Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blog ¦ Do I need a product directory?

So I have had a product directory on and off for about 2 years so today I though I would write about it for all you lovely bloggers who are thinking about creating one. So first off if you aren't sure what a product directory is, it is a collection of links from all the products that have been reviewed on your blog. I currently have mine backdated to January 2016 as I'm pretty rubbish at keeping it updated.
One thing I do find it really useful for is to track what I have reviewed and when I go back when writing a post it makes it very easy to find a review if I want to link it in a post I am writing, in terms of increasing traffic I don't find it has a massive impact however I do find that when I first go onto a blog if I enjoy the posts I always check to see whether they have a product directory.
Overall I think if you are able to keep up and remember to update your product directory I think it is a really fab way to both keep track and to help drive a little extra traffic to some old posts. Mine is //here// if you fancy a nosey. I'd love to know if you have one and if you find it to be useful or just a pain!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Beauty ¦ The Body shop All in one BB cream

I've been on the lookout for a super comfortable lightweight base for such a long time and I am so glad to have finally found one that I really love. Now this is super low coverage however I am having a pretty good time with my skin so I have found myself reaching for it a lot. It comes out of the tube as a white very thin liquid which then colour adapts to the skin when you begin to blend it in. I personally like this applied with a brush or my fingers however I do find I get even less coverage when I use my beauty blender.
The colour works really well for me, I'm never very sold on the whole colour adapting formula however I do find that this one definitely works. The finish is incredibly dewy and I feel like if you have oily skin then this one is probably not for you. Even on my super dry skin I still have to put a little bit of powder just to make sure I'm not to dewy. Lasting power wise I get a good 7-8 hours wear out of this one when I pair it with a little powder under my eyes and on my T-zone.
Overall I really love this product, I absolutely cannot wait to wear it on holiday paired with lots of highlight, bronzer and an orange lip. Let me know if you've given this product a go and what your opinions of it are! 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beauty ¦ Top 5 liquid lipsticks

So before we get started happy 700 posts to me! I cannot actually believe that I have written 700 posts, considering when I started I had no idea I'd even stick to it. So without going into a crazy ramble lets get on with todays post and here's to 700 more posts! I am a self confessed liquid lipstick addict, I just cant seem to stop buying them so today I thought I would share my top 5 liquid lipstick brands.

Dose of colours Matte liquid lipsticks £14.50

Since taking the photos for this post I've actually picked up two more shades of these as I absolutely love the formula. The shade in the photos above is Kiss of fire which is a stunning pinky red shade but since then I have also picked up Bare with me which is a stunning light peachy nude and Truffle which is a medium pinky brown nude. The formula of these is so comfortable, they feel incredibly velvety on the lips and wear so well. I find that it doesn't matter how dry my lips are these still look incredible and don't cling to any of the dry patches. I also really love the packaging, it is slightly weighted and feels very high end. Overall I think I would have to say these are definitely in my top 2 liquid lipsticks. Wear time wise I get about 6 hours out of Kiss of fire and around 7-8 hours out of Truffle and Bare with me as they tend to fade incredibly evenly into my natural lip colour.

Sleek Matte me lip creams £4.99

These are really lovely super budget lip creams, out of all 5 they are the most budget option. These lip creams have a very thin consistency which means they feel incredibly lightweight on the lips. This being said this does mean that the lighter shade out of the two I have can end up being a little patchy. My favourite is definitely Birthday suit which is a beautiful browny pink nude whilst Petal is a much lighter baby pink shade. Wear time on these is around the 6 hour mark however they do tend to separate when you eat oily foods.

Left to Right - Dose of colours Kiss of fire, Sleek Birthday suit and Petal, Bourjois Hot pepper, Pink pong and Nudist, Nyx Soft spoken, Gerard cosmetics Serenity, Ecstasy and Iced mocha
Bourjois Rouge edition velvets £8.99

These are the most mousey and the least matte out of my top 5, I would describe the finish of these as more of a semi matte than a true matte. These once on the lips never actually dry down completely meaning that they aren't quite as long lasting as other liquid lipsticks. Once these have worn away the brighter shades do leave behind a nice even stain. One thing I will say about these is that I find they are a little bit inconsistent, Hot pepper which is the red shade just isn't as pigmented as the other two. Pink pong which is the bright pink and Nudist which is a pinky nude are much more saturated in pigment and go onto the lip much more evenly.

NYX Liquid suede lipsticks £6.50

I really wasn't a fan of the NYX soft matte lip creams, they weren't anywhere near what I was expecting and I found that it flaked off my lips in a really strange way. These are what I expected the SMLC to be. They dry down completely matte but still feel super comfortable on the lips. The shade I have is soft spoken and I absolutely love it, it's a dark browny nude shade and it looks so gorgeous on basically everyone I've got to use it. If you want a matte liquid lipstick I would definitely recommend these over the Soft matte lip creams however if you are looking for something a little softer you might like the SMLC's.

Gerard Cosmetics Hydra matte lip creams £9.50

These are my other favourite out of the five. Again these are so comfortable to wear (Can you sense a theme) they feel incredibly light weight on the lips and unlike other liquid lipsticks they feel like you have nothing on your lips. I absolutely love that the shade range of these is so varied and I actually have another 3 shades in my basket on beauty bay just waiting for me to crack and purchase them. Currently I have the shades Serenity which is a beautiful pinky peach shade, Ecstasy which is a gorgeous medium lilac shade and Iced mocha which is a browny purple shade.

So that's it for today's post, if you have any shade recommendations for the brands I have mentioned or any other brands you think I would enjoy let me know in the comments!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty June 2016

So this is the first Cohorted box that I have received and I have to say I am pretty impressed. I know some people have had trouble with Cohorted and that some people find the boxes very repetitive however I think for £35 I can definitely not complain. I will say thought it did take ages to come. On the website it says that the box should be with you between the 5th and the 10th however I didn't actually receive mine till the 15th.
So the first thing in my box was the HD brows eye and brow palette in foxy this palette contains 4 shadows/brow powders and one setting wax. I feel like this palette has such a good mix of shades for all hair colours. It also contains a highlighting shade which I feel like would make a really lovely all over the lid colour. The powders feel incredibly creamy and I'm very excited to give them  go on both my eyes and brows. Next up we have the Nars velvet gloss lip pencil in Hopi. I have heard so many things about the velvet matte lip pencils however I haven't heard that much about the glossy pencils. This shade is so lovely, it's what I would describe as a dark terracotta nude which I wasn't sure would suit me however I really love the way it looks on me.

Next up we have a Lord and berry supreme liner in smart blue, I'm definitely not one for blue liner however this is a really pretty dark navy and I'm excited to try it out on my eyes. I find that when I have swatched it on my hand it feels very creamy and it seems to smudge quite well so I could see it working well on the upper lash line to add some smokiness to a look. I feel like out of the entire box this is the thing that I am the least excited about however I am sure that I will get a little bit of use out of it. The final item in the box is the James Read wash off tan for the body. I love a good tan and I have to say my first impressions are pretty good for one it doesn't smell like biscuits which is one of my biggest problems with tans, I've also applied a little to my skin and it is a really lovely natural bronze shade. I find a lot of wash off tans can be quite fake looking whereas this one is a nice natural shade.  

I'd love to know your opinion on Cohorted's boxes! Let me know in the comments if you think they are a waste of money or they are a bargain.