Saturday, August 19, 2017

Smashbox Matte exposure palette

I am a big fan of the Smashbox shadows so when I saw they were releasing an all matte palette I could resist picking it up. What I love about this palette is that the big shades are actually a useful lid shade rather than highlighting shades like a lot of palettes have. I love the fact that this is split into more warm shades and cool/more purple toned shades. These shades are all really beautiful and blend like a complete dream.
So moving onto the shades I am going to be going from left to right along the top with the two larger shades and then I will be going along the bottom row.
Spice - Deep terracotta pink shade, this is possibly one of my favourite shades in the palette. Not only because it is warm toned but also because it blends like an absolute dream.
Desert - This shade reminds me a lot of Crème brule from makeup geek. It is like spice in terms of it having a slight pink tone it. This makes a really gorgeous transition shade which is perfect for using with any of the shades in the palette.
Tonal - This one is a pinky peach shade which makes a really lovely lid shade and pairs beautifully with the two shades I have just mentioned above.
Wheat - The first of the larger shades, wheat is another brilliant lid shade or transition shade depending on the wearers skintone. I feel like out of all of the shades this was a really sensible one to make massive as it is one a lot of people are going to reach for a lot.
Vanilla - This is another brilliant lid shade, it is still a very slightly pink toned lid shade. It can also be used as a highlight shade on the brow bone.
Buff - Out of all of the shades this is possibly the least pigmented this is a lot more pink toned than Vanilla and again makes a really lovely lid shade.
Drizzle - This is the first of the more purple shades. This is a grey toned lilac shade which looks gorgeous in the crease of buff.
Truffle - This is an almost lilac toned grey shade which looks stunning to add a little depth to any looks.
Moving onto the bottom row we have -
Blackberry - This one is a very slightly purple toned deep brown. What I love about this shade is that it adds a little coolness to any warm looks balancing them a little better. This one isn't the most pigmented in the palette however I prefer my darker shades to not be so pigmented as I prefer to be able to build them.
Sumatra - This one is the perfect deep chocolate brown shade, this is my favourite shade to deepen up any looks.
Suede - This is the slightly pinker less orange version of Spice. This is a nice one to use to deepen cooler toned looks to add a little more warmth to it.
Grounded - This one is a deeper version of buff. This one makes a lovely lid shade for a deeper purple smokey eye.
Black Plum - This is the most incredible deep purple shade which pairs beautifully with grounded to create a smokey eye. This is such a vibrant shade, perfect to add a little colour to a more neutral look.
Blackout - This is the last shade in the palette, this is an incredibly deep black shade and is one of my favourite blacks in my collection.

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to know if you have tried this palette. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

NYX Total control drop foundation

Okay so first off can we just appreciate how pale this foundation is. I am pretty sure this is the palest foundation I have ever seen in the drugstore. I was actually really impressed with the shade range of this one as it also goes pretty dark. This has to be one of the strangest foundations I have ever tried it is incredibly liquidy and when trying it for the first time I just expected it to completely disappear into the skin however I was actually really impressed with the coverage it offered. It has been marketed somewhat like the Cover FX drops with NYX suggesting to use one drop for a light, two for a medium and three for a complete full coverage.
Due to this being water based and me having dry skin I do find I need to use quite a lot of product as my skin almost seems to drink it up. I apply a drop to each cheek, the nose, the chin and the forehead and that for me gives me the light coverage. As I mentioned my skin does drink a lot of this product up meaning I definitely have to really build it up to get any coverage. After one drop on each part of my face I am left with a very light natural looking base however for me it just doesn't cover up redness enough. Due to the lack of oil in this foundation I do find that it doesn't sit the best on my skin and once I begin to build it up it does begin to cake around my nose.
I really like the packaging but I do find the pipette to be a bit awkward and as the foundation is so liquid-y it has a habit of dripping on the way from the bottle to the hand or face. That being said I do think it looks really cool and is definitely something that would look nice out on a dressing table.
The finish of this is fairly matte, I have to say I did expect it to do a little more glowy and natural however I could see it looking really beautiful and natural on a more normal or oily skin type. Lasting wise this does last really well without changing at all really on my skin however I feel like this is due to the fact that the minute I put it on it looks like I have had it on for hours as it skinks in and collects in any dry patches. Overall for my dry skin I am not the biggest fan of this however I feel that if you have a less dry skin type then you will really enjoy this.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Concealer lip nudes

I know some people hate concealer lips however at the moment they are something I am a little obsessed with. Don't get me wrong on most people these shades are going to be nudes which are actually paler on their skintone however on me these are either a very similar shade to my lips or just a slight bit darker.
First off we have Jouer buff which is a super beautiful incredibly pale nude this is even a little paler than my skintone but I just completely love it. This one is a pink undertone nude which looks so beautiful paired with a super dark eye look. Despite this being incredibly pale it doesn't fall into any of the lines in the lips but it can get a little butt hole lip like if you aren't careful. Next up we have Jeffree star I'm nude which is a much more brown toned nude. This one is probably the closest to my actual face. I love the formula of this one. It's very thin yet incredibly pigmented, due to it being so thin it isn't dry at all and almost feels like there is nothing on the lips.

Jouer Buff, Jeffree star I'm nude, Ofra Nude potion, NYX Bedtime flirt
Another more pink toned nude is Ofra x Nikkie Tutorials Nude potion which is a slightly more pink version of Buff from Jouer. This is much more whipped in texture but again offers a really opaque coverage. This one is so comfortable on the lips and just feels so easy to wear. Finally we have NYX Lip lingerie in Bedtime flirt which is the darkest out of the four. This one is the most beautiful deeper nude. It still has the same base of that concealer shade but is something a little different and a little darker so is possibly a little easier to wear. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

The palette that is everywhere currently

Urban Decay Naked heat*

This palette is everywhere at the moment and for good reason. I love the Naked palette range and was incredibly excited when they announced the release. I actually couldn't believe when this came through the door from Urban decay. I was actually that excited I made my Brother bring it me to where we were on holiday. What I love about this is that it has a lot more matte shades than previous palettes which is a huge issue with the other naked palettes.
This one has 7 matte shades and 5 shimmer which I feel like is a really good mix as you can create both completely matte and mixed matte and shimmer looks. so without further ado lets get into the shade breakdown.
First off we have Ounce which is a beautiful slightly satin pale cream shade which makes a gorgeous brow bone and inner corner highlight. Next up we have Chaser which is the perfect matte cream shade. This makes the perfect transition for a really subtle look. Then we have the shade that I have been reaching for as my transition shade which is Sauced, this is a warm toned very cream brown which reminds me of makeup geek frappe. This is just the perfect transition on my pale skin tone and is one I have reached for every time I have used the palette. Then we have Low blow which is a slightly darker and slightly more yellow toned brown than sauced. This one is perfect for deepening p the transition a little and would make a beautiful transition shade alone on a more medium skin tone.
Onto possibly my favourite shade in the palette we have Lumbre which is the most beautiful duo chrome pinky peach which is perfect for a lid colour. Then we have He Devil which is a medium terracotta shade, this I feel is going to be another one of the shades which I reach for on the regular as it is a gorgeous shade to add some more warmth to the crease. Then we have another shimmery shade which is Dirty talk which is a really lovely true copper toned orange. This one looks so gorgeous all over the lid as either a quick wash of colour or a base for a more dramatic look. Next we have Scorched which is a much pinkier toned orange. This one looks beautiful paired with lumbre as they both have that slight pink undertone.
My favourite of the deeper shades has to be Cayenne which is the darkest of the true orange shades, I would say this one was just the darker version of he devil meaning that they work beautifully together. Then we have En fuego which is a more purple toned warm shade this one is the shade I would use to deepen if I didn't want to use the super dark brown. The second to last shade is Ashes which I would say is definitely the most cool toned out of the palette. Finally we have Ember which is a stunning metallic brown with red shimmer which is so gorgeous all over the lid with something like he devil to blend out.
I am really in love with all of the shadows in this palette. I have no issues with any of the shades and the formula is beautiful as with all urban decay shadows. If you are a lover of Warm tones I would definitely recommend giving this one a go as it is stunning. I also think this would be a really nice palette to introduce someone into to warm tones as it isn't too intense pink or red. So that's it for today, I would love to know what your opinions are on this palette!