Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Pretty little palettes - the vampy and the magical ones

I have not seen these palettes on any blogs however I feel like they are all over facebook. I hadn't really paid much attention to these however I saw that they were on a buy one get one free offer and decided to give them a go! 

I ended up paying £22 for the two which I thought was a pretty good deal, after getting them and swatching them I would definitely say it was an incredible deal. The first palette I ordered was the Magical palette, this one is the brightest of the three. I love the colour combination of the blues and the oranges. I feel like this palette is such a individual palette and you can create such a huge range of looks. The shimmers in this palette are so beautiful and metallic. The mattes are incredibly blendable, however I do wish there was maybe one more matte shade. 

The vampy palette is probably the one I get the most wear out of. These shades are super dark and I feel like this is a great autumnal and winter palette. I have to admit some of the shades are slightly more patchy than the magical palette. I feel like the range of shades in this palette are perfect, we have a couple of really stunning transition shades, a couple of really lovely lid shades and then some really beautiful deep shades. I feel like this palette is the ultimate warm toned smokey eye palette. I find that the shadows have a little more fallout opposed to the magical palette so this is definitely one to use before the rest of your makeup is applied. 

Overall I really like these palettes and I think if you can get them on the buy one get one free offer then you should definitely grab the opportunity. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The new kids on the block

I feel like recently they're has been a huge influx of new brands on the beauty scene. Today I thought I would share with you my thought on some products I've picked up from some new brands. I've got two new brands to Boots, a new brand to Superdrug and the new Asda makeup range. 

Obsession is a new brand to boots and comes from TAM beauty who are the umbrella brand that makeup revolution and I heart makeup come under. The range of products is fairly limited or at least the range in my local boots is. I picked up three of the matte lip kits and one of their liquid illuminators. The lip kits are all really lovely nude everyday shades, I think there are more shades however these three where the only ones my local boots had. These are very similar to the makeup revolution lip kits and I have been really enjoying the formula. The liquid illuminator is a beautiful duo chrome pink shade which I am so obsessed with. Again very similar to the makeup revolution ones and something I would definitely look into buying more shades of. 

The other new brand to boots is CYO, I believe that these are a replacement to the Seventeen range from Boots which I am actually really disappointed to hear that they are being discontinued. That being said the bits I have tried from CYO so far have been very impressive. I picked up a couple of powder products, the first being a matte bronzer which is a really lovely basic matte bronzer. I also picked up a trio illuminator which has two shimmer shades and a matte shade which is very similar to the bronzer. This looks so beautiful swirled together as a highlight/blush or the colours can be picked out and used individually. I also bought a lip liner which I have been really loving and I am definitely going to go and pick up some more shades as they are so creamy and comfortable. 

New to Superdrug is the Bleach London makeup range. This range largely focuses on custom palettes however they do also have other products such as liquid highlights and brushes. The eyeshadows come in a huge range of shades and are so pretty. I have actually filled up a nine pan palette and I also have a bigger palette with a couple of shades in as the range is super huge so there are a lot of shades that I didn't already have in my collection and I couldn't resist. The pans are also only £3.00 which you really can't complain about. 

Finishing up with the George at Asda range which is definitely the one that I bought the most from. the new range is super beautiful and is so affordable I just couldn't resist. The only thing I am yet to try is the cream eyeshadow which is a stunning bronze shade, it's very creamy I just haven't given it a go yet. The powder blush and bronzer are beautiful, super pigmented but also incredibly easy to blend and wear. The cosmic blush is something I have been using as a highlight and blush topper and I am so obsessed. It looks so beautiful and gives the face such a healthy luminous glow. Then for lips I picked up on of the matte lip shades and one of the satin shades. Both look stunning and wear beautifully. The matte one is so creamy and comfortable yet looks really matte. The satin reminds me a lot of Mac's satin formula both comfortable and creamy but not too creamy. Finally I picked up a lip liner which reminds me a lot of the CYO one. Very creamy and comfortable. 

That's it for today's post, have you tried anything from any of these brands? 

Sunday, March 04, 2018

Dipping my toes into Nip and fab

I was incredibly excited when Nip and fab announced they were bringing out a makeup range as I love their skincare. However I just never got round to picking anything up, that being said when I spotted the Liquid gold highlight drops I knew I had to pick them up. 

I went for the shade White gold which is the most beautiful pinky iced shade. These drops are ridiculously intense, yet they still blend out beautifully. These are definitely one for people who are into a more blinding highlight. Out of all the lower end liquid illuminators I have tried this one is definitely the one that is the most foiled. It doesn't have any glitter in it at all so if you are on the look out for a liquid highlight that is super blinding but doesn't have any glitter this one is for you. 

Moving onto the palette, I feel like this is the perfect everyday palette. It has a nice mix of matte and shimmer shades. If you are into highly metallic shimmer shades this one might not be for you however if you are look for just a slight shimmer then I feel like you will love this. The shadows are beautiful quality and aren't too pigmented making them nice and easy to blend. I feel like the range of shades in this palette is done really beautifully as there are plenty of transition shades for the majority of skin tones. It's also fairly neutral in tone, in fact a fair few of the shades are on the cooler end of the neutral spectrum. I also like the fact the shades have names and that they are on the packaging, although that isn't everything as a blogger and youtuber I always appreciate it. 

Overall I've been really impressed by the quality of the Nip and Fab products and I will definitely be trying more. I'd love to know what you think.