Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beauty ¦ The perfect palette tag

So I'm actually finally properly back this time and to ease myself back into post writing I thought I would do a tag post. I love a good palette and when having a look through some of the tag posts I have written down I decided that this one would be interesting.
1. Best packaging?
Nars Virtual domination has the most amazing packaging and I love the fact that it isn't the typical Nars weird rubbery packaging. It's super sturdy and just all round well designed.
2. Best colour payoff?
Urban decay do the best shadows ever the colour payoff is so intense and the texture of the shadows whether they are matte or shimmery is so buttery and amazing I couldn't not pick them for this question.
3. Best for traveling?
Illamasqua Multi facet - Aura is amazing as if I take it away I only need a base concealer and mascara with me and I have an entire face. All the products work well together which means I don't have to take a million different products.
4. Most versatile?
The Balm - Balm voyage literally has almost all the colours under the rainbow. I personally don't use any of the colourful shades but if I did this would definitely be the palette I'd reach for. It also has some gorgeous neutral shades which I reach for on a regular basis and it also includes 3 lip and cheek colours too!
5. Best colour names?
Stila has such cute names for the shades, I have to admit I had a little trouble deciding on the answer to this one but I settled on Stila.
6. Biggest regret?
Sleek - Showstoppers was something I bought on a complete whim and I honestly don't think I've used it more than twice. The selection of colours is strange and you cannot get a single eye look out of the palette other shades have to be used. I also found that some of the shades were lacking in the pigmentation department and were very chalky.
7.  Least used?
Sleek - Showstoppers (For the same reasons as it is my biggest regret)
8. Most used?
Urban decay - Naked 1is the palette that made me love all palettes and I use it at least twice a week. The shades are all beautiful and they work well alongside other shades in the palette. The shadows are pigmented, long lasting and super blendable. I couldn't actually sing it's praises anymore  
9. (Extra bonus question)  Best drugstore?
Revlon primer shadow and sparkle palettes are such amazing quality or the drugstore the shades are well pigmented and the shadows blend well together and have a good lasting power. I also love the little bit of glitter you get! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life ¦ A bit of admin

So this past couple of weeks have been ridiculously hectic. I have now officially left school and I only have to go back one more time for my final leavers assembly. Since having my last exam last Friday I've spent most of my time out with my friends or trying to catch up with sleep. Blogging hasn't been my top priority this past couple of months and I've felt my content was just lacking something. However this past couple of weeks where my posts have been infrequent at best, I've realised how much I love blogging and I feel like this little hiatus has done me some good.
As much as I still love my beauty and I still love writing beauty posts I'm hoping to mix up my content a little. I want to do more lifestyle posts and perhaps even a few fashion ones thrown in the mix too. Don't get me wrong I'm still going to be writing about beauty but I' hoping at least one of my three posts a week will be based on something else. I'm planning on sharing lots of pictures of my summer and I'm also planning writing a post about my final thoughts on leaving school and also one about my prom.
I really hope you guys enjoy the new content that I'm going to be sharing!
PS. Also a massive shout out to Serena from Pretty wild things who designed my beautiful new layout I would recommend her blog designing services to anyone the girl has a talent!

Friday, June 05, 2015

Life ¦ Organ donation

So last Saturday I finally got my butt into gear and signed myself up to go on the organ donor register. It's something that from the first time I heard about it I knew I wanted to do, the first time I heard about it I can't have been anymore than 7 years old but I knew that it was something I was so sure about. Over the past 9 years my feelings haven't changed and even though my mum knew that if anything did happen to me it was what I wanted, I knew that being on the register would make sure it did happen. When signing up you can choose what organs you'd like to donate or you can just click the donate anything that is useful box.
So I thought I'd write this post today to remind you lovely lot about organ donation and perhaps spur some of you on to sign yourself up or even just remind you to get round and do it! The form literally takes two minutes to fill out. If you would like to register the link is //Here//
I'd love for you to let me know if you do sign up! 

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Beauty ¦ Rimmel moisture renew lipstick - In love with ginger

I love a good bright orange shade and this one is no exception. This is one of those products that I've been meaning to pick up for months and months and I've just never got round to it. I'm going to be honest I'm not the biggest fan. I find the formula of these lipsticks to be very slippy. I do have one of the really dark vampy shades and I don't find that one to bad but this one is really terribly. Every time I wear it without blotting and powdering over the top it just ends up everywhere. In terms of how moisturizing it is it feels really lovely on the lips but with it being such a bright colour I just don't feel comfortable leaving it un-blotted. Due to this I find myself reaching for my matte orange shades as they are just a little easier to maintain.

As the formula is so hydrating this shade doesn't last as well as I wish it would. I find that after eating there is only a very faint orange tint on the lips with that tell tale my lipstick has rubbed of line around the outer of the lips. As much as I love the shade of this I don't reach for it near as much as I should. If you are willing to deal with the smudging these lipsticks are really lovely they just require a lot of work. I think my next purchase from the line will be a more neutral shade that I don't have to worry about as much!