Saturday, July 02, 2016

Beauty ¦ 5 Nude(ish) lips

I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of this whole artsy blog pictures thing (It's only taken me three and a half years) Anyway without going off on a tangent todays I thought I would talk to you about my current top nude(ish) lip colours. I use ish as I'm not sure I'd quite class Mehr as a nude but I had to include it as I've been using it so much this past couple of weeks. So without further ado lets get on and talk about some lipsticks.
No7 Moisture drench lipstick - Honey bloom

This shade is a really lovely cool toned nude and is unlike any colour I have ever seen, despite the fact that it is cool toned it doesn't have any grey in it it's just a very cool browny nude. This one is perfect paired with a pinky nude lipliner to create that perfect cool toned brown 90's lip. Being a moisture drench lipstick this is incredibly comfortable on the lips and doesn't pick up on any of the dry patches on the lips.

Mac Matte Lipstick - Mehr

This one is the least nude out of all, it's a pretty pink shade which is fairly bright. It reminds me a lot of Revlon's Matte balm in Elusive but a little bit darker. With this being a matte I wasn't sure how comfortable it would be on the lips however it is not drying at all and feels very creamy without feeling like it's going to slide all over my face. Out of the three this is the most long lasting on the lips.

Rimmel Kate Moss the Nudes - 45

Out of the 5 this one is the most brown shade. I usually don't gravitate towards really brown shades however I am a big fan of this one. It's quite dark and not one that I reach for everyday however when I'm wearing quite a smoky brown eye to make the look really grungey. Again it's incredibly comfortable to wear and very hydrating.

Nyx Liquid suede lipstick - Soft spoken

I love a good liquid lipsticks and this is one of my all time favourites, it's quite a dark pinky brown shade and I love it as it just works so well with every look. I wear it a lot with orange shades on my eyes as it is a very neutral shade. In terms of wear I get at least 8 hours out of this one before it ends up looking a little patchy and gross. For the first 6 ish hours this does feel incredibly comfortable however due to the fact it's a matte lip cream towards the end of the wear time it does begin  to feel a little drying.

Dose of Colours liquid lipstick - Truffle

These liquid lipsticks are incredible, they dry down to such a beautiful velvety finish and they sit so nicely on the lips without making them look or feel dry. This shade isn't anywhere near as dark as the swatches I've seem look but in fact for me personally I prefer it. It's a gorgeous medium pinky brown nude and is another shade that just goes with every eye look ever.

Left to Right - Truffle, Soft spoken, Honey bloom, Mehr, 45


  1. Mehr and Truffle are two of my favourites! I need Soft Spoken in my life :)

    Jasmine xx

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  2. Truffle looks like such a pretty shade! Mehr is the next shade on my list to pick up from MAC! <3

    Amelia |

  3. Mehr has been on my list of makeup to try and now I'm just so excited, I think I'll love it!

    corrie |


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