Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beauty ¦ 10 Summer lipsticks

Since it was National lipstick day today I thought I would share 10 summer lipsticks. I love a good bright lip all year around however I really do pull the out when the sun makes an appearance. I've tried to pick out a range of different formulas and types of products. If you have any bright recommendations leave them in the comments.

Mac Amplified lipstick in Morange - This is a Mac amplified formula which is definitely my favourite they are incredibly pigmented whilst still feeling incredibly moisturizing on the lips. Morange is an incredibly bright orange shade which is super intense. It's definitely not one for the faint hearted however I love it and I think it looks really beautiful with super subtle eyes, lots of mascara and bronzed skin.
Topshop Lips in Rio rio - The Topshop lipsticks are very similar to Mac's satin formula. They aren't quite matte however have the pigmentation and the lasting power of a matte lipstick. This shade is an orangey red however swatched next to something as bright as Morange it doesn't look half as orange. This one isn't the most hydrating so I do like to make sure that my lips are very hydrated before I apply this one.
Illamasqua Lipstick in Corrupt - This one is a very drying formula however if I wear a lip balm underneath I can get away with wearing it. It is an incredibly bright blue toned pink which is definitely an out there shade. I'll pretty much wear any lip colour to college however even I think this one is a little out there.
Morange, Rio Rio, Corrupt

YSL Rouge volupte oil in stick in No. 47 Beige blouse - This is such a pretty browny nude shade, it's incredibly glossy. I love this for just throwing on, it's perfect for chucking in my bag as I can reapply without a mirror. I've heard a lot of people say these don't have enough pigment however I think this has the perfect amount of pigment for what I want it for.
Clinique Lip pop in Poppy pop - Another orangey red (are you sensing a theme?) This one isn't a formula I would usually pick for a bright shade however there is something about the glossiness of this that means it looks super glossy without ending up all over my face. Once the gloss has worn away it leaves a lovely stain behind on the lips.
Revlon Colourburst matte balm in Unapologetic - Again we've got another orange toned shade, this time however its an orangey coral pink. One thing I will say about these is that if you are sensitive to highly scented products I'd give this one a miss as it is so highly scented. If you can get past that however these are so lovely. They aren't quite completely matte so they feel so comfortable on the lips.
Rimmel Kate moss matte lipstick in 110 - This one isn't quite as orange as Morange, it has a lot more pink in it meaning that it isn't quite as out there. Don't get me wrong it isn't the most subtle neutral shade ever but if you are looking for a lipstick that is bright but isn't to bright this one is definitely one to have a look at.
Left to Right - Beige Blouse, Poppy pop, Unapologetic, 110

Dose of Colours Matte lipstick in Kiss of Fire - When I purchased this I thought it was a more blue toned red however turns out it's a lot more of a pinky toned red. I love these as they are incredibly velvety once they have dried down. They wear so comfortably and for such a long time.
MUA Velvet lip lacquer in Vivacity - These do feel a lot more drying than the Dose of colours ones however they aren't half as drying as a lot of the Liquid lipsticks I've tried. I love how vibrant this shade is, it's a blue toned very bright pink which I've been wearing a lot in the past couple of weeks. If you want a super budget liquid lip I'd highly recommend these ones.
Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte Liquid lipstick in Serenity - This is a really pretty peachy nude shade, I find a lot of peachy nudes are far too light for me however this one works really well on my skintone. These are very comfortable and do feel incredibly hydrating despite them being so matte. These last really nicely and don't do that gross flaky thing that some liquid lips do.

Left to Right - Kiss of Fire, Vivacity, Serenity.
That's it for today I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know what you're favourite shades for summer are! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty - July

I apologise for how late this post is however Drugstore week took up all of my time and I never got round to actually writing this post. Despite the fact that this is super late I thought I would still talk to you about what was in this months Cohorted box as I know I really enjoyed looking through all these posts when I was thinking about signing up. I have actually decided to cancel mine this month as I'm currently saving up for Iceland and I spend enough money without £35 coming out of my account automatically every single month. However once I've got the money together for that trip I'm going to sign up again as I do think it is well worth the money. So without further ado lets get onto the contents of this months box!

So starting off we have the few samples first off we have a 31ml Nars Monoi body oil which smells so beautiful and feels incredible on the skin. We also have a little Bobbi brown cleansing oil which is a really lovely makeup remover. It removes even waterproof mascara which is something that I look for in a cleansing oil. It leaves the skin looking really clean and nice and plump. It also leaves it feeling very hydrated and not at all stripped of all the natural oils like some cleansers can.
Moving on to the full size items we have the Vintage cosmetics company Blending sponge I am so impressed with this, I've actually had to chuck out my beauty blender as it went really gross so I was happy to have something to replace it with. A lot of the sponges that I have tried don't soak up the water like the Beauty blender does however this is so similar and it is a fraction of the price. I think my favourite product out of this months box was definitely the High definition beauty Sculpt and glow palette I've been using this one a lot. The contour is a really good shade for pale skin and the highlight is the most stunning Duo chrome peach and pink. The creams blend so nicely into the skin and leave a very natural looking contour.
Finally in the box we have the Bella Pierre lip liner in Cinnamon and the Bella Pierre lipstick in Envy. I really like these two they give that perfect nineties dark browny nude lip. The lip liner is incredibly creamy and glides onto the lips. I find a lot of liners can drag however this one doesn't at all. The lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels very comfortable to wear however I do feel like it moves around quite a lot and I find I have to very careful or else it ends up all over my face.
Overall I was really happy with this months box and I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for a box that's a little more high-end  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3 Summer fashion essentials

Summer season is here; with this in mind, there are closet essentials every woman needs, no matter
what time of year it may be. Depending on your style your fashion, and wardrobe are likely to
change. These are three items however, every woman should own, and can use at any time of the
year, for a day out, night out, or big event you plan on attending.
White shirt -
The long sleeve, short sleeve, halter top, sleeveless; no matter what variety you choose, a white tee
is going to look great on any figure. Add in the fact you can pair it up with colour, go with simple
seamless design, or mix and match with different tops and covers to wear with your white shirt.

Ballet flat -
Another classy, classic style that doesn't get dated. Flats are great for a night out on the town, a
beach day, going to dinner, the movies, or even staying in. They dress up well, can dress down easily,
and can be worn dressed up or casually. No matter what the outfit or attire you have in mind, the
ballet flat is an exceptional shoe for you to pair it with.
Pencil skirt -
Elegant, elongate, accentuate. It is going to help define your figure, your curves, and truly showcase
your assets in a way not too many pieces can do. The skirt is elegant in black, can be purchased in
colour, and comes in a variety of lengths from elegant, to flashy, to showy. You choose the
ensemble, the skirt will likely fit well with it.
No matter what event you have planned, where you are going, or what the occasion, the right outfit
goes a long way. These are three staples in every closet, which can easily be paired for the event, the
date, or even a casual evening in. If you are looking to purchase any of these statement items then
there are loads of Online catalogues which offer
the items.
This is a sponsored post!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Drugstore week ¦ The Lowdown - Primark makeup

A couple of weeks ago I put up a first impressions of the Primark makeup range on my Youtube channel so today I thought I would run though all the products I have tried and do some more in-depth reviews.
2 in 1 Foundation and concealer - Dewy finish - £3.00
This is one of the products that I am kind of on the fence with. I wasn't a fan of the concealer, I found that it offered no more coverage and just made my under eyes look a bit more cakey however I didn't mind the foundation. It is a light medium coverage foundation, in terms of the finish it is more satin than dewy. I find that this does work well for a couple of hours on my dry skin however it does begin to separate and look a bit dry so I imagine it would do this at a much faster rate on oily skin. I don't mind this foundation and I feel like for a beginner this would be enough. One thing I will say about this is that the concealer is much darker than the foundation.
Under eye concealer - £1.50
This concealer is meant to be the same shade as the foundation however it's much lighter, for me personally this is a good thing as it means I can use it under my eyes. I actually really like this, it is nice and lightweight and sits really nicely under my eyes. In terms of coverage it isn't the highest I have ever tried however it is enough to cover my under eye circles when they aren't really dark.
Blush Stick - Coral - £1.50
I don't really like much about this, it isn't to bad however it is not something I would ever reach for. The shade is a bit odd, it is a pastel coral shade which just makes me look like my cheeks are a bit of a funny colour. The texture is okay however compared to some of my favourites it feels quite tacky on the skin and it doesn't blend as well as some of them.
Contour crayons - £3.00
I think these are my favourite thing that I have tried along with the lip liners, I actually use the contour shade as a bronzer and the bronze shade as a contour as I find that it works better for my paler skin that way. I must admit I do find the highlight stick a little pointless as it is a really dark shade and I'm not sure how I would ever use it. The products blend really nicely and don't leave stripes along my face like cream contours often do.

Cream concealer, Foundation, Under eye concealer, Blush stick, Highlight shade, Bronze shade, Contour shade.

Lip Liners - £1.00
These are my other favourite product, they are incredibly creamy and feel so comfortable on the lips. I find a lot of super affordable lip liners look and feel so dry on the lips meaning that lipsticks just doesn't go on right over them however with these lipsticks glides over them. I think if you want to give lip liner a go but don't want to spend to much money these are the perfect way to do that.
Lipstick - £0.90
For 90p I really can't complain about this lipstick and I have to say I am super impressed. It is very creamy and feels incredibly comfortable on the lips. I presumed that it was going to be quite dry as a lot of super budget lipsticks are however it isn't. The lasting power of this isn't the best however as it is so creamy I can let it off. I do find out of all the shades there are very few wearable ones as a lot of them seem to be super neon pinks and things like that. However if you can find a colour you like i'd highly recommend picking one of these up!
Lipstick in Rosewood Mauve, Lip liners in 02, 01, 09, 07
Brow cream - £1.50
I thought the colour of this was going to be so off however it is actually a really nice fairly ash toned brown. It is quite thick and reminds me of the texture of the NYX brow gel. With it being this very thick texture it can end up looking quite heavy if I am not careful with it.
9 and 4 Shade eye palettes - £2.50 and £2.00
I am not a fan of Primark shadows I find that they really lack in pigment and are extremely chalky. I can deal with shadows which have fall out due to the high pigment however these ones fall out like crazy and have no pigment. I feel like the shades in both the palettes haven't been thought trough and the 9 Shade palette literally has 8 medium shades and 1 light shade meaning that is almost impossible to create a look out of the palette.
Volumising mascara - £1.00
Finally we have the volumising mascara, for £1.00 I actually can't think of anything bad to say about this. It adds a nice amount of volume and length to the lashes and keeps a curl. I do find I get a little bit of transfer onto my lower lash line however nothing majorly obvious. I feel like this would make a really fantastic mascara for someone who either doesn't wear much makeup or for someone who is just getting started with makeup.

Brow cream, 3 shades from the 9 shade palette, Shades from the 4 shade palette.
So that's it for today and the last post of drugstore week, I really hep you enjoyed these posts and if you aren't up to date here are all the links ->