Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blogtober Day 14 - The best drugstore foundations for dry skin

If you hadn't realised I'm on a bit of a base kick and I have tried out so many in the last sixth months it's crazy. No if you are new here you need to know I have very very dry eczema prone skin and although it isn't sensitive if something is too matte and dry my eczema will flare up. Today I thought I would show you some of my favourite budget foundations. 

First off we have the Bourjois Healthy mix serum which is one of my of my oldest foundation loves. This one is a lot dewier than the proper foundation and I just find for me sits much nicer on the skin than the original formula. This one is incredibly dewy so not one if you are oily. The only issue I have with this foundation is the fact that it is very yellow toned which can lead it to looking a little orange of I'm not careful. 

Out of the four I would say that the No7 Lift and luminate foundation is the most satin in finish. Despite this I don't feel like it clings to any dryness and it is something I reach for when I want a slightly fuller coverage base. 

Next up we have the Maybelline dream cushion which is quite similar to the dream satin liquid however I find it's just slightly lower in coverage. Again this sits nicely on the skin not falling into any dryness. The one thing about this is again the fact that the shade is a little dark on me which means I have to be careful when and how I wear it. 

The final foundation I wanted to mention today is the Maxfactor Healthy skin harmony which is actually fairly new to my collection but I have fallen in love with it very quickly. It looks so natural on the skin and has been the perfect everyday foundation for me. Again an issue I have with two other foundations on this list is that the shade is a little dark on me. Other than that I am really loving this foundation at the moment. 

That's it for today, I would love to know what your favourite budget/drugstore foundations?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Blogtober Day 13 - Smashbox studio skin hydrating foundation

You will probably know I am currently on the hunt for a perfect foundation for my very dry skin. Today I thought I would do a review of one I have been really enjoying in the past couple of months. The Smashbox studio skin foundation is a gorgeous medium but buildable coverage with a beautiful dewy finish. This isn't overly dewy but looks and feel comfortable on my dry skin. I find it doesn't fall into any patches or my smile lines which is a problem I have with a lot of the more dewy foundations. In terms of the colour I do feel like this shade is a little too dark despite it being the lightest they do and I also find it a little bit too orange however that is really my only complaint. 

In terms of wear I think this is pretty great. Even after a good 8 hours the coverage is still the same and it only starts to sink into the dry skin on my nose at about the 7 hour mark. I'm not sure I could wear this for fifteen hours however I think that it does the perfect job for an everyday foundation. Something that doesn't bother me is the fact that it doesn't completely set down and that it does feel slightly tacky on the skin. Due to this it will transfer for the first couple of hours however as the skin pulls the moisture out of it it sets down a little more. Obviously this is something which might bother you however I don't mind. 

I absolutely love the packaging on this product I just think it is really simple and easy. Although I feel like the lid is very easy to use as it's so little. 

So that's it for today, have you given this foundation a go? 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Blogtober Day 12 - Liquid highlights from the drugstore.

Everyone is obsessed with the cover FX drops however I wasn't sure how often I would use a formula like that so I put off purchasing them especially as they aren't the most affordable thing ever. However over the past couple of weeks a lot of drugstore brands are catching up with the hype. I actually really love the way these apply and I could definitely see myself picking up the cover FX version at some point. 

So first off we have the Makeup revolution Liquid highlights. These remind me a lot of the cover FX ones in terms of their packaging. These are a little less intense than the Barry M ones however still give the skin the most beautiful glow. The only thing I feel like is missing from this range is a paler shade even the pink is a little dark on me and although they have the unicorn shade which has a purple reflect in it I sort of wish there was a more neutral white based shade. 

So going through the shades we have Unicorn elixir which is a white base with a purple reflect and is gorgeous for if you want something different. Then we have liquid starlight which is a rose pink shade which for me is verging on being to dark. Then finally from Makeup revolution I have liquid luminous gold which is a medium gold shade which I am only going to be able to wear when I am either fake tanned or naturally tanned. 

Unicorn, Starlight, Luminous gold, At first light, Precious pearl.

Moving onto the Barry M Liquid chrome drops. For me I actually prefer the square bottles as I just find them a little easier to store. That being said for someone with not as much makeup as me this probably isn't so much of an issue. I also find the dropper is much better on these ones actually taking up the product into the pipette. I feel like texture wise these are definitely a little runnier than the MR ones so they do blend into the skin a little more naturally. I also find that even though there is less shades in this range they are more diverse.

Onto the shades I have first is Precious pearl which is a white base with a pink duo chrome running through it. This is gorgeous and I have to say is probably my favourite shade out of the five I have from these two brands. The other shade I have from Barry M is the shade at first light which is a slightly paler version of Makeup revolutions Starlight shade. In terms of a rose toned highlight this one is definitely more suited to a paler skin tone. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blogtober Day 11 - Collection Lip colour's

Okay let's just start off by saying this is the worst name for a lip product ever. Moving on from that today I thought I would talk about one of my favourite lip launches of this year.  At the moment all lip related launches seem to be matte. now don't get me wrong a I love a good matte lip as much as the next blogger however my very dry lips do not and sometimes they need a break. 

These lipsticks have a gorgeous sheen too them and have an incredibly comfortable moisturising feeling on the lips. I also love the shades, they are six classics which you just can't go wrong with. First off we have fudge delight which is your classic browny nude shade, then we have cherished pink which is a bright bubblegum pink, berry blush which is a berry mauvey shade and is definitely my favourite. The fourth shade is blissful peach which to me is more of an orange shade which reminds me a little of Mac morange. Then we have London red which is a more pinky toned red shade and finally we have plum diva which as the name suggests is a gorgeous plum shade. 

The bullets on these lipsticks are flat meaning that you do have to be careful when applying in order to get a precise line and I would definitely recommend a lip liner with the darker shades in order to neaten it up a little bit. As you will know if you are a regular reader I love packaging that shows the colours so this is perfect for me as I can easily pick the colour I want out of my collection. 

Thinking about lasting power I get a good 5 or 6 hours out of these which is super impressive considering the fact that they are so moisturising and comfortable. The only issue I have with them is that they aren't transfer proof however that is the nature of the formula so I can forgive that. 

So that's it for today, overall I would 100% recommend these especially for the bargain price of £2.99. I'd love to know whether you have tried these and what you thought.