Sunday, June 30, 2013

June used and abused.

Hello lovelies, today I have my June used and abused for you. Were did June go. I cant believe we are half way through the year already its crazy. So on with the post instead of me rambling about how fast the months gone...



Natural collection strawberry face mask... £1.00 

 I didn't like this it smelt really strange, definitely not of strawberries. When I put it on my face it burned and after leaving it on for about 2 minutes I took it of because it was beginning to hurt so much. I know it's only £1.00 but I didn't expect it to burn my face.

 Repurchase... No way!!



Nspa hot cloth cleanser £7.00 
 I really enjoyed this, it smelt lovely and left my face feeling lovely and moisturized.

 Repurchase... I'm using the superdrug vitamin E one at the moment but I would buy this again.

 Clearasil overnight serum

 I think this has been discontinued, I think I picked it up in somewhere like body care or savers.

 Repurchase... Discontinued 

 Cuticura dry skin daily facial wash 

 Another home bargains purchase so I can't remember what I paid. This was nothing amazing but not terrible. The smell isn't very pleasant but yahnooo! It didn't blow me away but it was nice!

 Repurchase... Maybe 



 Soap and glory foam call £6.50 

 This smelt amazing, it's so fresh and lovely. I love how much product you get.

 Repurchase... Probably 

 Nivea sensitive and pure anti perspirant £3.29 

 This smelt nice and was really gentle. But lets face it a deodorant is a deodorant it's nothing special.

 Repurchase... Probably



Miss sporty Pop fiction £1.99 

 This is such an amazing colour so summery. I love it! 

 Repurchase... I already have

 Superdrug accetone nail polish remover £1.09 

 This does the job end of! 

 Repurchase... yes I swap between this and the boots one. 



Lush ikkle baby bot £1.90 

This smelt lovely and turned my water a very pretty shade of blue. 

 Repurchase... probably 

 That's it hope you enjoyed this post! 



  1. Thanks for reviewing all of these! :) Love that nail color!

  2. Love this post 'Used and Abused' what a great name and subject to write about! I like how you've said what you would and wouldnt repurchase! Im a fan of soap and glory to.
    KB xx

  3. Great post and I love the title! hahah it is very true :D definitely want to try the N Spa range, I have heard a few good things about that recently :D x

    <a href=">Beaumaquillagex | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog</a>

  4. The miss sporty nail varnish looks like a lovely colour. What a shame about the face mask :(
    Kirsty x


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