Sunday, June 28, 2015

Beauty ¦ The perfect palette tag

So I'm actually finally properly back this time and to ease myself back into post writing I thought I would do a tag post. I love a good palette and when having a look through some of the tag posts I have written down I decided that this one would be interesting.
1. Best packaging?
Nars Virtual domination has the most amazing packaging and I love the fact that it isn't the typical Nars weird rubbery packaging. It's super sturdy and just all round well designed.
2. Best colour payoff?
Urban decay do the best shadows ever the colour payoff is so intense and the texture of the shadows whether they are matte or shimmery is so buttery and amazing I couldn't not pick them for this question.
3. Best for traveling?
Illamasqua Multi facet - Aura is amazing as if I take it away I only need a base concealer and mascara with me and I have an entire face. All the products work well together which means I don't have to take a million different products.
4. Most versatile?
The Balm - Balm voyage literally has almost all the colours under the rainbow. I personally don't use any of the colourful shades but if I did this would definitely be the palette I'd reach for. It also has some gorgeous neutral shades which I reach for on a regular basis and it also includes 3 lip and cheek colours too!
5. Best colour names?
Stila has such cute names for the shades, I have to admit I had a little trouble deciding on the answer to this one but I settled on Stila.
6. Biggest regret?
Sleek - Showstoppers was something I bought on a complete whim and I honestly don't think I've used it more than twice. The selection of colours is strange and you cannot get a single eye look out of the palette other shades have to be used. I also found that some of the shades were lacking in the pigmentation department and were very chalky.
7.  Least used?
Sleek - Showstoppers (For the same reasons as it is my biggest regret)
8. Most used?
Urban decay - Naked 1is the palette that made me love all palettes and I use it at least twice a week. The shades are all beautiful and they work well alongside other shades in the palette. The shadows are pigmented, long lasting and super blendable. I couldn't actually sing it's praises anymore  
9. (Extra bonus question)  Best drugstore?
Revlon primer shadow and sparkle palettes are such amazing quality or the drugstore the shades are well pigmented and the shadows blend well together and have a good lasting power. I also love the little bit of glitter you get! 


  1. Urban Decay Naked 1 is my most used palette, too! I love it!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  2. Some great palettes there! I agree the Nars palette has the prettiest packaging xx
    Glossy Boutique

  3. I agree with UD producing the best colour pay-off x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. They are just incredible shadows in general! x

  4. I don't have loads of palettes but I am tempted to do this tag! Would love to try some of the more expensive palettes like the NARS and urban decay ones, I mainly stick to the cheaper ones!

    Laura Likes Beauty xx

    1. They are so worth trying they are well worth the investment x

  5. I love the Urban Decay palettes they have really amazing shades, I also like the look of the Stila palette might have to add it to my wishlist!
    Bella x | Miss Bella blogs

    1. You need the stila palette in my life! x


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