Thursday, February 28, 2013

February favourites.

Hello lovelys,
I can't believe its almost march and only 3 days till my birthday YAY! Todays post is going to be my february favourites. There isn't  to many this month as I haven't really bought anything recently! (shock horror) So without further ado lets get on.

Sanctuary body butter-I got this in a set for christmas and it's amazing it's really great on my eczema prone skin and adds a huge amount of moisture.

Natural collection lipstick in raspberry-This for me is the perfect colour for the transition from winter to spring. It's not to bright or to dark and I love it.

Barry M nail paints (pastels)- I've also been loving my pastel barry m polishes they are such perfect colours and the formula is amazing. The colours above are lemon ice cream peach melba and berry ice cream. 

My last favourite is the body shop super volume mascara. This gives the perfect amount of length and volume  for a natural daytime look. Although I do find it clumps a little when building it up. I've worn this everyday and it's been fabulous!

Raspberry swatch
And thats everything 
what are your favourites this month? 
cole xoxox

February empties

Hey lovelys,
Today I'm back with another empties post. I'm sorry I haven't posted recently but on monday I had my brace fitted and i've been in quite a bit of pain and I just didn't feel up to it. I'm also going into hospital tomorrow for a minor operation so I'm a bit stressed. Hopefully on sunday I will be well enough to enjoy my birthday and put up my birthday post/haul. I've rambled on long enough now lets get on with the post.


Montagne Jeunesse-Lemon zest peel off
                               Strawberry souffle 
Boots-Tea tree and witch hazel peel off
H&M-Blueberry burst mask
Superdrug-Dead sea mineral mask


Superdrug-Tea tree exfoliating cream wash


Superdrug-Coconut & sweet almond shampoo
VO5-Cherish my colour shampoo


Body shop-Mini wild cherry shower gel 
I love...-Cranberry celebration 
Raspberry bath gel (came in a set at christmas)


Tesco-nail polish remover 
Pretty-Oval cotton pads 

Thats everything guys

cole xoxox

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday facemaks #7

Hey lovelys,

time for another Friday facemask post. This has to be my favourite mask so far it’s made my skin feel amazing. The mask in question is the Montagne Jeunesse strawberry soufflĂ© mask.

This is such an amazing mask its light pink in

colour and has small darker pink exfoliating beads. I massaged this into my face and left it on for about 20 mins. After using this I woke up with a completely oil free face which never happens. I don’t know whether it's the mask or not, but it's still left my skin super duper soft! Another plus is the fact it smells like strawberry milkshake its bloody ah-mazing! I was seriously considering tasting it!!!

(Obviously I didn't)

 Hope you are having a fabulous friday
Cole xoxox


Thursday, February 21, 2013

NOTD yin and yang nail art.

Hey lovelys,
Today I have a nail art post for you. this was my first attempt and i'm pretty impressed with my self!

Have a lovely friday 
cole xoxox

OOTD cream ibiza

Hey lovelys , 
today i've got a really simple outfit to share with you.

Top-primark mens
Shorts-new look
I also wore my bright pink converse and my denim jacket.

have a lovely thursday,
cole xoxox

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

High st foundation battle #2 Rimmel match perfection

Hey lovelys,
Today I have another high St. foundation review. After my last foundation review had some really positive comments on it I decided to do a  series. *yay*

So today I'm going to be reviewing the rimmel match perfection foundation. This was recommended to me by a reader. I like it but it's not for me, when first applied it looks great. It has a lovely consistency and blends really well, it also has a slight scent which I quite like. By now your probably thinking well you seem to like it what are you talking about saying it not for you. Well, your probably right, but there's one thing that lets it down.
If I had to describe this foundation in one word I would use DEWY.
 If you're a regular reader you probably now know why I dislike it if you're not I shall explain. 

I have extremely oily skin and on me this wears for an average of an hour and a half. If I pile on the powder I can get it to last for about 4 hours. Although I did try this on my friend who has normal/slightly combination skin and it looked beautiful and it wore on her for the whole day. 
So if you have "normal skin" i would highly recommend this it just wasn't for me.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

drugstore wishlist

Hey lovelys,
Today i've got a drugstore/high street wishlist for you. I've come to the conclusion that im a lipstick addict.

stands up and say " I'm nicole and I am addicted to lipstick"

Hope you enjoy let me know if you've tried any of these products.

cole xoxox

drugstore wishlist by coleoftheball featuring revlon blush
drugstore wishlist

Monday, February 18, 2013

How I made my blog header!

Hey lovelys,
today I have a bit of a different post i've finaly got around to making a blog header and im going to show you how I did it!


First of you need a photo editing place, I used picmonkey as I find it really easy to use.



Then I went to the create a collage tab. If you want a single  picture skip this step.


After I finished my collage I saved it went back to the home screen and selected edit photo.


Once you get to here click the tab that says "resize"


Once you have popped the tab down untick keep proportions. I then resized my image to a width of 850 and height of 390.


Save your header and go to your blogger home page. Drop the bar down and select layout.


Once on your layout page, select edit on your header bar.


A small window will pop up make sure you have from computer selected then click "browse" and select your header from your files.


Select "instead of title and description" and the click save
Voila 1 header in 9 easy steps
I hope you found this helpful,
Stay beautiful
cole xoxox

Saturday, February 16, 2013

NOTD wishing for spring

Hey lovelys,
Today I have a quick NOTD for you. I love how these look and they have made me feel very summery :) 
Barry m Peach Melba
Essence Circus Confetti 
Does anyone else think circus confetti looks like rainbow connection from the opi muppets collection or is it just me? 
have a great weekend 
cole xoxox

p.s... Thank you for 100 gfc followers!!! I never thought 10 people would read my blog never mind 100! Unfortunately  I cant afford to do a giveaway right now but will hopefully do one as soon as I can so instead I thought I would ask you guys if there is any particular posts you would like to see. Let me know in the comments. xxx

friday facemask #6

Hey lovelys, 
It's not friday but I'm posting my friday face mask a day late, I have a valid reason for this and I said it would happen at some point. All I'm going to say is that my best friend needed me to be there so I was! Anyway lets get on with the post....

Montagne Jeunesse lemon zest peel off

I really loved this mask its made my pores feel lovely and unclogged and has left my skin super soft the only thing I don't like is the fact that the strong scent of lemon I was hoping for wasn't there. I think this mask would have been better for someone who prefers lightly scented products in that aspect other wise I love it and will probably repurchase it sometime 

rate:::: 4/5 
 Hope you enjoyed this again i'm sorry for it being late 
stay beautiful 
cole xoxox

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NOTD valentines day nails

Hey lovelys,
Today i've got NOTD for you. Not particularly valentines themed but very pink hope you enjoy!

Thumb-nails inc. Elizabeth St. and rio metallic nail art pen
2nd finger-nyc pink promenade
middle finger-beauty uk "hope" (paint for life trio)
ring finger-essence time for romance
pinky-beauty uk mauve flash

hope you've had a great valentines day<3
cole xoxox

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A weekend in outfits

hey lovelys,
This weekend has been a busy one for me so I thought I would show you what i've been wearing. There will be 2 outfits in this post, the first I wore for a family members 60th birthday party and the second I wore for my cousins christening.

outfit 1 -party 

denim jacket- I have no idea (I found it in the back of my nanas wardrobe)
shoes-primark studded loafers (not shown) 

lipstick-look beauty loud lips cherry bomb 

outfit 2 - christening 

skirt and top-primark
jacket-new look

These and my skirt  are a lot deeper in colour than the camera picks up! damm you early morning photography!!

hope you enjoyed 
cole xoxox

What's in my clutch bag?

Hey lovelys
Today I went to my little cousins christening and I thought I'd show you what I took in my clutch bag !

Enjoy cole xoxox

Clutch bag.... Matalan

Saturday, February 09, 2013

NOTD primark tuxedo nails

Hey chums
I found these bad boys in primary last week and I had to show them to you hopefully they will last longer than a day
Stay beautiful
Cole xoxo

Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday facemask #5 boots witch hazel and tea tree peel off

Howdy there,
Today I'm back with another ff post. I've tried a couple of bits and bobs from this range before but while I was in boots I decided to pick one of these up to try and I really enjoyed it. This mask didn't have much of a smell but I could pick up mostly on a light scent of tea tree. This dried pretty quickly and peeled off in 2 bits, which is great as I hate it when they peel off in tiny bits (I'm looking at you superdrug)! This mask seems to have made a difference to my pores and it has seemed to reduce the swelling on a small blemish I was getting. I really enjoyed this mask and I give it a 3.5/5

Have a great weekend
Cole xoxox

collection cover and go foundation review

Hey everyone (ohhh changing it up)

Today i'm going to be reviewing the new collection cover and go foundation and concealer duo, I love the idea of this product and collection call it a "handbag essential". I really wanted to love this but I just don't think its right for my skin.
collection cover and go foundation £5.99 on offer for £3.99

 shade light 2 

I think this is such a clever product I love the idea of having the two combined. There are 2 things I like about this foundation, the consistency is really lovely super creamy and easily blend able. The second is that the colour is ok on my warm toned skin as I find a lot of high street foundations look so orange on me! They are the only things I really like about this I find it has such light coverage which Is a personal preference, I also find it clings to dry patches and slips of oily patches. I think this could be a lovely foundation on someone with good skin and wants little coverage. The concealer is ok, I find it to be nice and blendable, but the coverage is not so good, I find that it clings to around the edges of my blemishes and exencuates them. Not what I want a concealer to do.
Overall I think if you have good skin check it out its just not right for me!

So the search for my perfect drugstore foundation continues I might make this into a series if you would like that let me know leave me your recommendations below or tweet me @itsnnnickyb

Have a great weekend
I should have 2 ootd's up by Sunday as I have a family party Saturday night and a christening on Sunday morning
Cole xoxox