Thursday, June 30, 2016

Beauty ¦ Chanel Rouge Allure velvet - 347

I cannot believe that I've had this since the start of march and I still haven't mentioned it on here!  I also can't quite believe that these lipsticks don't get more press because they are seriously incredible. I love a good matte lip especially when wearing a bright lip colour.
This is one of the most comfortable matte lips I've ever worn, it literally feels like you have a balm on your lips yet it has such a stunning velvet matte finish. Despite how comfortable it is this finish means that it really does stick around for a long time. I find that it wears really evenly and once the product has gone off the lips I am left with a even pinky stain on my lips. I'd describe this colour as a raspberry pink shade. It has no blue tones in it meaning that it can make the teeth look a little yellow however I can let that go as it's so pretty. I feel like even though it is a bright shade it isn't an in your face pink shade and would be a good one for if you want to try a bright pink but don't want to go for a super intense blue toned pink. I also have to mention the packaging, it is gorgeous and the fact that it pops out makes me feel ever so fancy.
Overall I'd highly recommend these lipsticks, I must get round to picking up some more shades.

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