Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Drugstore Dupes

Benefit Gimme Brow in Deep £18.50 VS L'Oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/deep £5.99
These two products are so similar, they are both tinted brow gels which contain fibres which help add volume to the brows. Gimme brow is a little bit cooler in tone than the L'Oreal one which I do prefer however I do still reach for the L'Oreal one and it doesn't put me off. The wand on the L'Oreal one is much larger which isn't a problem for me as I have super thick eyebrows however if you have thinner brows it could cause a few problems. The L'Oreal one contains much more product so in terms of value for money it is definitely a good purchase, out of these two I honestly could pick a favourite and they are both products I will continue to purchase.
Freedom Brow powder in Dark brown £3.00 VS High Definition beauty brow palette in Foxy £25.00
These are completely different in shade however the texture of these two powders is very similar. They are both very pigmented but don't make the brows look too harsh which is something I really like. On of my brows has practically no arch to it (cheers 12 year old me) so I do find powders usually don't stay on the bit with no hair however these two both stick around. I do honestly think that I wouldn't repurchase the HD brows kit although I love it the freedom one is so similar and they have such a large variation of shades there is no need to shell out that much.
Revlon pressed glitter shadow from the Primer, shadow and sparkle palettes £8.99 VS Urban decay Moondust shadows £14.00
Now there isn't the biggest of price differences between these two however in the Revlon palette you do get four more shadows. That being said if you literally are only buying the palette for the glitter you may as well save the extra £5 and pick up the Urban decay one. These are both very fine and pretty glitters with a very pale colour behind them. There isn't an exact colour match however if you think you'd like the Moondust shades but don't quite want to commit to the glitter you could always give the Revlon ones a go and at least if you aren't a fan you have four more shadows.
Seventeen Skin Wow three way highlighter £5.99 vs Benefit High beam £19.50
I love a good liquid highlight, the seventeen is a little more icy than the benefit however once on the skin and blended the difference is almost undetectable. They are both very natural looking glowy highlights with a pink undertone, they both work well mixed into foundation to add radiance or on the high points of the face to highlight. I like these both as they don't move around the foundation underneath like some cream highlighters do. Again these are so similar I would say if you don't quite want to commit to the Benefit one the Seventeen one is similar enough to not notice a difference!
L'Oreal Glam bronze £7.99 VS Nars Laguna £28.00
I'm pretty sure Laguna is the most hyped bronzer in the blogging community, so many people use it on a daily basis however I always found that it is a little warm for me unless I have a tan. The L'Oreal glam bronze is a little more pigmented however it is a very similar shade (although they look completely different in the swatches) Just like Laguna it has a very fine golden shimmer which isn't detectable on the skin. These both do a really lovely job of bronzing up the skin and I really feel like having both in my collection is not necessary.
That's it for today catch up with the rest of Drugstore week?

Left to Right - Benefit Gimme brow, L'Oreal brow artist plumper, Freedom brow powder, High definition beauty brow palette, Revlon glitter, Urban Decay moondust shadow, Benefit High beam, Seventeen WOW! highlight, L'Oreal glam bronze, Nars Laguna. 


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