Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beauty ¦ Chanel Rouge Allure velvet - 347

I cannot believe that I've had this since the start of march and I still haven't mentioned it on here!  I also can't quite believe that these lipsticks don't get more press because they are seriously incredible. I love a good matte lip especially when wearing a bright lip colour.
This is one of the most comfortable matte lips I've ever worn, it literally feels like you have a balm on your lips yet it has such a stunning velvet matte finish. Despite how comfortable it is this finish means that it really does stick around for a long time. I find that it wears really evenly and once the product has gone off the lips I am left with a even pinky stain on my lips. I'd describe this colour as a raspberry pink shade. It has no blue tones in it meaning that it can make the teeth look a little yellow however I can let that go as it's so pretty. I feel like even though it is a bright shade it isn't an in your face pink shade and would be a good one for if you want to try a bright pink but don't want to go for a super intense blue toned pink. I also have to mention the packaging, it is gorgeous and the fact that it pops out makes me feel ever so fancy.
Overall I'd highly recommend these lipsticks, I must get round to picking up some more shades.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Beauty ¦ Irresistible me straightener reviewed


I've needed a new straightener for the longest time however it's always something I tended to put off buying so when the lovely people over at Irresistible me offered me the opportunity to try something I knew it had to be the straightener. They do also sell some really gorgeous looking hair extensions however the last thing I need is more hair  so I settled for this.
The Irresistible me Diamond styling Iron* is a serious fab hair tool. My hair is incredibly coarse and thick so a lot of straighteners really struggle to get through it and a lot of them don't get hot enough. This one heats up to 230C and is super fast to heat up. On the front of the straightener there is a light which glows green when they are on and a display which shows when it is up to the desired temperature which is something I find really useful. I find it heats up instantly and can get up to the desired temperature in just a few seconds.
One thing I really like about this is that it is a very thin straightener as I find not only do I have more control of it when i'm straightening my hair but it also makes it perfect for curling the hair. When I've used it to curl my hair it leaves really pretty waves in the hair which aren't overly loose which is one of the reasons I prefer not to curl my hair with a straightener.
One thing with this is that it does come with a 2 pin plug meaning that us UK gals will need an adapter to fit our 3 pin plugs. However this does have a voltage adapter meaning that it is suitable to use in any country not matter what voltage the sockets use.
As you can see from the before and after shots this product does a really good job of getting the natural waves out of my hair as well as that really attractive ponytail bump in my hair. Overall I am really impressed by this and if you are on the lookout for a new straightener I'd definitely recommend this one

You can buy this Hair straightener online here for $149
*This is a PR sample however ever all opinions are my own.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Beauty ¦ Redken Pillow proof blow dry primer

So basically my hair is ridiculously thick and basically impossible to ever get dry so when the new Redken Pillow proof Blow dry primer* showed up on my doorstep I was pretty excited to try it. This is meant to prep your hair for blow-drying as well as minimising the amount of drying time your hair requires. I am honestly so impressed with this. I've been using it every time I've washed my hair for the past 3 weeks and I have to say I've actually really seen an improvement in the way my hair looks after blow-drying as well as a reduction in the amount of time it takes to dry. Now don't get me wrong this reduction isn't massive however I have definitely noticed a difference.

I find that this product leaves my hair softer than usual after drying it and I find the areas that I use it on are always a little tamer and less frizzy. My hair is pretty wild and incredibly coarse so it doesn't make a massive difference to the feel however there is some improvement. I also have to comment on the weird packaging. The top is one of those lids with a little hole in which dispenses the product out when pushed down. I don't mind this packaging however I do find that it tends to dispense to much product. The directions suggest for a 50p sized blob however I find this definitely dispenses more than that. Also touching on the smell I personally love it. It has that typical salon hair product smell which I personally love.

Overall I really like this and I am excited to see what effects it has on my hair long term. I'd love to know if you have given this a go.

You can purchase this //Here// for £17.00 for 150ml

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Beauty ¦ NYX Butter glosses reviewed.

Now I hate glosses, however every now and then I find a gloss formula that I really love and these are definitely one of those formula's. I had heard so many things about these however I wasn't sure whether to pick them up or not as I'd also heard a lot about the soft matte lip creams and I really didn't get along with those. That being said they pleasantly surprised me and I've actually found myself reaching for them a lot.
They are really pigmented for glosses meaning that I love to wear them both alone and paired with nude lipsticks that I'm not the biggest fan of (Crème cup I'm looking at you) I have two shades Tiramisu which is the darker more browny nude and Crème brule which is the lighter pinkier nude. In terms of formula they are so lovely and creamy without being sticky on the lips which is my main problem with glosses. They do feel quite thick on the lips however it isn't a sticky thick feeling. Lasting power wise I find I get a good 4 hours out of these, they don't leave much of a stain behind however I feel like the darker shades would leave more of a stain behind.
Overall I really like these and I'd definitely recommend them if you aren't a fan of glosses but you feel like you need a gloss in your collection. 

 Left to Right - Tiramisu and Crème Brule

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blog ¦ Do I need a product directory?

So I have had a product directory on and off for about 2 years so today I though I would write about it for all you lovely bloggers who are thinking about creating one. So first off if you aren't sure what a product directory is, it is a collection of links from all the products that have been reviewed on your blog. I currently have mine backdated to January 2016 as I'm pretty rubbish at keeping it updated.
One thing I do find it really useful for is to track what I have reviewed and when I go back when writing a post it makes it very easy to find a review if I want to link it in a post I am writing, in terms of increasing traffic I don't find it has a massive impact however I do find that when I first go onto a blog if I enjoy the posts I always check to see whether they have a product directory.
Overall I think if you are able to keep up and remember to update your product directory I think it is a really fab way to both keep track and to help drive a little extra traffic to some old posts. Mine is //here// if you fancy a nosey. I'd love to know if you have one and if you find it to be useful or just a pain!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty ¦ The Body shop All in one BB cream

I've been on the lookout for a super comfortable lightweight base for such a long time and I am so glad to have finally found one that I really love. Now this is super low coverage however I am having a pretty good time with my skin so I have found myself reaching for it a lot. It comes out of the tube as a white very thin liquid which then colour adapts to the skin when you begin to blend it in. I personally like this applied with a brush or my fingers however I do find I get even less coverage when I use my beauty blender.
The colour works really well for me, I'm never very sold on the whole colour adapting formula however I do find that this one definitely works. The finish is incredibly dewy and I feel like if you have oily skin then this one is probably not for you. Even on my super dry skin I still have to put a little bit of powder just to make sure I'm not to dewy. Lasting power wise I get a good 7-8 hours wear out of this one when I pair it with a little powder under my eyes and on my T-zone.
Overall I really love this product, I absolutely cannot wait to wear it on holiday paired with lots of highlight, bronzer and an orange lip. Let me know if you've given this product a go and what your opinions of it are! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty ¦ Top 5 liquid lipsticks

So before we get started happy 700 posts to me! I cannot actually believe that I have written 700 posts, considering when I started I had no idea I'd even stick to it. So without going into a crazy ramble lets get on with todays post and here's to 700 more posts! I am a self confessed liquid lipstick addict, I just cant seem to stop buying them so today I thought I would share my top 5 liquid lipstick brands.

Dose of colours Matte liquid lipsticks £14.50

Since taking the photos for this post I've actually picked up two more shades of these as I absolutely love the formula. The shade in the photos above is Kiss of fire which is a stunning pinky red shade but since then I have also picked up Bare with me which is a stunning light peachy nude and Truffle which is a medium pinky brown nude. The formula of these is so comfortable, they feel incredibly velvety on the lips and wear so well. I find that it doesn't matter how dry my lips are these still look incredible and don't cling to any of the dry patches. I also really love the packaging, it is slightly weighted and feels very high end. Overall I think I would have to say these are definitely in my top 2 liquid lipsticks. Wear time wise I get about 6 hours out of Kiss of fire and around 7-8 hours out of Truffle and Bare with me as they tend to fade incredibly evenly into my natural lip colour.

Sleek Matte me lip creams £4.99

These are really lovely super budget lip creams, out of all 5 they are the most budget option. These lip creams have a very thin consistency which means they feel incredibly lightweight on the lips. This being said this does mean that the lighter shade out of the two I have can end up being a little patchy. My favourite is definitely Birthday suit which is a beautiful browny pink nude whilst Petal is a much lighter baby pink shade. Wear time on these is around the 6 hour mark however they do tend to separate when you eat oily foods.

Left to Right - Dose of colours Kiss of fire, Sleek Birthday suit and Petal, Bourjois Hot pepper, Pink pong and Nudist, Nyx Soft spoken, Gerard cosmetics Serenity, Ecstasy and Iced mocha
Bourjois Rouge edition velvets £8.99

These are the most mousey and the least matte out of my top 5, I would describe the finish of these as more of a semi matte than a true matte. These once on the lips never actually dry down completely meaning that they aren't quite as long lasting as other liquid lipsticks. Once these have worn away the brighter shades do leave behind a nice even stain. One thing I will say about these is that I find they are a little bit inconsistent, Hot pepper which is the red shade just isn't as pigmented as the other two. Pink pong which is the bright pink and Nudist which is a pinky nude are much more saturated in pigment and go onto the lip much more evenly.

NYX Liquid suede lipsticks £6.50

I really wasn't a fan of the NYX soft matte lip creams, they weren't anywhere near what I was expecting and I found that it flaked off my lips in a really strange way. These are what I expected the SMLC to be. They dry down completely matte but still feel super comfortable on the lips. The shade I have is soft spoken and I absolutely love it, it's a dark browny nude shade and it looks so gorgeous on basically everyone I've got to use it. If you want a matte liquid lipstick I would definitely recommend these over the Soft matte lip creams however if you are looking for something a little softer you might like the SMLC's.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra matte lip creams £9.50

These are my other favourite out of the five. Again these are so comfortable to wear (Can you sense a theme) they feel incredibly light weight on the lips and unlike other liquid lipsticks they feel like you have nothing on your lips. I absolutely love that the shade range of these is so varied and I actually have another 3 shades in my basket on beauty bay just waiting for me to crack and purchase them. Currently I have the shades Serenity which is a beautiful pinky peach shade, Ecstasy which is a gorgeous medium lilac shade and Iced mocha which is a browny purple shade.

So that's it for today's post, if you have any shade recommendations for the brands I have mentioned or any other brands you think I would enjoy let me know in the comments!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty June 2016

So this is the first Cohorted box that I have received and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I know some people have had trouble with Cohorted and that some people find the boxes very repetitive however I think for £35 I can definitely not complain. I will say thought it did take ages to come. On the website it says that the box should be with you between the 5th and the 10th however I didn't actually receive mine till the 15th.
So the first thing in my box was the HD brows eye and brow palette in foxy this palette contains 4 shadows/brow powders and one setting wax. I feel like this palette has such a good mix of shades for all hair colours. It also contains a highlighting shade which I feel like would make a really lovely all over the lid colour. The powders feel incredibly creamy and I'm very excited to give them  go on both my eyes and brows. Next up we have the Nars velvet gloss lip pencil in Hopi. I have heard so many things about the velvet matte lip pencils however I haven't heard that much about the glossy pencils. This shade is so lovely, it's what I would describe as a dark terracotta nude which I wasn't sure would suit me however I really love the way it looks on me.

Next up we have a Lord and berry supreme liner in smart blue, I'm definitely not one for blue liner however this is a really pretty dark navy and I'm excited to try it out on my eyes. I find that when I have swatched it on my hand it feels very creamy and it seems to smudge quite well so I could see it working well on the upper lash line to add some smokiness to a look. I feel like out of the entire box this is the thing that I am the least excited about however I am sure that I will get a little bit of use out of it. The final item in the box is the James Read wash off tan for the body. I love a good tan and I have to say my first impressions are pretty good for one it doesn't smell like biscuits which is one of my biggest problems with tans, I've also applied a little to my skin and it is a really lovely natural bronze shade. I find a lot of wash off tans can be quite fake looking whereas this one is a nice natural shade.  

I'd love to know your opinion on Cohorted's boxes! Let me know in the comments if you think they are a waste of money or they are a bargain. 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Beauty ¦ A little Mac lipstick haul

So I haven't bought a new mac lipstick in the best part of a year and a half so I decided that I was going to treat myself to some new shades as a little post exam treat. I've been lusting after these three shades for such a long time and I cannot wait to get some proper use out of them.
Lady Danger - Everyone seems to own this shade and I now 100% know why. It is a matte orange toned red and it is just the best summery red shade I have ever used. I can see myself getting a lot of use out of this one in the summer as it's just such a bright summery colour. Despite this being a matte shade it feels very creamy and comfortable on the lips and reapplies well without clinging to any dry patches.
Morange - I have wanted this shade pretty much since I started blogging. It is an incredible bright orange with a nice glossy finish. It is an amplified formula which is definitely my favourite Mac formula as it is so comfortable and creamy and once the glossy finish has worn away you are left with a really lovely even stain on the lips. This is another colour that I think I am going to be getting a lot of use out of over the summer.
Mehr - One thing my little Mac collection is lacking is definitely some more wearable basic colours. This is a shade that one of my friends owns and once I gave it a go I knew that I had to add it to my collection. It's somewhere between a pink and a nude. The formula is matte so it makes it perfect for the days that I don't want to have to worry about my lip colour and days that I don't want to wear to  much makeup. I love this one as the formula is super long lasting but when it does begin to fade it is incredibly even and it ends up just blending into my natural lip colour.

Left to Right - Lady danger, Morange, Mehr

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Beauty ¦ Testing out some Kiss cosmetics products.

So the lovely people over at Kiss cosmetics sent me over some of their newer products for me to try so I thought I would share them with you today. First off we have the impress press on nails which I have to say I was a little sceptical about however I am actually quite impressed (I didn't even mean for this to happen!) I thought that these might just fling off straight away however I got a good 5 days wear out of them which I was not expecting. I really love the combination of the mint and the tribal pattern.
I absolutely love the Kiss lashes and these are no different, they are super fluttery and really add a lot of fullness to the lashes without looking really fake. I find that they are super comfortable to wear and the band is thin enough to be able to wear them without any liner. Finally we have the beautiful gel fantasy nails which are just so gorgeous. I never tend to use the glue that comes with nails however I actually quite like the one that came in these and I've found it lasts really well. The nails are super strong which is something I look for when I'm buying false nails as I feel like they take quite a battering.
Overall i'm really impressed by all the products and I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for some new lashes or nails!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Beauty ¦ 3 High end bright lips


I love a good bright lip so today I thought that I would show you 3 of my favourite higher end bright lip shades.
Mac Amplified lipstick - Up the Amp
I absolutely love this lipstick, the Mac amplified formulas are my personal favourite. This shade is so stunning and bright, I love wearing it in the summer as it adds such a summery pop of colour to any outfit. It's a beautiful pinky purple shade definitely not for the faint hearted.
Clinique Lip pop - Poppy pop
This is the perfect orangey red, it's quite dark compared to other orange toned reds like Lady danger. Despite it not being a matte formula I find this sticks around without drying out my lips. The formula is actually very similar to Mac's amplified formula. It goes on glossy and then once the initial shine wears off you are left with a satin looking lip stain.
Illamasqua Lipstick - Corrupt
Now this lipstick is in no way one which is comfortable to wear, the formula is a very dry matte formula which means for me this one can't be worn without a lip balm underneath however I had to include it as I absolutely love the bright Barbie pink colour. If I wear this with Nuxe reve de meil underneath I actually find that it wears quite comfortably however I definitely wouldn't recommend wearing it without a balm.
So that's three off my favourite bright lip shades, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post!

Left to right - Mac Up the amp, Illamasqua Corrupt, Clinique Poppy pop.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Beauty ¦ Sleek Solstice highlighting palette.

I am obsessed with this palette, like seriously if I could bath in these highlighters I one hundred percent would. I've really got into the whole highlighting thing recently so I've had my eye on this palette for a while. Turns out finding it is basically like looking for gold dust. I finally managed to get my hands on it when I made a Superdrug order last month and I love it just as much as I thought I would.
This palette contains three powder highlighters and a cream highlight. The cream is a pinky bronze highlight shade which gives a much more natural highlight than the powders. It goes on really nicely and doesn't move foundation underneath it. I haven't been using this one much on it's own as it is incredibly sheer however it makes a beautiful base for the powders and definitely keeps them on for much longer.
Moving onto the powders there is a bronzey shade, a lilac shade and a yellowy gold shade. I have been reaching for the bronzey shade the most. It leaves an absolutely gorgeous warm sheen on the cheekbones. I wasn't 100 percent sure if it would be a little dark and show up darker than my skintone however I have found that it does really work for me. The lilac looks so beautiful but I do definitely prefer it when I'm paler although I have enjoyed mixing it with the bronzey shade to make it a little more cool toned. The gold is probably the least intense of the three powders and is probably the most day appropriate (not that it stops me wearing the other two in the day)
Overall I'd definitely recommend this palette if you are into a good strong highlight I mean for £9.99 you really can't go wrong. 

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Lifestyle ¦ A month of Grazing #1

 I love a good graze box, I thought posting every week about one box would get a little boring so I thought I would post once a month about all the boxes I had received that month.
This months first two boxes were definitely my favourites I absolutely love the Savoury graze snacks and the first two boxes of the month were completely savoury. Starting off with box one it contained The British barbeque which has basil baguettes, rosemary crostini and smoked almonds and seeds. The smoked almonds are absolutely delicious and I really wish I could buy them by the bag full. Next up we had Habas tapas which has jumbo chilli corn, plain roasted corn and chilli broad beans. This one is one of my all time favourite graze snacks as it has just enough heat to it without it being super spicy.
The other two snacks in this box were two that I haven't tried before, I quite liked the Smokehouse barbeque crunch however I kind of wished that the corn chips has a little bit of flavour to them. I really enjoyed the barbeque peas and the chilli corn. Finally we had the Veggie Caesar salad which contained edamame beans which are 100% my favourite thing right now, I really enjoyed the sour cream and onion half popped corn however I did find that the cheddar bruschetta was a little to fake cheesey for my liking.

Onto the next box, I think this was my favourite box of the month. The Spicy Thai sriracha peas were absolutely delicious. They were pretty spicy so if you aren't a fan of spice I'd definitely say perhaps give these a miss but if you are a fan of spice they are definitely worth a try. Protein cashew kick was so good, I have a mild obsession with chickpeas so when I saw this box contained a snack which involved spicy chickpeas I was pretty excited. I also really enjoyed the chilli and lime cashews as they were lovely and fresh as well a having a little bit of a kick.
Herby bread basket is a snack I have had many times before and one I absolutely love. The oregano rice crackers taste a little Asian and add a little bit of something extra. Whilst the garlic crostini and the basil baguettes add a little bit of traditional herbyness. Finally we have the Sweet Memphis barbeque out of this one and the smokehouse barbeque crunch this one is definitely my favourite. I absolutely loved the salsa peanuts with the barbeque peas and the addition of the rice sticks just added a little more crunch.

Next up we have Zesty lime and red pepper salsa, this was really lovely the salsa was nice and spicy without being overly blow your head off hot. The pitta chips were also nice although I must say I definitely wish that they had a little bit of flavouring to them as I did end up with a couple left over after I had finished the salsa. The Lightly slated pop corn is super yummy and something I really enjoy every time that I get it in one of my boxes.
The Chocolate teacake is one of the very few sweet snacks I really enjoy from graze. The little cookies are super crunchy whilst the marshmallows, cranberries and strawberry drops add some softer textures. I really like the strawberry drops as they taste very natural and healthy rather than very fake. Finally for this box we have the Sour cream and garlic crostini. The sour cream and onion cashews are another snack I wish I could buy in massive bags. I also really like the combination with the garlic crostini.

Moving onto this months final box, i'm going to be honest and say I wasn't the biggest fan of this one. I really love Belgian speculoos which is cinnamon breadsticks with a cookie dip and it is absolutely delicious. I also quite like Everything bagel which is just onion and sesame sticks however I wasn't a fan of the other two. I'm not the biggest fan of dried coconut so Yummertime punch really wasn't for me as it's pretty heavy on the coconut front, I also found that Jam doughnut was a little artificial. The sponge was very hard and I found that the raspberry cranberries were incredibly artificial nd fake tasting.
So that's it for this months Graze box post, I'd love to know if you guys enjoyed this layout and this post. 

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Beauty ¦ May Makeup

This month I've been keeping my makeup pretty minimal. I've been doing a lot of revision and I've had exams so I really haven't been wanting to faff around with loads of makeup.
Base wise I've been going for the Bourjois healthy mix as it gives the skin a beautiful glow which has really been helping cover up the fact that I am mildly sleep deprived at the moment. To further combat this I've been reaching for both the Bourjois Radiance reveal concealer and the Clarins instant light concealer. I've been using the Clarins on any blemishes or redness as well as under my eyes and then I have been using the Bourjois over the top to really brighten the under eye area. To add a little bit of luminosity to my face I've been using Milani luminoso which is a stunning peachy shimmery shade. Highlight and contour wise if I can be bothered I've been using the NYX HD blush in Taupe to contour with and then using the golden shade from the Sleek solstice highlighting palette which is seriously the best thing I have ever purchased.
Moving onto eyes I've not been bothering with eyeshadow and just using mascara, I've literally been curling my lashes and then adding lots of the Maybelline Lash sensational mascara which in all honesty I'n not the biggest fan of, I find that it tends to make my lashes a little bit clumpy. For my Brow I've been reaching for my trusty duo of the Smashbox Brow tech matte pencil and Benefit's Gimme brow which just leave my brows looking pretty on fleek and makes sure that they stay in place all day. Finally to finish off the look I've been using Dose of colours Matte lipstick in Kiss off fire which I find just leaves me looking much more put together.

Sunday, June 05, 2016

Beauty ¦ Sunday's face

On a Sunday I don't usually wear makeup unless I'm planning to film, however when I do want to wear it I like it to be minimal, quick and super easy so today I thought I would talk you through the products that I have been loving for creating a super simple Sunday face.
The Body shop All in one BB cream
This is the perfect base for those days when I don't want much on my skin, the shade I have is 01 which is super light. It just leaves the skin looking very natural and glowy meaning it is perfect for no makeup makeup. The coverage is very light but my skin has been much better recently so I've found that with a little concealer it works for me.
Catrice Camouflage cream
I am often not a fan of cream concealers as my skin is very dry however I really like this one. It sits really nicely on the skin and I find that it is perfectly fine for under my eyes. This is quite a high coverage so it's perfect for concealing spots and redness.
Illamasqua Cream blush in Dixie
I love the Illamasqua cream blushes, they blend into the skin beautifully and sit so well on the face. What I love about this is the fact that it builds so well without moving about my foundation underneath. This shade is a really pretty dusky rose shade which adds a really lovely natural flush to the cheeks.
Bourjois Bronzing primer
I get this out every single summer and I actually love it. It adds a really lovely warmth to the face without looking too orange although I do have to be careful not to apply to much as it can look a little OTT.
Benefit High beam
I love this highlighter any time I am looking for something that isn't to intense. It's a stunning pinky toned highlight which just really subtly adds a slight glow to the face.
Smashbox Brow tech matte
I love this pencil as it has such a fine nib meaning that it is super easy to brow in individual brow hairs. I also really love the spooley on the end.
Benefit Gimme Brow
How could I not use this one to set my brows, if you are a regular reader you will be fully aware that I am obsessed with this as it helps keep my brows exactly where I want them.
Bourjois Rouge edition 24h in Petale de Glace
The formula of this product is so strange it is a cream but the minute you touch it I find it instantly turns to a powder unlike most cream to powder products which tend to go to the powder formula once blended. It's a beautiful pinky shimmery shade which is perfect for just a slight wash of colour all over the lid.
Maybelline Lash sensational
I'm not the biggest lover of this mascara but it's just the one I happen to be using at the moment. It does an okay job in terms of adding volume to the lashes however I can find it tends to clump up my lashes.

Clarins Instant light lip perfector in 01
These are my go to natural lip products I absolutely love them as they are so comfortable.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Beauty ¦ What's in my Z palette's (Makeup Geek and Mac)

Guess who's back, back, back, back again. Okay enough of that, I'm back and today I thought I would show you what is in my Z palettes. I've done posts showing little individual small makeup geek hauls but today I thought I would show you all the shadow I have. I have a couple of MAC shadows in my lilac palette as I am hoping that by putting them in my palette I am going to use them more.
So lets start of with the black palette.
Row 1 ¦
Left to Right -
Vanilla Bean - This is an almost matte cream highlight shade which works really well for a subtle highlight but is also a brill shade to use to neutralise the lid
Shimma Shimma - Pink toned highlight shade with a metallic finish, this one is perfect for a quite intense highlight although it can be sheered out a little for a less intense finish.
Beaches'n'cream - This is a light orange-y brown cream shade, it's quite warm and is perfect for a all over the lid shade.
Peach Smoothie - This one is a lighter more peach version of Beaches'n'cream, I find this one is the most perfect transition and blending shade and I always find myself reaching for it.
Crème Brule - This shade is a light warm brown shade, it's one of those real basic shades that I find myself reaching for more than I thought I would.
Cinderella - This one is a medium pink shade with plenty of shimmer in it, I absolutely love this one all over the lid with Cupcake in the crease.
Cupcake - This one is a stunning matte medium dusty rose shade, I love using this one in the crease to add a little bit of colour to an eye look.

Row 2 ¦
Unexpected - A matte grey lilac shade that works well as a subtle crease shade.
Twilight - This one is a slightly darker shimmery version of unexpected, I actually really like to pair the two together for a subtle purple eye.
Purely Naked - A warm medium brown shade with a peachy undertone, this shade does have some shimmer in the pan however it is so finely milled it is barely noticeable on the lids.
Latte - Medium brown with a very slight warm undertone, it is a darker shade than purely naked and has much less warmth to it.
Bleached Blonde - This is a very cool toned gold shade, it is so stunning and metallic and makes a beautiful all over the lid shade.
Glamourous - A very warm gold shade, this one is not only much warmer than Bleached blonde but it is also much darker.
Frappe - This is similar to latte however it has a lot more warm tones to it, also when swatched it is a little lighter than latte.

Row 3 ¦
Mango Tango - This shade is absolutely incredible, for someone who doesn't wear colour this is pretty out there. It is a stunning pinky coral shade which looks incredible in the crease.
Cosmopolitan - This one is one of my favourite shades, it is the most incredible metallic rosy shade with lots of gold shimmer. On the lid it looks absolutely incredible especially with a black in the crease.
In the spotlight (Foiled shadow) - This is the only foiled shadow I have purchased so far. It is a stunning peachy shimmery shade, I personally like to press this all over the lid with Mango tango in the crease for a super warm corally eye look.
Goddess - This is a similar shade to Cosmopolitan however it is much less metallic. There is a little bit less pink in it but otherwise it is very similar in shade.
Cocoa Bear - This is just the best warm brown crease shade, it's completely matte and just works well with basically any neutral look.
Sensuous - This one is a medium purple shade which works well as a crease shade for a light purple look but also as a lid shade for an intense purple smokey eye.
Mocha - This shade is a fairly neutral chocolate brown shade which again makes a really lovely crease shade, again it is a completely matte shade.

Row 4 ¦
Bada Bing - A really dark fairly cool toned brown with lots of gold shimmer in it.
Bitten - Medium metallic cranberry shade, I really love to pair this one with Cinderella and Cupcake for a pinky smokey eye.
Cherry Cola - This one is a completely matte brown toned burgundy which I sometimes use in place of a black if I'm wearing a fairly dark eye look.
Burlesque - This one is another burgundy shade which in the pan looks similar to Bitten however it is must more of a purple toned burgundy than a red toned one like Bitten. It is also a much more metallic shade.
Drama Queen - A very dark metallic true purple with a fairly neutral undertone.
Corrupt - A matte black.

Moving onto the Lilac palette -
Row 1 ¦
All That Glitters (Mac) - This is such a massively hyped shadow, it's a warm peachy light shade which is a lovely all over the lid shade.
Mai Tai (Duochrome eyeshadow) - I have no idea how to describe this shade it is honestly incredible. It's a really pretty pink in some lights whilst in other it's a lot more orangey pink.
Chickadee - This is an incredible yellowy orange which is completely matte, I'm not 100% sure how I am going to wear this yet but I'm excited to play around with it.
Casino - Another gold shade, this one is somewhere in between Bleached blonde and Glamourous. It is a very warm gold which is a little lighter than Glamourous. This makes an incredible all over the lid shade.
Poppy - This is a red orange shade which looks so cool in the crease again to add a little pop of colour.
Morocco - This is a true dark orange shade which I haven't tried again although I am vey excited to give it a go.
Roulette - A metallic coppery shade which honestly looks so incredible on the lid with a bit of black in the crease for a super easy smokey eye.
Row 2 ¦
Patina (Mac) - I honestly don't really have much of an opinion on this shade, it's a fairly cool toned brown shade but I just don't find that it translates onto the lid.
Woodwinked (Mac) - A warm light coppery gold shade, again not a shade I reach for as I find it lacks the pigment.
Wild West - A very warm red brown shade, the colour really reminds me of the colour of a dark clay. It works really lovely in the crease. This one is a matte shade.
Brownie Points - This is a cool taupe-y brown shade which is completely matte.
Satin Taupe (Mac) - Another massively hyped shade. I do like this one however I don't find myself reaching for it as it is so cool toned. It's a purple-y taupe shade which looks really pretty all over the lid.