Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday facemask #5 boots witch hazel and tea tree peel off

Howdy there,
Today I'm back with another ff post. I've tried a couple of bits and bobs from this range before but while I was in boots I decided to pick one of these up to try and I really enjoyed it. This mask didn't have much of a smell but I could pick up mostly on a light scent of tea tree. This dried pretty quickly and peeled off in 2 bits, which is great as I hate it when they peel off in tiny bits (I'm looking at you superdrug)! This mask seems to have made a difference to my pores and it has seemed to reduce the swelling on a small blemish I was getting. I really enjoyed this mask and I give it a 3.5/5

Have a great weekend
Cole xoxox


  1. I looove peel-off masks. And I really loooove anything that smells like tea tree! I'm loving the facemask reviews :)

    - Sho x

    1. Ahahah I find peeling them so satisfying xx

  2. I love these face mask posts, theyve given me lots of ideas for masks :)


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