Thursday, June 06, 2013

Used and Abused - May

Hello lovelies,
 here's a empties post for you. 



 Avon ideal flawless bb cream in Natural beige £12.00 30ml This was really nice the colour was to dark for me but most samples are. This offered a light/medium coverage and left my skin with a slightly dewy finish. The lasting power was ok but I found I had to power a couple of times throughout the day. Repurchase -- Maybe 

 Glam glow youth mud mask £50.00 50ml Personally I hated this first of I hate the texture the little bits of green stuff kind of repulse me but I can get past that. The smell wasn't that great either but I could also put up with that. But the fact that it tingled so much my eyes started to water and that I had to take it off after 5 minutes and it left my skin sore and red, and to top it off I saw no improvement in my skin at all. 
 Repurchase -- Not in a month of Sundays.


 Front cover clear and black mascara. I used the black once and didn't like it but used the clear was okay and I used it to set my brows. 

 Repurchase -- You can't buy this separately but if you could I probably wouldn't.

 L'oreal telescopic explosion (can't find this online) 

 This is the weirdest mascara wand ever! 

I think this may have been discontinued and iv'e had it for a while so I figured I should chuck it. Personally this mascara made my lashes look very spidery. This is more than likely because i'm blessed to have long eyelashes (thank you mumma) so it's hard to find a mascara that looks good on my lashes.

 Repurchase -- Even if it wasn't discontinued I probably wouldn't.


 Young skin matte finish moisturizer. Asda £1.00 100ml 

This is super super cheap and I love it. I use it in a morning under my makeup and then use a deeper moisturizer at night, as it isn't the most moisturizing. 

 Repurchase -- I already have! 


 There's nothing much to say about these they were ok the herbal essences one is for coloured hair and the white ne is from tesco and is for dry scalps. 

 Repurchase -- I will more than likely pick both of these up again.


 Superdrug oval shaped cotton wool.

 I think there's at least one packet of theses in all of my empties post I only ever buy these. Repurchase -- Of course I will forever repurchase these! 

 and that's it, till next time. 

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