Monday, July 08, 2013

The body shop Love your body rewards card.

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 it's been a while since I've posted but i'm back into the swing of blogging. The weather is beautiful here in the uk so I'm thinking of lots of summer posts. I've also got some guest posts lined up so I'm looking forward to writing and reading those. On to todays post, I'm going to be talking about the body shop rewards card. So onto the post...


The Body shop Love your body rewards card - £5 available online and in-store. What a bargain this is, for £5 a year you receive 10% of every purchase at the body shop, members offers, a free gift on your birthday (£5) and free products when you collect stamps (£5 and £10). You also get a free gift when you first buy your card. At the moment the free gift is the peppermint soothing foot scrub which alone is worth £7.00.


I'm so glad that this foot scrub was the free gift, I've heard great things about it but I don't think I would have gone in-store and picked it out myself. Although after trying it a couple of times I absolutely love it!


The stamp system is super simple with each purchase over £10.00 you receive 1 stamp. When you have collected 4 stamps you receive a free gift up to the value of £5.00 and then when you reach 8 stamps you receive a free gift up to the value of £10.00. 

 This is such a bargain if you add up the £5.00 of birthday gifts the £15.00 of stamp gifts and the price of the free gift the card has paid for itself 5.4 times and that's without even counting the 10% off and the member only offers. 

This is such an amazing bargain and I urge anyone who is a fan of the body shop to get one. If you need anymore info feel free to leave me a comment or pop into your local Body shop I always find the ladies in there so lovely! 

 Do you have a Love your body card? 

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  1. I really like their loyalty card - it's one of the best around! I got a body butter free when I signed up x

  2. I have one of these and I love it! I love how some products in store are half price for members too :)

  3. I was actually debating whether this was worth the payout of £5 to start off with but you've convinced me :)

    Futures; a Beauty & lifestyle blog


  4. Does this card work the same way online as it does in store. I'm a frequent buyer online and I'm forever being asked to join the loyalty card program.

    Kate - Sparkle Dust x

    1. I think so although you can't get your stamps online and you have to pick your free gifts instore xx

  5. I almost got this the other day, I so wish I did now, but i didn't quiet understand it till now haha

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  6. i dont, but im definitely getting one! i was always put off by the fact that you have to pay for it! but its nothing compared to the savings!

    dont forget to enter my RiRi Woo Giveaway Here

    from Brigitte at BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin' | Twitter


    1. I was like that but when I thought about it it turned out to be a no brainer for me xx


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