Sunday, June 30, 2013

June used and abused.

Hello lovelies, today I have my June used and abused for you. Were did June go. I cant believe we are half way through the year already its crazy. So on with the post instead of me rambling about how fast the months gone...



Natural collection strawberry face mask... £1.00 

 I didn't like this it smelt really strange, definitely not of strawberries. When I put it on my face it burned and after leaving it on for about 2 minutes I took it of because it was beginning to hurt so much. I know it's only £1.00 but I didn't expect it to burn my face.

 Repurchase... No way!!



Nspa hot cloth cleanser £7.00 
 I really enjoyed this, it smelt lovely and left my face feeling lovely and moisturized.

 Repurchase... I'm using the superdrug vitamin E one at the moment but I would buy this again.

 Clearasil overnight serum

 I think this has been discontinued, I think I picked it up in somewhere like body care or savers.

 Repurchase... Discontinued 

 Cuticura dry skin daily facial wash 

 Another home bargains purchase so I can't remember what I paid. This was nothing amazing but not terrible. The smell isn't very pleasant but yahnooo! It didn't blow me away but it was nice!

 Repurchase... Maybe 



 Soap and glory foam call £6.50 

 This smelt amazing, it's so fresh and lovely. I love how much product you get.

 Repurchase... Probably 

 Nivea sensitive and pure anti perspirant £3.29 

 This smelt nice and was really gentle. But lets face it a deodorant is a deodorant it's nothing special.

 Repurchase... Probably



Miss sporty Pop fiction £1.99 

 This is such an amazing colour so summery. I love it! 

 Repurchase... I already have

 Superdrug accetone nail polish remover £1.09 

 This does the job end of! 

 Repurchase... yes I swap between this and the boots one. 



Lush ikkle baby bot £1.90 

This smelt lovely and turned my water a very pretty shade of blue. 

 Repurchase... probably 

 That's it hope you enjoyed this post! 


Friday, June 28, 2013

June Beauty favourites

Hello lovelies, Today I have my beauty favourites of June for you. Recently the weather in britain hasn't been up to standard, We had such a nice and positive start to the month and its just gone down hill from there. Hopefully next month I will be showing you some more summery items. Anyway enough of the downers lets go onto something positive....


The first product I've been loving is  the Dainty Doll blusher in my girl RRP. £13.50 Fragrance direct price. £1.99 This is such a pretty blush its a Blue toned pink with extremely finely milled silver particles. It catches the light perfectly and looks amazing on pale skins. 

 The second product is a little bit of a cheat. It's the collection cream puff in fairy cake Superdrug/Boots £2.99 (which was included in last months favourites) but I just love it so much it's so pretty! Its perfectly matte yet not drying I couldn't speak any higher of them. My only annoyance is there's only 4 shades. I cant even imagine how excited i'd be if they ever bought out a red one! 

 Thirdly we have another collection product Collection fast stroke eyeliner in black. Superdrug/Boots £2.99 I picked this up on my recent trip to manchester as I'd heard many glowing reviews, and I'm so glad I did. It really is amazing It lasts all days and doesn't fade at all. Its so easy to apply and its so cheap!

 Fourth up is the Mua eye primer Superdrug/Mua website £2.50 This is amazing for the price it is. On the applicator its a very light beige but once you've blended it onto the eyelid with your finger it goes completely transparent. It helps keep my eyeshadow last all day and stops creasing completely. Its brilliant for the price. 

 Last but not least is the Maybelline colour show polka dots in speckled pink. £2.99 Boots/Superdrug (Can't find them on either website) This is so awesome they remind me of the brighter version of the illamasqua speckled polish. The only thing I wish was different about these is I wish they came of easier. The glitter is very persistent. I wouldn't mind some more colours either.



So that's it have a wonderful weekend,


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A day out to blackpool

Hello lovelies, today I thought I'd share some pictures from my trip to blackpool with you. I didn't take loads but I think I got some pretty good pictures.



Giant slushies toast veggie burger and toast chocaberry pie! 

 so that's my day out in blackpool where have you been recently 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colours of the rainbow tag!

Hello lovelies, 
 the latest tag to go viral throughout the beauty and fashion blogger community is the colours of the rainbow tag. I love the ideas behind this tag and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

 The colours are.... 
 Multi coloured
 Onwards with the post Enjoy! 



 Batiste A hint of colour vibrant and red. I dont know where i'd be without this baby. This is one of my staples it makes my hair look refreshed and clean and its also fab to cover your roots!

 OCC lip tar in NSFW. I have only had this little tube of wonder for just over a week and it has become my favourite red lip product ever. Its the perfect colour for my colouring and lasts for ages. Keep your eyes peeled for a very positive review in the next couple of weeks. 



 Barry m lemon ice cream. This is such a pretty pastel yellow colour and looks fab with a tan. The staying power isn't great but for me as I paint my nails every night its great. 

 The body shop mango lip butter. This is one of my two staple lip balms, I think i'm probably cheating a little as the tub is more orange than yellow! Just ignore that I wont tell if you don't. I love the smell of this and it makes my lips feel bloody fab!



 Bio oil. Loads of people seem to think that bio oil is only for pregnant women, although i've heard its amazing on stretch marks it has so many other uses. Personally I use it on the scars I have from my two hip operations and it fades them so well they aren't half as bad as they used to be. Its also great on really sore dry patches. 

 Real techniques core collection. I'm not going to say much about these lets face it pretty much every single blogger owns some sort of RT brushes and most love them. 



 Clean and clear shine reducing face wash. This is so refreshing in a morning and I find it does combat overnight shine. It also smells really zingy and citrusy which I love.



 Rimmel match perfection. I have decided I seem to have cheated quite a few times in this tag but this has a blue lid so it counts right... This is a lovely foundation which isn't to heavy and offers a medium coverage. It can stick to dry patches but as long as I moisturize beforehand its perfectly fine. 



 Barry m retro nail polish in number 5. I think this may be the only Indigo beauty product I own. I think I may have got this free when buying other barry m items. Its such a pretty colour and shines beautifully in light. 



 Tangle teezer in purple glitter. This thing is my baby it sounds ridiculous but its true, I used a normal hairbrush recently and it made me realise how amazing it actually is. 

 The body shop passion fruit body butter. I love this end of. It smells fab and well its just overall fab!



 Fashionista blush in new york. This is the perfect everyday blush. There is just enough shimmer and its just the right colour. Collection cream puff in fairy cake. This is another great everyday product I wear it most days. I love the way its matte yet not drying its great. Finally ....



 Essence circus confetti nail topper. This reminds me so much of Rainbow connection from Opi. It is a fab glitter polish and it distributes the glitter just right.

 Primark tropical print trousers. How could I not include these amazing trousers I've worn these so much since I bought them two weeks ago. I love the way they can be dressed up or down. 

 So that's my colours of the rainbow tag. 

 I tag all of you lovely people reading!! 


Saturday, June 15, 2013

The this wasn't meant to happen Haul.

Hello lovelies, 

 oops this wasn't meant to happen. I needed a cleanser and I wanted to get started on buying items for my swap with my German exchange partner. Then somehow this happened, oops! I will mark all items for Theresa (my exchange partner with a T)


Marie claire with free ciate caviar kit toothpaste and john freida go blonde sachet - £2.50 - Tesco


Superdrug vitamin E Hot cloth cleanser - £4.99 
 Night cream - £2.99 
 Day cream - £2.99 
 Eye cream - £2.99 

 £2.99 items were on 3 for 2


Bic razors £1.51 (Half price) 
 Mua lipgloss - Too much fun - £1.00 (T) Mua lipstick - Shade 3 - £1.00 (T) 
 2x Superdrug self heating chocolate orange face masks - £0.99 each - 1 for me and 1 for (T) 
2x Superdrug strawberry exfoliating masks - £0.99 each - 1 for me and 1 for (T) 

 Facemasks were on 4 for £3.00


Primark basics boyfriend crop top - £3.00 - White


Finally Tesco F+F green jeans - £14.00 My lovely mamma bought me these. Just a quick note these are not definitely green in person but they look really blue in the photos sorry! 

 So that's it, I most definitely need help for my addiction to spending money. 
 Till next time 


Friday, June 14, 2013

The room tour series - The Drawers

Hello lovelies, so I've wanted to do a room tour for a while. But I worried about the length of the post, so i've decided to split it up and create a series. At the end of the series I will do a overview of the whole room. Therefor I saved you guys from a hugeeeeee long post and I gave myself extra post ideas! YAY! Sooooo onwards!


So here's the part of my room i'm posting about today. The purple clock is from argos. I have absolutely no idea what kind of tv I have all I know is it's from Tevion. (Being dead helpful here).


(I had to move these to get a decent photo sorry! ) The two jewelry stands hold most of my jewelry, the one with the long dress was from BHS a couple of years ago and the other was received as a gift.


My candle of choice at the moment is the copenhagen candle companys white flowers which adds a beautiful light floral scent to the room. Around my candle I have some little trinkets, the owls were bought by my grandad when I went through what my family call the owl obsession which is kind of ironic as now I'm terrified of any birds. The scarab beetle is said to bring good luck and I bought the little pyramid when we went to the king tut exhibition in Manchester.


On the handle of my top drawer I have this cute little wooden heart with my name on. Again this came on a gift but I think it was from Ebay. So that's it for the outside here's what's in my drawers.


The top drawer holds pj's and sports clothes.

Up next is T shirts and vests.

In this drawer is shorts and leggings.

and finally we have a really boring drawer with towels in it. Exciting!!!

 So that's it I hope you enjoyed this post.