yourself over the festive season. I'd love to know what your favourite quick pamper products are! 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Blogmas Day fourteen - A white (smiley) christmas

I have naturally quite yellow teeth so any products which claim to whiten my teeth I amp up for trying. When Janina reached out to me and asked if I would like to try their products I knew I wanted to review them for you.

First off we have the ultra whitening toothpaste* which is £11.50. This has an incredibly gritty texture and a pretty extreme mint flavour. I have to say I have seen some gradual improvement in the staining on my teeth however when it comes to actual whitening it hasn't helped so much. I believe this one would be amazing for someone who smokes or drinks coffee and has stained teeth rather than naturally yellow teeth. 

Moving on the other product I was sent over are the teeth whitening tray* which retail at £30.00 which isn't the cheapest however it's a lot more affordable than some whitening products on the market. This pack contains 5 sets of ready filled trays which you literally just pop on your teeth and leave for around thirty minutes. I am honestly so impressed with these, there was visible results after day one and after the five days my teeth really have improved. The only thing I will say about these is due to the fact they aren't fitted to your teeth the whitening power tends to be focused on the front four teeth. I personally find my canines are the worst for staining, however after the five days they were definitely less yellow the effect wasn't quite as strong than on my front teeth. 

Overall I am really impressed with these products and I would definitely recommend them. The whole Janina line currently has a third off so if you are looking to give these a go this is definitely the time! 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Blogmas Day thirteen - Festive reds

I love a good red lip and if there is any time to wear one it is the festive season. Today I thought I would go through a selection of my favourite reds at the moment. 

Maybelline Super stay Matte ink in Pioneer - 
These are a sort of hybrid lip product. They are somewhere between a gloss and a matte liquid lip eventually drying down to a matte finish. This is a stunning pink toned red which is just really easy to wear. With it being a strange hybrid type product it stains so well meaning the lasting power is amazing. 

Rimmel Kate moss lipstick in 107 - 
This is such a blogger favourite and for good reason. It's a gorgeous berry red with a satin finish. This is one of those lipsticks that's just so comfortable to wear yet requires minimal faff which is what I need from a lipstick. 

Mac Matte lipstick in Chilli - 
Chilli is a slightly different red, it's a more orange based making it a more terracotta shade. This one is perfect if you don't want something so bright red and want a deeper shade. This is one of mac's more comfortable matte formulas however the lips do definitely need to be well prepped. 
Pioneer, 107, Chilli, 06, Wifey

Essence Matt Matt lipstick in 06 - 
This is a stunning very classic red shade, I have mentioned these lipsticks in a couple of posts recently as for the price they are absolutely incredible. They are creamy and comfortable similar in texture to the Rimmel matte lipsticks. If you are wanting to branch into red lips but don't want to spend too much yet want good quality this is the one to go for. 

Jeffree Star Velour liquid lipstick in Wifey (LE Family collection) -
Wifey is a darkened almost true red and I am a little obsessed with it at the moment. It is ever so slightly blue toned meaning that it makes the teeth look super white. You will probably all already know how much I love the formula so I want go on about it but if you are looking for a red liquid lipstick I think this is the one to go for. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Blogmas Day twelve - Being vegetarian

TodayI thought I'd write about something I'm pretty sure I haven't mentioned on my blog before. I've actually been veggie for almost a year and a half now and today I just thought I'd have a little ramble about it and give some tips on how the switch over was and the things you have to watch with a vegetarian diet. 

Now first off I am 100% completely vegetarian meaning that I don't eat any meat or anything containing meat such a sweets containing animal gelatine. My first tip would definitely be if you are wanting to go full vegetarian then there are so many things which you wouldn't think have meat in them like haribos. I know not all vegetarians are this strict so it is completely up to you. I more decided to be strict as it also helped me reduce my sugar intake as sweets I can have are very limited. 

If you are going veggie you need to be ready prepared for the "but don't you miss meat?" question. This is one that I get asked regularly when I first tell someone I'm vegetarian. For me this really isn't something I struggle to explain as me going veggie was more about the fact I didn't enjoy eating meat rather than the ethical implications of it. Don't get me wrong the more ethical implications have become more important to me over the time, however my initial decision was based purely on my tastes. 

I do think you definitely need to be a little more aware of the foods you are eating in terms of their nutritional value. For me I have always been a big believer in taking supplements to ensure I am getting everything I need however if they aren't for you I would always suggest taking conscious choices and thinking about things like how much iron you are consuming. For me I think taking vitamins means I don't have to worry about any of it so I think before going veggie it is something that needs to be considered. 

Another thing I wanted to mention is that you can pretty much make vegetarian versions of a good 95% of meals you love. There are such a huge variety of meat free proteins out there now that most dishes can be converted to meat free. If you are going veggie I would suggest incorporating these proteins into your diet before making the switch completely as not everyone loves them. I personally love cooked quorn but hate the fake ham they do, whereas others love it. if you know what you like before you commit to it you are much less likely to be disappointed and end up switching back. 

So that's it for today! I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it's something a little different for my blog! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Blogmas Day eleven - Makeup revolution x soph

I'm not normally that into youtuber collabs however when I saw that Sophie from Sophdoesnails was releasing a collaboration with Makeup revolution I knew I wanted to give the products a go as she is someone who I have followed since she was a pretty small channel. When I first saw the shadow palette I fell in love with the colours and I knew it was something I had to try.

I have to be honest I really like some of the shadows in the palette however some of them I was a little disappointed by. Normally makeup revolution shimmer shades are super pigmented however I find some of these are just not quite up to the quality I have come to expect from the brand. Don't get Mme wrong some of them are beautiful and the majority of the mattes blend like a dream but as you can see from the swatches some of them just aren't great. 

Some of the pink shades really are gorgeous and I can get some really nice eye looks out of the palette. I do find it is mostly the lighter shades that I have issues with, however the last three shades in the swatches which are the three darker shades I find don't blend great and As long as I work with this I can use it however it isn't one I reach for all the time. 

Moving onto the highlighter palette I am definitely more impressed with this one. It has a really beautiful range of shades and I think it could definitely work for a huge range of skin tones. My favourite shade out of the palette is the lilac as it looks so stunning on my super pale skin. These highlights are incredibly metallic and look beautiful. They can be sheered out however I tend to pack them on for a super intense glow. 

 So that's it for today, I'd love to know if you have tried these and what you think of them! 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Blogmas Day ten - Leighton Denny Colour Soiree collection

Leighton Denny Colour soiree collection* 

I love this time of year as you can get so many cute little sets like this. Leighton Denny polishes are some of my favourites, they are beautifully opaque and are just one of those polishes that are easy to use. The colour soiree collection contains 4 5ml polishes. It contains a clear top and base coat, crushed grape which is a deep cream burgundy colour, butterfly wings which is a a beautiful iridescent baby pink and finally twinkle twinkle which is a stunning silver glitter. 

I love the packaging of this, and for someone who likes nail polish but has a lot of it these little bottles are perfect. One thing I like about these mini bottle is that the brush is still a decent size making it easy to paint with them. I feel like this set has a really nice mix of shades and is just a brilliant little gift set. Leighton Denny polishes are really high quality and don't chip super quickly like some high end brands *cough* Chanel *cough*.

Overall I really think that this is a beautiful little Christmas gift and I would definitely recommend it. 

Saturday, December 09, 2017

Blogmas day Nine - My kind of nude

I love a good nude lipstick so today I thought I would show you some of my favourites, there's a bit of everything in here from concealer lip shades to much more pink based nudes. So without further ado lets get into the lipsticks. 

Essence Matt Matt lipstick in 03 - 
This shade is one of the deepest I picked out, it's a much more brown toned pink nude than I would normally go for however I feel like it is one if those shades that is just so easy to wear. The formula of these are incredibly comfortable, I would definitely say they are on of my favourite drugstore matte lipsticks. 

Primark matte lipstick crayon in Mushroom - 
Another incredibly affordable matte, nude lip that I love. The primary crayons are incredibly creamy and although they don't move about they don't feel completely set when you rub your lips together. The shade mushroom is a beautiful orange toned nude. I think some might find this one a little too pale, however on me I really love it. 

NYX Lip lingerie in Lace detail - 
This is definitely the palest shade I've picked out. Its a very white based peachy nude which I think a lot of people will find too pale however on me it is the perfect almost concealer lip but not quite the same as my skin. The lip lingerie formula is slightly drying however I do find that I can get away with it as long as I have a little balm underneath. 

Jeffree Star Velour liquid lip in I'm nude - 
This is another pretty pale shade, it is more cool toned than Lace detail. This I have to say would probably make it into my favourite lipsticks of all time category. The formula on the Jeffree star liquid lipsticks is incredibly comfortable and not too drying. 

Essence 03, Mushroom, Lace detail, I'm nude, Terra, Bourjois 03, Truffle, Yash, Berry blush. 
Jouer Long wear lip creme matte in Terra -  
Terra is a stunning terracotta nude shade as the name may suggest. I love this one for when I want a really sophisticated lip shade. The are one of the most hydrating and long lasting liquid lips I have ever tried and I would definitely recommend everyone gives them a go. 
Bourjois Rouge edition the lipstick in 03 - 
These are fairly new to my collection however I have fallen in love with them 03 is a stunning berry nude shade which is just perfect for this time of year. The formula of these is very creamy but sets down to a more matte finish, although there is a slight satin finish to them. 

Dose of colours matte lipstick in Truffle - 
This is a cool toned pinky nude which is super similar to the actual colour of my lips. The Dose of colours matte lips are one of the most velvety liquid lips I've ever used and are definitely ones to try if you love a super matte finish. 

Mac Matte lipstick in Yash - 
Another pale nude Mac Yash is a very basic brown nude with a white base. Some Mac matte's can be super drying however this one is definitely one of the more creamy ones. 

Collection lip colour in Berry blush - 
This is the only true glossy lip in this line up so I wanted to mention it as I have been wearing it a lot when my lips have just felt too dry for a liquid or matte lip. This formula has a beautiful shine too it and the shade is a really lovely berry toned nude similar to Bourjois's shade 3. 

Friday, December 08, 2017

Blogmas Day eight - Anastasia Prism palette

I love the quality of the Anastasia shadows so when this was released I knew I needed it in my collection. I have to admit when it first arrived I had no idea what to do with it. It isn't the most cohesive palette in the world and I wasn't sure how to use the more blue/green shades in it.  

Before we go onto the shades I do want to mention the formula, now don't get me wrong this palette isn't quite as dusty as the Subculture palette but the shadows just aren't quite as intense as the modern renaissance. The metallic shades are absolutely beautiful and have a very metallic finish on the lids. The mattes aren't quite as nice as the ones in modern renaissance however they have good pigmentation and other than the black blend really nicely. I do find the black goes a little patchy if blended too much however I tend to have the same problem with most matte black shadows. 

The shades are beautiful but they aren't the most co-hesive in the world. I find to use some of the blue shades I do need to reach for some more purple shades to put in the crease. Other than the black the matte shadows blend beautifully and are no way near as loose in formula as the mattes from subculture. This means that there isn't too much fallout however you do still get some. I do find that the metallic shades do have a bit of glitter fallout so I would definitely suggest that this palette is used before makeup. One thing I do like about the metallics is unlike the subculture palette they haven't sealed which was one of my biggest issues with that palette. 

Moving onto a full breakdown of the shades - 

Lucid - duo chrome white gold shade which looks beautiful in the inner corner. 

Eden - Peachy orange matte shade. 

Unity - Yellow cream matte. 

Sphinx - Beautiful bronze metallic. 

Osiris - Very pigmented metallic purple with pink glitter. 

Sphere - Neon yellow, for me I find this one definitely lacks pigmentation. 

Obsidian - Matte black, again another that I find lacks pigmentation and blends a little patchy. 

Dimension - Grey based medium purple metallic. 

Parallel - Warm brown matte shade. 

Pyramid - Yellow toned gold metallic. 

Throne - Forest green metallic. 

Saturn - Deep orange brick matte. 

Eternal - A more orange copper than sphinx. 

Lure - A gorgeous matte grey toned pinky shade. 

So that's it for today I'd love to know if you have this palette and what you think of it. 

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Blogmas Day Seven - Juvia's Place Nubian palette

Is this palette the perfect palette for someone who loves warm eyeshadows, I think it may possibly be. When Beauty bay first announced they where going to be stocking Juvia's place I was very excited. I had heard incredible things about the products and was very excited to give them a go. 

I have to say that I was not disappointed, the pigmentation is beautiful and they blend like a dream. The shade selection is so lovely, although I do find that it is missing a transition shade for paler skins. That being said with Juvia's place being a black owned brand I didn't expect it to be perfect for my skin tone. The shimmers are super foiled and work stunningly both wet and dry. The shadows blend really nicely and aren't pigmented to the point that they are The only think I don't love about the palette is the packaging. I find it is just a little bit flimsy and isn't something I would travel any distance with. I think the shade selection is amazing and there are so many looks that can be created using the palette. I feel like this one would be great for people who are just dipping into the world of eyeshadow and want something good quality but not super expensive!  

Overall I really love this palette and would definitely suggest that you check out Juvia's place if you haven't already. 

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Blogmas Day six - Dior Forever foundation. Worth the hype?

I feel like this foundation has such a good reputation within the beauty community, especially with so many youtubers I love who have dry skin so it was a product I was very eager to try. As you probably all know I have incredibly dry skin so I am very careful who I take my foundation recommendations from. Usually I stick to a few people and normally they work out for me however in this case this foundation most definitely didn't work for me. 

Starting with the packaging it is gorgeous, the frosted glass and sleek black lid monogrammed on the top for me is just the ultimate expensive looking packaging. The pump dispenses a nice amount of product. Unfortunately the packaging was the best thing about this foundation. The shade, which is the lightest offered, is incredibly orange toned and pretty dark for the palest shade. I find it does also oxidise throughout the day so the shade match only gets worse. In terms of the texture it is incredibly liquid and is the kind of texture I would normally love however I find this seems to dry matte the second it is applied to the skin and it only gets drier through the day. 

I expected a more satin finish however this is most definitely very matte. Unfortunately it enhances every bit of dryness on my face, so pretty much my entire face and just looks patchy as my skin seems to try and drink it up. I find it offers a medium coverage upon first application however it seems to break down very quickly no matter how I set it. Overall I think this would be a good one for people with oily skin however with my experiences I would definitely avoid it if you have dry skin. 

I'd love to know if you have tried this foundation and if you got on with it any better. 

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Blogmas Day five - Hip Dysplasia and me.

Something that a lot of you might not know about me is that I have a condition called Hip dysplasia. I've been wanting to write this post for such a long time as my condition is a huge part of who I am however I've never quite managed to get the words out. So if you are here today for a perfect post this most definitely isn't going to be it however if you would like to learn a little about hip dysplasia keep reading. 

There are two types of hip dysplasia the first is the type I have know as congenital dysplasia which means you were born with it and the second is developmental which tends to happen later on in life. Essentially I was born with pretty much not curvature in my right hip socket meaning the ball of my femur could slip about. As my case was quite extreme it wasn't picked up by the clicky hip test done at birth as my femur didn't have a socket to click out off. This meant that for the first eight years of my life I was in a lot of pain without knowing what the reason was. Once they eventually found the issue I had a hip reconstruction using bone from my pelvis. This left me in hospital for 10 weeks with my legs secured 3 foot apart with a metal bar. This meant at the age of eight I had to learn to walk again and was in a wheelchair for almost a year as I built back my strength. 

However this wasn't the end of my problems, as my femur had been slipping out of place for eight years it was twisted meaning I had to have it broken and a 15cm metal plate fixed in it to attempt to straighten it. Of course this metal work had to come out and two years afterwards it was taken out. I was lead to believe at that point I should be able to live fairly normal life with minimal pain until I would require a hip replacement at around 40. Unfortunately things weren't that simple and the degradation of my hip happened much faster than my surgeons were hoping. I now not only need a hip replacement but I am also awaiting surgery to attempt to move around some nerves in my thing to try and reduce some of the pain. 

I'm currently taking three painkillers a day as well as multiple other tablets to try and stop the painkillers doing too much damage to my body. Despite all this I am trying so hardy to push myself to live a life that is as normal as possible. I push through the pain on a regular day just like so many other people do and I couldn't be prouder of myself for not letting my disability totally consume me. 

If you would like to know more about hip dysplasia please have a look at the website which does a brilliant job explaining so many of the issues and things that come along with having the condition. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Blogmas Day four - Bourjois Rouge edition - The lipstick

These lipsticks are everywhere at the moment and people are really loving them. I've seen then pop up on so many blogs so when Bourjois had then on 3 for 2 and an introductory offer and a free gift when you spent £15 I decided to give them a go. I actually purchased six of these and then got one free in the gift box so I feel like I've had the chance to trial a good amount of shades across the range. 

Starting off with the packing, I always love it when products clearly show the colour as it makes them so much easier to find in my collection. It is super sturdy and the fastening is super strong so you have to be careful that the lid is one securely however once it is, it isn't going anywhere. I think the shade range is nice however I do find they are all of a very similar tone and I find some of the middle shades looked very similar. I'd like to see them extended the shade range as I am obsessed with the formula. 

These have the most stunning matte formula which reminds me a lot of the standard Mac matte formula. They are so creamy and don't drag on the lips and once dried down they aren't going anywhere. They aren't food proof however I find them to be kiss proof. They are hands down some of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I have ever worn and are ones which I am already reaching for all the time. They have an ever so slight chemical smell to them however it isn't super strong unlike the vanilla fragrance most brands seem to go for. These are most definitely a one swipe kind of lipstick as they are so beautiful and pigmented. 

Left to right 02, 03, 04, 08, 09, 10, 11.
Overall I am super obsessed with these lipsticks and would definitely recommend everyone gives them a go. I would love to know if you have given these a go and what you think of them. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

Blogmas Day three - A little festive lush haul

I love lush at Christmas but this year I have had to keep my haul a lot more restrained than normal. Not only am I now a poor student but I also don't have a bath at uni so there isn't much point in me buying any bath bombs as they will get damp before I get home. So I went for a couple of things I always get and then something completely new to me. 

The item that is completely new to me is the snow fairy body conditioner. This was actually something recommended to me by a friend and I'm so glad she made me get it as it's such an easy product. It's one of those in shower moisturisers which makes life so much easier and actually adds some moisture unlike some. It also smells like snow fairy which is always a win. I also picked up a snow fairy shower gel which is something I pick up every year because I love it. I went for the 250g bottle this year in the hopes that it will last me till they bring it out again next year. 

I love the shower jellies and I had the snowman last year so I was super happy to see they had bought him back this year. This one is made with carrot extract and smells so beautiful and sweet. It's a little lighter than some of lushes fragrances however I love it. Finally I picked up a new lip scrub, this year I went for sugar plum fairy which smells a lot like one of the shower jellies that lush have actually discontinued now. I love the lip scrubs as not only do they taste delicious they also do a fab job of exfoliating the lips and are my favourite thing to prep with before I apply liquid lipstick. 

So that's it for today, what have you picked up from lush recently and what are your favourites? 

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Blogmas Day two - November favourites.

I'm pretty sure I missed October favourites so technically these are from the past two months. I still feel like I haven't got a lot though so these are some super select favourites. 

Starting with the only Non-makeup item I had to include every bloggers favourite Snow fairy. I adore this stuff so I actually decided to get a medium sized bottle in the hopes it will last me till it comes back out again next year. I would highly suggest if you haven't smelt this and you love sweet scents to go and smell it. 

Going in order of how I would put it on my face my first favourite is the Revlon Youth Fx's fill and blur primer which reminds me a lot of Benefit professional which is one of my favourite primers. I actually find that this one isn't as heavy on the skin and doesn't quite feel as silicone based. It does a really beautiful job of smoothing the skin and really helps with the lasting power of my foundation especially on the nose. Next up I wanted to mention the Maxfactor Healthy skin foundation which is the most beautiful natural looking medium coverage foundation. I have to say this is one of my top five drugstore discoveries of the year. It looks so beautiful on the skin and is the perfect everyday foundation for those of us with dry skin. 

For eyes I wanted to mention the Morphe 332 blending brush which just makes eyeshadow so easy. I love the shape of it and I think I've finally found a blending brush which fits perfectly with my eye shape. It isn't the most high quality brush ever however for the price it's a really good quality. The other eyeshadow related thing I wanted to mention is the Coloured Raine Queen of hearts palette which is just the most perfect autumnal palette. The matte shades are all gorgeous and blend so nicely whilst the shimmer are super full pigment and look almost like the makeup geek foiled shadows on the lid. I just think the mix of colours in this palette is beautiful and it's one I have been reaching for a lot over the last month or two. 

For lips I wanted to mention Jeffree Star Nathan which is the most beautiful pinky peach nude which is just one of those perfect everyday throw on colours. you all probably know already how much I love the Jeffree star formula if you follow me on any of my social media. It's just incredibly comfortable and long wearing and just all round a great formula. The other lip product I wanted to mention is the Maybelline Super stay Matte ink in number 45. These are definitely not matte upon first application they almost have a layer of gloss on them and once that is worn away you are left with the most beautiful satin stain. They are a little sticky once first applied however I can deal with it as the lasting power on these is crazy. I can get a good 8 hours with eating out of these which is pretty impressive especially as they don't suck all the moisture out of the lips. 

Nathan, 45, Queen of hearts.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your favourites have been this month. 

Friday, December 01, 2017

Blogmas Day one - The battle of the Anastasia palettes

Oh the Anastasia palettes are possibly the most talked about palettes in the blogosphere, some for good reasons and some not so much. Today I thought I would give you my opinion on the three palettes that are currently available. Modern renaissance, Subculture and Prism. So without further ado lets get on with my little reviews. 

First off we have Modern renaissance which is a cult favourite all over the blogosphere. I have to say this is definitely my favourite out of the three. It is a gorgeous mix of warm toned and pink shades, the only issue I have with this is the fact I would love this palette to have more shimmer shades in as it only has the two. These shadows are just the most beautiful amount of pigment, blendability and wear time. I would definitely say that out off all the eyeshadows palettes I own, which is a lot, this is in my top five. 

Next up we have Subculture which is a very controversial palette. I personally love it however you have to be so careful with it. Although the shades in this palette are very varied I still find there is a good variety of looks which can be done with this palette. Now these shadows have a lot of fall out however this isn't something that bothers me if I am getting good pigment and nice blend ability which I find I do with this palette. The only issue I have is the fact that the shimmer shades seal so badly as they seem to have a lot of binder in them so in this palette I tend to stick to the mattes. 

Finally we have the newest addition to the range, I'm pretty sure the Prism palette is limited edition for Christmas however at this current moment in time it is still available. The colours in this palette definitely have much less fallout than subculture however I feel that in some shades especially the black the pigmentation has been compromised. With this palette I feel like there are some shades which pair well however I find with the blues and purples I need to reach for other palettes in order to make a look. This one is really pretty and I'm glad I have it in my collection however I think if you are looking for a cohesive palette in which you can mix all the shades this one isn't for you. 

Overall I would definitely recommend the Modern Renaissance the most out of the three. Just find it to be the most cohesive and the one which is easiest to work with although I do think all three are beautiful. So that's it for Day one of blogmas I'd love to know what you think about the Anastasia palettes.