Friday, June 30, 2017

June Makeup

So it's the end of the month therefore time for another monthly makeup post. if you are a new reader this is basically a full face of the things I've been loving this month. So without further ado lets get into the products I have been loving.
So I've actually been wearing primer this month as it's been super hot, I've been loving the NYX Pore filler which is like a lighter version of Benefit Porefessional. It just fills in the pores and leaves the skin super smooth and ready for foundation. I have been loving the new Lancôme Ultra wear foundation which is the most gorgeous satin finish base. This shade now I have a tan is a little too pale for me so will probably go away for a little while however I am a little sad about that as it is just the most gorgeous summer base. For Concealer I've been using the Clarins Instant concealer as it is just the perfect light weight concealer which packs a punch coverage wise.
For the rest of my face I've been keeping it super simple, just using the Maybelline bronzer palette which has four really pretty glowy bronzers which are perfect for this time of year. Then I've been applying a little bit of Laura Geller Gelato swirl highlight in Charming pink, which for me I definitely prefer to Gilded honey which is slightly too dark on my skin most of the time. For the brows I've been using my Smashbox brow pencil in Dark brown which I use to feather out the brows as I've been trying to keep them a little more natural than normal.
For the eyes I've been doing nothing special. I've just been using the NYX wonder pencil in the shade light into the waterline to widen my eyes and then applying a huge amount of mascara. The one I've been reaching for is the Mac Instacurl mascara which is the most beautiful lengthening curling mascara. Finally to finish off the look I've been using the Jeffree Star Liquid lipstick in the shade Watermelon Soda which is from last years summer collection but is still available on Beauty bay. It is the most stunning really bright pop of pink and I absolutely love it for summer.  
So that's it for today, what have you been wearing a lot this month?

Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Liquid lipsticks no-one talks about

Today I thought I would talk about some lesser spoken about liquid lipsticks. These aren't particularly products I've never seen talked about but they are products which I don't think get enough love.
The Balm's meet Matt(e) Hughes are so beautiful, they smell absolutely incredible and go on so beautifully smooth. These are definitely one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever worn. I have two of the nude shades. The one in the photo above is Committed and I also have the shade Charming which is a little darker and a slight bit more brown. I feel like a lot of people don't even know these exist so I would definitely suggest that you check them out.
Next up we have Dose of colours. Now these are not easy to get in the UK, I actually picked mine up from Beauty bay when they used to ship these to us. They are the most gorgeous velvety finish and look so incredible on the lips. The shade in the photo is truffle which is a gorgeous nude but I also love is Kiss of fire which is a beautiful pinky toned red. I am pretty sure I'm going to have to make a order off their website soon because I adore them.
I feel like Gerard Cosmetics are a brand which are kind of controversial brand however I absolutely love their liquid lipsticks. I pick these up from Beauty bay as they're only £11.00. Again these are very comfortable and go onto even the driest of lips so beautifully. Out of all five these are probably the least long lasting however I can still get a good 6 hours wear out of them.
Next up is the Rimmel Provocalips lip lacquers. I have honestly never heard anyone talk about these but they are incredible. It is a two part system so you apply the satin lip colour and then put the sealing lipgloss over the tp. These last ridiculously well and layer up really nicely if you want to fill in the middle of the lips. I have honestly never tried a more comfortable liquid lip and would definitely recommend giving them a go.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know what liquid lipsticks are your favourite. 
Committed, Truffle, Make your move, Iced Mocha, Saint.

Finally I have another controversial product which are the Lime crime velvetines, I absolutely love these. They kind of remind me a little of the MUA Velvet lip lacquers just a lot more high end feeling. I actually only have the shade Saint however I'm definitely going to be picking up some more shades as I am completely in love with them and how they feel on the lips.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Bullet journal haul

So I have been getting into bullet journaling and I thought I would show you some of the things I've been picking up recently.
First off I decided to pick up a new bullet journal and start afresh. I went for the Berry shade and also got a matching pen loop. I always pick these up from amazon as they are a little cheaper than anywhere else. I always go for the dotted as I find it makes it much easier to draw in my layouts. I decided to pick up some of the Edding 1880 in both the 0.5 and the 1.0. These pens are so fine and make it so easy to do some serious detail in my doodles. I picked these up from Cult pens and was really happy with the delivery, I also got a cute little smiley clip which you can see in the photo above.
Also from Cult pens I picked up 5 rolls of Washi tape just to add some colour to my journal. I picked up both lilac and black spotted tapes, a pale salmon, a bright pink geometric design and another bright pink stripes. Finally I picked up a set of brush pens from Amazon. I know the Tombow brush pens are incredibly popular for Bullet Journaling however I wasn't sure how much I would use them as they definitely are an investment so I decided to give these a go first. There's a mix of different colours and they have definitely convinced me that I do want the Tombow pens. The pastel pens are most definitely going to be mine in the next couple of months.
So that's it for today. I'd love to know what your favourite Bullet Journal supplies are. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Drugstore brands I want to try more from.

So my high end version of this went down really well so I thought I would do a more budget version of it. I'd love to know what brands which you guys are looking to try more from whether they are in the drugstore or more high end products.
The first brand is Soap and Glory, their Solar powder bronzer is something which is so highly spoken about. I find on me it's a little too light on me however it is a really nice one for more subtle makeup days. I have then tried the little sexy mother pucker lip crayons which are so nice especially for the very low price. Things I want to try from the brand are the One heck of a blot primer, the Supercat liner and the Made you blush cheek colours.
The second brand I want to try more from is No7. I have actually only tried their lip liners and lipsticks which I am a big fan of both. The lip liners are very similar in texture to the Charlotte tilbury Lip cheat liners and the lipsticks are beautifully creamy. One of the main things I want to try from the brand is the Lift and Luminate foundation which Kathleen lights loves. I have a very similar skin type to her so I 100% trust her recommendations. I'd also love to try their BB lips so I could compare them with my beloved Clarins Instant light lip perfectors.
The final brand I wanted to talk about today is Gosh. Their Rebel eye mascara is one of my all time favourites and again as with the No7 liners they are super creamy. The lipsticks are so lovely and the Lumi drops are beautiful when mixed into the foundation. I'd like to give their bronzer a go as I've heard good things and I'd also love t try some more shades of the Lumi drops. Finally I'd like to try the foundation drops.
So that's it for today, i'd love to know what your favourite products are rom these brands. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation

I am still hunting for my perfect everyday foundation and I have to say this has been one of my favourites that I've tried recently. I've heard some good stuff about it however I was a little unsure that it would be too much of a Satin finish for me. It is a Satin type finish however I find it isn't too much. I love the fact the formula doesn't cling to any of the dry patches on my skin. The finish for me is probably the most Satin I would ever go however I can see that it would be nice for any skin types as it isn't too dewy or too matte. I picked up shade Number one which is a slightly yellow toned very fair shade. For my personal preference I would prefer a more pink under tone however the yellow tone does in no way stop me using this.
The packaging is so beautiful and I love the control I have over the pump as I find I need around 3/4 of a pump of the foundation for a nice medium coverage. With a full pump you can get some seriously high coverage and it builds so beautifully and doesn't seem to cake no matter how many layers I apply. This applies so nicely with both a brush and a sponge, it definitely applies sheerer with a sponge as most bases do.
Overall I absolutely adore this foundation and I can definitely see on it working for most sin types. It's definitely more of an investment but it is definitely worth it.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The orange lip edit

I feel like orange lips scare a lot of people so today I thought I would take you through some of my favourites whether you are a newbie orange wearer or are seasoned in the practice then there will be something for you in this line up.
First off I picked out one of the Body shop's Matte lip liquids in the shade Cali Gerbera. These have a similar texture to the NYX soft matte lip creams but in my opinion are a little less drying. They sit on the lips really nicely and are just a fab no faff lip product. It is more on the pinky tone than some of today's other picks but is still definitely a bold orange although it can be blotted down to a more subtle shade. Next up we have Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte liquid lipstick in the shade Mercury rising which is an incredibly vibrant red toned orange. This isn't one for those testing the orange waters but more for those who are fully committed. I love the formula of these as as the name may suggest they are both matte and hydrating.
If you want a more pink toned very slight orange hint the Barry M 151 is a really pretty shade, there definitely is a hint of orange however it isn't anything too intense so perfect for if you want to introduce yourself in the colour slowly. Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in In love with Ginger is a beautiful more glossy lip. Don't get me wrong it isn't the easiest lipstick to deal with and eating in it will spread it all over your face but if you are just wanted to wear it for a small amount of time it is gorgeous. It's a little more manageable when blotted but then doesn't have the beautiful glossy finish so it depends what you are looking for.

The Body shop, Gerard cosmetics, Barry M, Rimmel moisture renew, Rimmel Kate, Maybelline, Jeffree star, L'Oreal
Another Rimmel pick is the Kate Moss matte lipstick in 110 which is a more coral orange. I love the formula of these lipsticks as they look matte yet are incredibly comfortable and moveable on the lips. Out of all the matte formulas I've mentioned today this one is definitely the least orange so if you are more comfortable with pinks then this may be a good place to start. Out of the lot the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick in Shocking coral is the least orange out of the bunch. It is a gorgeous almost fluro pink which is incredible in the summer with super tanned skin. This is a more comfortable formula and isn't dissimilar to the Mac Satin formula so it's very comfortable but has a good lasting power.
Out of the lot the Jeffree Star Velour liquid lip in Flamethrower is my favourite. It is a very true orange and is definitely not one for the faint hearted. It does make the teeth look a little yellow as it has more of a yellow base however if you are like me that isn't something that bothers you then I would 100% suggest giving this one a go. Finally in today's lineup is the L'Oreal Lip paint matte in Tangerine Vertigo, I still can't figure out how I feel about this formula as it is almost trying to be a gel but then it also kind of feels like the Body shop ones. Due to the gel like texture this isn't as pigmented as I imagined so although it isn't for me it may be good for someone looking to try an orange lip.
So that's it for today. I'd love to know what your favourite colours are for Summer. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Six Product Summer face

Despite the fact the sun seems to have gone again I am hoping that it will come back soon so today I though I would share with you the products I have been reaching for in the heat.
Foundation wise I have been reaching for the Lancôme Teint Idole ultra wear which is a beautiful fairly high coverage foundation. It's a little drier than I would go for in the winter so it is brilliant for the summer as it isn't quite as dewy. Don't get me wrong it's not drying in any way it's just a more satin finish than I would usually go for. For under my eyes I have been using the Nars Radiant creamy concealer again this is more of a satin finish which is better for the hotter weather as I find opposed to something like the Urban decay Naked concealer it isn't quite as hydrating and dewy.
For the cheeks I have been loving the Rimmel Kate palette in Coral crush which is the most beautiful little palette. The blush is a stunning pinky peach with a slight gold shimmer, the highlight a champagne and then the bronzer is just a beautiful everyday bronzer on pale skins. For the brows I love the NYX Micro brow pencil as it is just so easy and feels a lot lighter than a pomade.
Mascara wise I've been loving the Mac Insta curl which holds up in the heat. It doesn't run or transfer which I feel like a lot of mascaras do when it's hot. It also holds a gorgeous curl in the lashes and doesn't droop over the day. The final product is the NYX Liquid suede in Life's a beach which is a beautiful muted neon peachy coral which adds a perfect pop of colour to an otherwise very neutral look.
That's it for today, I would love to know what your go to products are for the hot weather. 

Friday, June 23, 2017

A little the Body shop haul

I've been wanting to try out some more from the Body Shop's makeup range for a while now as you know I love the Matte lip liquids so I was very excited to try more. Since I needed a cleanser and they also had 40% off I couldn't resist. So first off lets start with the cleanser. I repurchased the Camomile cleansing butter which is one of my favourite cleansers. I have been using the Liz Earle cleanse and polish which I hate the fact that I cannot see how much product I have left so I decided to go for repurchasing this instead.
I picked up a couple of new base products, first I got the lightening drops which has come in incredibly useful with me being super ghostly pale. I love that these don't change the texture of the foundation which was something I was a little worried about. I'm not sure if they would effect matte finish foundations more however. The other base product is the Fresh Nude foundation which is a really beautiful satin finish foundation. It has a medium coverage and sits really nicely on my skin without caking in any dry patches.
I also picked up the Honey bronzer in the shade 3 Medium Matte which is perfect for me. I found that the lighter shade which everyone seems to rave about was just too light for me. This is a gorgeous warm bronzer which just looks beautiful on the skin. I have been using this so much lately and am really impressed with the way it's holding up. The final thing I picked up was the Insta matte which is a product I'm still trying to get my head around. It's a thick matte gel which is meant to make whatever product you want matte. So far I've used this with a gel blush and I really liked the effect it had. I've also used it with some lipsticks and so far I have found it definitely works better with some finishes and formulas however I do need to give it more of a try.
I'd love to know what you guys have tried from the Body shop and whether you love it or hate it! 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Benefit boxed powders

Benefit boxed powders are some of my go to products so today I thought I would have a little ramble about them. I currently have three of the full size powders and then last Christmas' full cheek palette. I know some people don't like the packaging of these however I find that even though it is cardboard it is incredibly sturdy. My Hoola is something that I used almost everyday for a good six months and has been thrown about and put in many a makeup bag and is you can see is still going strong.

So lets start off with Hoola, this is an incredible bronzer for people with pale skin. It has the most beautiful mix between grey and orange meaning it looks beautifully natural on the skin. It is so beautifully finely milled and just one of my go to everyday products. Next up we have the Galifornia blush which is the most gorgeous coral gold shade. It's one of those blushes which just gives you the most beautiful healthy look. If any of you have Milani Luminoso this is like the more coral shade. Finally we have Dandelion twinkle which is the newest addition to my collection. This is a really pretty pale pink basic highlight. It isn't glittery by is still fairly intense when built up.

I love all three of these powders and I would definitely recommend these for anyone. Whether they are first time more high end buyers or a makeup collector like me.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

High end Brands I want to try more from.


There are so many brands which I want to try more from so today I thought I would show you the three top brands for me to try things from. These are brand from which I have products I really love but just haven't had the chance to try a lot extra from them.
The first brand is Clarins, I absolutely adore their True Radiance foundation, Instant concealer and the Instant light perfectors. The foundation is the most stunning glowy base which is perfect for my dry kin. This is definitely not one for people with oily skin. The Instant concealer is a really high coverage but super light weight. This works well both under the eyes and on any blemishes as it's so comfortable. Finally the Instant lip perfectors are my favourite lip glosses, they're not sticky at all which is something I hate about glosses. Somethings I want to try from the brand are the Extra comfort foundation, the Instant smoothing primer, the Lip oils and the Summer bronze collection.
Secondly, I have Charlotte Tilbury. I recently picked up the Magic foundation which is absolutely stunning. It isn't quite as glowy as the True radiance foundation, it's more of a satin finish. Other than the foundation I have only given a few lip products a go. The Pillow talk lip liner is one of my go to products in general. It's the perfect my lips but better shade. Finally I have the Bitch perfect K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick. This is a gorgeous satin lipstick, it's a pinky nude shade which is perfect for everyday wear. Things I want to try from Charlotte Tilbury are the Dolce Vita quad, the Cheek to chic blushes and the Rock and kohl liners.
The final brand I wanted to talk about today is Anastasia Beverly hills. I have the Modern Renaissance palette which is just the most beautiful palette ever. The shadows blend like an absolute dream, and I need to try some more shadows. The other  product I have tried is the Dip brow. This is my go to brow product and is one I use pretty much every day. Things I want to try from this brand are the Glow kits, Liquid lipsticks and some of the single eyeshadows.


Monday, June 12, 2017

A huge beauty haul


So I most definitely splurged and if there is any way to justify a splurge it's by blogging about it. I have been using a lot of high end products recently and just figured it was about time I gave some more drugstore products a go. I picked up some cult favourites but also some products I have heard nothing about in the hopes of finding some hidden gems.

I have picked up a couple of high end bits the first are two new releases and the other is something I've heard a lot about on various different blogs. First off we have the Lancôme Teint Ideole foundation in 008, this is the most beautiful satin finish foundation. I have seen so much good stuff about this and I am 100% with everyone else. It works really beautiful on dry skin but I feel like it would always look beautiful on oilier skins too. The other new release is the new Benefit highlight which is Dandelion twinkle. It's such a pretty pale pink shade which adds such a pretty glow to the skin without being too intense. Finally for high end I picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Magic foundation. This again is another gorgeous foundation which I have seen a lot about. Again it is quite a satin finish but has a little more dewiness than the Lancôme one.

From Maybelline I picked up the Maybelline dream cushion which is a gorgeous Dewy foundation. This is the first cushion foundation I have tried and I am really impressed so far. One thing I will say is that it is a little dark even though it is the lightest shade, I'm really hoping they expand this range as I am so impressed with the quality. The other thing I picked up is the Bronze blush palette which is beautiful. I have seen this all over social media and I had to have it. From Collection I picked up the lasting perfection concealer which is something I have tried before and wasn't a big fan but I thought I would give it another go. I do still think it is quite dry and it is definitely one I will be only wearing with a dewy foundation. I also purchased a couple more of the Glam crystals liners which are my favourite way to wear glitter as they are so easy to use.
Maybelline, Lancôme, Charlotte Tilbury, Collection, NYX
On a Rimmel 3 for 2 I picked up the Insta fix and go setting spray. I have been trying a lot of setting sprays recently and I do quite like this one. It doesn't add a lot of dewiness like some setting sprays do but really sets makeup nicely in place and I think it would be a really lovely one for people who want an affordable setting spray. The Got to glow highlight in Notting hill glow is a really pretty pink toned highlight. One thing I will say is that it is a little bit glittery however if set with powder it is beautiful. I finally got my hands on the Brixton brown quint which is meant to be a dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce vita quad. This is a very autumnal quad however I do love a good red/burgundy and just had to pick it up while it was in stock.

Dandelion Twinkle, MUA Pearlescent sheen, Radiant cashmere, Rimmel Notting hill.
From MUA I picked up some more of their Undress your skin highlighters. The first shade is Pearlescent sheen which is the prettiest lilac/silver duochrome shade. I then also picked up the Radiant Cashmere shade which is a beautiful rose gold shade. I also bought the Matte bronzer which is an absolutely huge. It's a really lovely mixture of warm and cool making it the perfect throw on bronzer. I also went for the Coral delights six palettes which is such a pretty palette. I kind of wish that the coral shade was a little more pigmented but I think I will get a lot of use out of it over the summer. As I spent more than £10 on MUA I got a free Radiant lights highlighter kit which is a almost completely matte highlight kit. I didn't swatch it for you as the shades are very similar.

Solar Powder dark and light, Maybelline palette, MUA Matte bronzer.
Finally I picked up some stuff from NYX, first off I bought the Pore Filler primer as I wanted to see how it compared to the Benefit Porefessional. It isn't quite as smoothing as the Benefit however does do a really nice job of filling in the pores. I also bought the high coverage concealer which is a super high coverage cream concealer. I love the HD concealer so wanted to get another concealer from NYX and I do really like this one as long as they are used sparingly.

Top - MUA Coral Delights, Bottom Rimmel Brixton brown
I finally managed to get my hands on some NYX glitters. I picked up the shade crystal which is a beautiful silver shade which reflects rainbow colours. This glitter is quite chunky means it looks so beautiful on the lid and really catches the light stunningly. The other shade I bought was the red. This glitter is a lot finer meaning it doesn't quite catch the light as well but still looks stunning on the lid with a deeper burgundy or black in the crease.

Collection Glitz, Collection Funk, Top Glitter NYX Crystal, Bottom NYX Red.
The final things I picked up were four more of the Liquid suedes. These are some of my favourite lip products and I wanted to pick up some more summery shades. The first one was Life's a beach which is a pretty pinky peach colour, then Sway which is the most beautiful bright pink, Tea and cookies which is a nude pink and then finally Foiled again which is almost a bright pastel coral shade.
So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know what you've picked up recently. 
Life's a beach, Sway, Tea and cookies, Foiled Again

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Five favourites - Bases

I'm still on the hunt for my favourite foundation ever however today I thought I would show you my five current favourites. I have super dry skin so these are all very dewy and comfortable.
Bourjois Healthy mix - This is probably my all time favourite drugstore foundation. The one issue I do have with it is that it is a little too yellow toned. This just gives the skin a really healthy look and looks incredibly natural on the skin. The one thing I will say with this one is that I definitely prefer the finish of this applied with a sponge rather than a brush as it looks a little more dewy.
Maybelline Dream satin liquid - This is a fairly new addition to my collection, it's a little less dewy than the rest of the bases I'm sharing with you today. This has a beautiful satin finish as the name suggests. This one is probably the highest coverage out of the bunch offering an almost full coverage.
Clarins True Radiance foundation - Currently this is my favourite foundation it is the most beautiful dewy formula. Other than for incredibly dry skin I believe that this would be too dewy however for me and my dry skin it is ideal. It is a little dark however as long as I blend it down the neck.

Nars Tinted moisturizer - This is my go to everyday base currently. It is a beautiful medium coverage which looks incredibly skin like. Hearing the words tinted moisturizer many assume it's going to be a light coverage however this somehow feels like that light coverage with the finish of a medium coverage.

Bare minerals complexion rescue - Out of the five this is the lightest coverage, it's my favourite for no makeup makeup days. It looks beautifully lightweight on the skin making it perfect for days when I don't want to wear a lot of makeup. As with all the bases in this line up this is beautiful, dewy and perfect for drier skin types although people with oily skin could definitely get away with it.

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this post. I'd love to know what your favourite bases are.