Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The autumnal palette edit

Any old school readers will know I am a warm eyeshadow person and this time of year is definitely my favourite time of year for seasonal makeup. Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite autumnal warm palettes at the moment so without further ado, lets get on with it. 

Rimmel Brixton brown - This is the most affordable out of the bunch, this is one that did the rounds a couple of months ago and was incredibly hard to get hold of. It's a really lovely little palette and a good one for if you want to try deeper berry tones on a budget. The only problem is that this doesn't have any matte shades in it however one of the browns isn't too sparkly so can be used in the crease. 
Violet voss Holy grail - I absolutely adore this palette especially some of the deeper pink shades, I feel like this one just has a good mix of everything from golds, to basic transitions to deep cranberries. These really do blend like a dream and if you felt like the Naked heat was missing some more basic lid shades you should definitely give this one a go. 

Primark Master palette - This is another amazing budget friendly palette. This one has a lot more shades then the Rimmel quint so would be great for anyone who is a little more advanced but doesn't have a huge budget. Don't get me wrong a few of the shadows aren't the most amazing quality but some of them are super lovely. 

Anastasia Modern renaissance - I adore this palette and if you are a regular reader you will know that this is one of my all time favourite palettes. The shadows are beautiful quality and the shade selection   is just perfect. If I had to pick one of the palettes this one is definitely the one I would suggest you buy if you don't already own it. 

NYX Warm neutrals - This is another really lovely budget friendly palette. It is definitely a higher quality than the likes of Primark and Rimmel so is a good in the middle option in terms of price and quality. This one doesn't have any crazy shades so is the perfect basic warm palette. 

Coloured Raine Queen of hearts - This is the craziest palette out of the lot. Although it has a lot of basic warm toned colours it has a gorgeous pop of colour. The shimmers are so pigmented and give a gorgeous super foiled effect making this one also perfect for the Christmas season.

Rimmel Brixton brown, Violet voss Holy grail, Primark master palette, Anastasia Modern renaissance, NYX Warm neutrals, Coloured Raine queen of hearts. 

Friday, November 03, 2017

Dose of colors Baked browns

Is this palette not just the perfect everyday combination for anyone who loves a warm brown. If you are a regular you will know I love a good warm brown as much as the next blogger so when I saw Kathleen lights talk about this I just knew I had to have it. The palette contains 5 completely matte shades which have one of the most incredible formulas I have ever come across. 

I also an in love with the packaging although it is a nightmare to photograph and keep clean but it looks gorgeous! The shades in this palette are all beautiful basics which means it would make the perfect palette for a beginner. They blend like an absolute dream and are some of the most pigmented matte shades I have ever used. 

So the shades we have are Tealight which is a basic matte cream, Deserted which isa warm light brown which somewhat reminds me of one of the shades in the Kat Von D shade and light palette. Then we have outdoorsy which is an incredible terracotta warm brown which is probably my favourite out of the palette. Then there is Cherry wood which is a heavily red based brown which is borderline red brick and then finally we have rock bottom which is the least warm toned out of the bunch, it is a really lovely basic slightly warm toned deep brown. 

Overall I am really obsessed with this palette and I would highly recommend any warm toned eyeshadow lovers give it a go. I can see the mauve one just falling into my beauty bay basket very soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Updates - Failing at Blogtober, hip dysplasia and starting university

So you may have noticed that I completely failed at Blogtober, however in my defence I didn't expect four uni assignments given to me in my first two weeks. Moving to uni has been incredible. I'm going to be doing a full post on my uni experience in the near future however I did just want to mention it in this post as it has definitely played a part in my lack of posting in the second half of October. I was also hit with some pretty bad writers block which really didn't help the whole situation. However I really am hoping to get back on the blogging horse and make sure there is lots of content up over the last two months of the year. 

I would love to know what uni related content you guys would like to see as I really am excited to share my experiences. I am also going to be doing some more lifestyle content and am actually going to be putting up a post about my hip dysplasia, which I can make it into a series if you guys want to read it. Other than that there isn't much to update, I would love to know if these snappy update posts are something you would like to see continue or if I should just stick to beauty! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Blogtober Day 14 - The best drugstore foundations for dry skin

If you hadn't realised I'm on a bit of a base kick and I have tried out so many in the last sixth months it's crazy. No if you are new here you need to know I have very very dry eczema prone skin and although it isn't sensitive if something is too matte and dry my eczema will flare up. Today I thought I would show you some of my favourite budget foundations. 

First off we have the Bourjois Healthy mix serum which is one of my of my oldest foundation loves. This one is a lot dewier than the proper foundation and I just find for me sits much nicer on the skin than the original formula. This one is incredibly dewy so not one if you are oily. The only issue I have with this foundation is the fact that it is very yellow toned which can lead it to looking a little orange of I'm not careful. 

Out of the four I would say that the No7 Lift and luminate foundation is the most satin in finish. Despite this I don't feel like it clings to any dryness and it is something I reach for when I want a slightly fuller coverage base. 

Next up we have the Maybelline dream cushion which is quite similar to the dream satin liquid however I find it's just slightly lower in coverage. Again this sits nicely on the skin not falling into any dryness. The one thing about this is again the fact that the shade is a little dark on me which means I have to be careful when and how I wear it. 

The final foundation I wanted to mention today is the Maxfactor Healthy skin harmony which is actually fairly new to my collection but I have fallen in love with it very quickly. It looks so natural on the skin and has been the perfect everyday foundation for me. Again an issue I have with two other foundations on this list is that the shade is a little dark on me. Other than that I am really loving this foundation at the moment. 

That's it for today, I would love to know what your favourite budget/drugstore foundations?