Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Liquid lipsticks no-one talks about

Today I thought I would talk about some lesser spoken about liquid lipsticks. These aren't particularly products I've never seen talked about but they are products which I don't think get enough love.
The Balm's meet Matt(e) Hughes are so beautiful, they smell absolutely incredible and go on so beautifully smooth. These are definitely one of the most comfortable lipsticks I have ever worn. I have two of the nude shades. The one in the photo above is Committed and I also have the shade Charming which is a little darker and a slight bit more brown. I feel like a lot of people don't even know these exist so I would definitely suggest that you check them out.
Next up we have Dose of colours. Now these are not easy to get in the UK, I actually picked mine up from Beauty bay when they used to ship these to us. They are the most gorgeous velvety finish and look so incredible on the lips. The shade in the photo is truffle which is a gorgeous nude but I also love is Kiss of fire which is a beautiful pinky toned red. I am pretty sure I'm going to have to make a order off their website soon because I adore them.
I feel like Gerard Cosmetics are a brand which are kind of controversial brand however I absolutely love their liquid lipsticks. I pick these up from Beauty bay as they're only £11.00. Again these are very comfortable and go onto even the driest of lips so beautifully. Out of all five these are probably the least long lasting however I can still get a good 6 hours wear out of them.
Next up is the Rimmel Provocalips lip lacquers. I have honestly never heard anyone talk about these but they are incredible. It is a two part system so you apply the satin lip colour and then put the sealing lipgloss over the tp. These last ridiculously well and layer up really nicely if you want to fill in the middle of the lips. I have honestly never tried a more comfortable liquid lip and would definitely recommend giving them a go.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know what liquid lipsticks are your favourite. 
Committed, Truffle, Make your move, Iced Mocha, Saint.

Finally I have another controversial product which are the Lime crime velvetines, I absolutely love these. They kind of remind me a little of the MUA Velvet lip lacquers just a lot more high end feeling. I actually only have the shade Saint however I'm definitely going to be picking up some more shades as I am completely in love with them and how they feel on the lips.

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  1. Truffle looks like such a pretty shade. I haven't tried anything from Dose of Colours before, but have my eye on a few different products from them. x

    Jordan Alice


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