Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Currently obsessed with 01

It's been forever since I last did a favourites post. At the start of the year I was positive I was going to do a favourites post every month however that hasn't worked out so well. Its been about six months since I last did a favourites and there has been so many products I've loved however I thought I would just mention a few from recently. 

Revolution Fast base concealer - 
I am obsessed with the foundation stick from this line so when they announced they were releasing the concealer and I have to say I love it. It's super high coverage but doesn't feel heavy or look heavy on the skin. I have the shade 0.5 which is a very pale shade with pink undertones. The only thing I don't like is the sponge tip applicator purely just because I don't like that I can't wash it at all. 

Maybelline Master fix setting powder - 
I've recently been trialing a few drugstore loose setting powders and this has definitely been my favourite. It leaves the skin looking so smooth and filtered but it doesn't cling to any of the dry patches on my skin which is a huge problem I have. 

Benefit powder blush in Rockateur - 
Benefit blushes are my favourite alongside the Urban Decay ones. Rockateur is just the prettiest pinky shade with rose gold shimmer in it. It just leaves the skin look so healthy which is something I am all about. The thing I love about the Benefit blushes is they don't have too much shimmer in them put still leave a beautiful glow. 

Jeffree star Blood sugar palette - 
I am so annoyed at myself for not picking up this palette earlier. I absolutely love it, if you are a regular on my social media channels you will probably know I am absolutely obsessed with anything warm/pink/red toned when it comes to shadows. I also absolutely love the pop of purple in this palette to add a little bit of something bright to a pink look. The metallics are so beautiful and honestly look like they've been used wet even when used dry. The mattes blend so beautifully and it is honestly probably my most used palette of the year. 

Charlotte Tilbury lip cheat in Pillow talk - 
This is something I've recently dug out of my collection and I'd completely forgot how much I loved it. It is just the most perfect your lips but better shade. It honestly just works beautifully under any lipstick and has the most beautiful texture. It is honestly the most comfortable lip liner I've ever used and I forgot how obsessed I was with it. 

L'oreal Tinted lip oil in peach - 
This is one of those products that I reach for on an everyday basis. It's such a pretty slightly pink tinted lip oil which is so comfortable on the lips. You will probably know I have super dry lips so things like this are perfect for me when I can't be bothered with anything crazy bright or my lips are just even drier than usual. 

So that's it for today, I'd love to know what your current favourites are!

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Imogenation X Makeup revolution

Revolution have been bringing out some incredible collaboration palettes at the moment. Imogen is one of the happiest gals on youtube I swear. It doesn't matter how down I'm feeling her videos never fail to cheer me up. When I hear she was bringing out a collection with Revolution I knew I had to have it. I'm yet to be able to find the face palette in stores so I haven't picked that up yet but when I saw they had one palette left I grabbed it. 

I love the set up of this palette, I always get through transition shades before I finish any other shade so to have them as double pans I think is genius. I also love that there is a vary of transition shades and not just one. The theme of the palettes is so me with the orange and pink tones. I do understand that some people are over the warm tones but I still love them and I think this palette offers the perfect variety of shades. I feel like this palette would be excellent for beginners due to the wide shade range and how affordable it is. 

The packaging is a beautiful lilac iridescent finish which looks so pretty and it has a huge really fab quality mirror. Moving onto the actual shadows the metallics are stunning. I do find that the baby blue shade looks better wet and so do a few more of the lighter shades just to make them really pop. The deeper shimmers look amazing even when they aren't wet. Although I love to wet them just to give an even more beautiful metallic finish. 

As with all revolution mattes they blend like an absolute dream. They are super pigmented, meaning there is quite a bit of fallout however that's not something that has ever bothered me. I love the red and orange shades and I have been getting so much use out of them. I feel like over this palette there is just a good simple range or shades. So without further ado lets do a deep dive into the shades. 

Angel - A basic champagne shimmer 
Butterfly - A stunning icy baby blue metallic
2Nice - The medium transition shade, a basic tan matte
Forever friend - A beautiful baby pink metallic
Huns - A deeper more yellow toned champagne shimmer
Honeybee - A orange toned mustard yellow matte
Shoppy - A very yellow toned medium brown
Lovin life - The lightest of the four transition shades, a peachy matte 
Babygirl - A duochrome orange/pink shimmer
Raise N Praise - A deep cranberry shimmer

Mills - The deeper version of honeybee with a touch more orange 
Imagine - A mauve toned brown matte
OKKKKK - A medium ever so slightly cool toned matte brown 
Pinky promise - A mauvey pink matte
Berry blast - A deep cranberry matte
You know - My favourite shade in the palette, a orange toned red
Get to know - A very warm toned terracotta brown
Sorry not sorry - The deepest of the big transition shades, a yellow toned matte brown 
Trying it - A cranberry toned brown 
Limo - A deep matte black

That's it for today, I'd love to know if you've tried this palette and how you got on with it. 

Friday, September 28, 2018

New Essence releases

I am aware I've been a bit AWOL at the moment! Moving into uni and settling into a new house has been hard but I'm all settled now and am finally getting into a little bit of a routine. Today I thought I would talk about some of the bits I've recently picked up from the brand. I love Essence as a brand, their products are high quality but super affordable, so without further ado lets get into the products. 

Insta perfect foundation - I love the packaging of this, its super cute and easy for travel. It's a little plastic bottle and is perfect for chucking in a makeup bag. The foundation itself is medium coverage and is incredibly comfortable and lightweight on the skin. I have to say I've been really impressed, a lot of essence products aren't pale enough for me at my palest however this one is super duper pale. It just sits so nicely on my dry skin and is a fab everyday kind of foundation. 

Camouflage + concealer - I love the original camouflage concealer so when I saw the new higher coverage one I knew I needed to give it a go. This is super high coverage, it isn't one I would reach for all the time but when I want a really high coverage face this is one thats perfect. Again the shade is super pale and matches me at even my lightest. 

Matt Blushes - The blushes are my favourite super affordable blush, they have just enough pigment and even though there aren't that shades in the range they cover a really good range. They blend really beautifully and look natural on the skin. These are definitely ones I would recommend if you are starting out. The two shades I picked up are new, I love a good nude peach colour so I was instantly drawn to that one and the brighter berry shade was one I decided would be perfect for winter. 

Melted chrome shadows - These are brand new and I am obsessed. They are super highly metallic and work both wet and dry. I've been wearing so many cut creases on my eyes recently and these look beautiful on the lid. I was a little concerned that they might seal however I haven't had any problem with that thus far even after using them wet. Out of the three shades the more rose gold shade is definitely my favourite. 

Electric vibes pencil liners - I've been experimenting with colour on my eyes recently so these really attracted me. They're super neon bright shades, the blue is definitely my favourite out of the two as it is a lot more pigmented. They are both however super creamy and easy to apply in the water line. 

I need a miracle mascara - This is meant to tint the lashes as you use it but I have to say I haven't noticed that at all. That being said I have been loving this mascara, it's super volumising and gives the lashes lots of lift and curl. I'm largely a fan of the Essence mascaras and this is definitely one of the best ones I've tried. 

That's it for today, I'd love to know what you've recently tried from Essence.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The palettes worth investing in

I am a palette junkie, I cannot deny that at all. I am a woman obsessed and today I thought I would share with you the palettes I think are really worth investing in. 

Anastasia Modern Renaissance and Soft glam. 

I tried so hard to pick between these two but I just couldn't. I absolutely adore the formula of these two palettes and without doubt I think they're the best out of the five Anastasia palettes I own. Soft glam is a really stunning basic warm toned neutral palette and is one that I reach for all the time when I want something nice and basic. Modern renaissance is a beautiful neutral palette with a couple of pops of deep pink. The mattes from these palettes blend beautifully and the shimmers look so stunning and metallic. If you don't already have these palettes in your collection I really think you need them! 

Blank Canvas cosmetics Master palette. 

I never hear anything about this palette but I feel like it is the perfect everyday palette. It is almost completely matte and that is something I love about it. Very often when I want to keep my makeup natural-ish I reach for an all matte palette and this is the one I tend to go for. As with most of the palettes I own this is warm toned however not as much as warm as soft glam. These shades are really blendable and easy to work with although definitely require more building than something like Anastasia however if you ask me that only makes it better for beginners. 

Coloured Raine Queen of hearts. 

This palette contains some of my most favourite shimmer shades. They are incredibly metallic and go on so high shine even without using them wet. I love the mix of shades in this palette as its almost neutral but not quite. A few of the mattes don't swatch so well however on the eyes they preform beautifully and blend so easily. 

Certifeye Tropical wonders palette. 

I absolutely had to include this palette. It is by far my favourite rainbow palette, the colours are so intense and blend so beautifully. If you love bright shadows then this is the palette for you. The pigmentation is so intense yet the shadows don't have huge amounts of fall out and are still very easy to work with. Honestly I feel like I could go on and on about this one all day. If you love bright makeup or you are wanting to try bright colours then you need this palette. 

Jeffree Star Blood sugar. 

I had to mention this one as I am using it so much at the moment. I love the fact that it is half neutral and half super pink and bright. The two shimmer shades are super intense and metallic and the mattes blend so nicely. I feel like the formula has really been stepped up from Jeffree's previous palettes. If you love warm tones and pinks this is the one for you. I love the packaging too even though its super bulky I just love how expensive it looks. 

That's it for today, I'd love to know what palettes you think are worth investing in?