Thursday, February 27, 2014

#BOBBlogchallenge Week 4 - Pamper products

Today's post is going to be a super quick one as I seem to have had no time on my hands this week. So getting straight into the post....

1. Nspa skin renewal gel. 
This feels so lovely on the skin and leaves it with a gorgeous glow and makes it look so fresh. I also really like the scent of this product. 

2. The body shop strawberry body polish.
I really love this, I'm not a big fan of really harsh scrubs in the winter as my legs get very dry and flaky. I like this as it's not to harsh. It also smells so delicious. 

3. Quick fix facials, anti blemish mask. 
My skin has a tendency to be super clear and then all of a sudden break out. I really like this, it's not to expensive and I find it really works. 

So guys I'm sorry this post was so short but I hope you enjoyed it never the less. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Rediscovered and reviewed #3 - The body shop shimmer cubes 06

I had forgotten how much I love this product. I popped this into my everyday makeup draw about a week ago and I've really been liking it. These shadows aren't the most pigmented, but they are really pleasant to work with the colours work so well together and they are really soft and blend really nicely. I find paired with an eye primer these will last a good 6-7 hours without any signs of fading or creasing. 

Dry swatches - From left to right - Honeycomb, Dark chocolate, Marshmallow and Chocolate chip.

Wet swatches - Same order as above. 

As you can see the colour payoff is a lot more intense when the shadows are used wet. That being said sometimes I like to use eyeshadows that are a little less pigmented than the likes of urban decay because I find them so much easier to work with. 

Overall I really love this palette and I think if your looking for something quick, easy and pretty I'd definitely go for this! 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

If you only buy one thing this month #3 Lady gaga Fame Eau de parfum

Lady gaga fame 50ml £31.00

Before you start reading this is should probably warm you that I am so horrendously terrible at describing scents, so if you were expecting a detailed perfume review you've come to the wrong place. I'd highly recommend you go into the nearest place and smell it because it really is lovely. It's quite sweet but not sickly.

When I first heard about Lady Gaga releasing a perfume (Please bare in mind this was about 2 years ago and I'm late to jump on the bandwagon once again!) I thought it would be weird, I have always been a fan of Gaga's but the first thing I though was well it's bound to smell super weird. But in fact I was really long, it isn't your typical celeb fragrance (Is it just me or do they all smell weirdly similar) but it's still really pleasant.

I love the way the bottle looks and I still can't get over the fact that the liquid is black yet it doesn't stain clothes. (Mind blown!) I find this lasts a good 7-8 hours. 

I would highly recommend this if your a fan of sweet perfumes! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A mahusive birthday wishlist.

If you follow me on twitter you will know that on march 3rd it's my birthday (I must pre warn you I'm one of those annoying excitable types when it comes to my birthday) I've asked for mostly money as I'm going on to the Trafford center with my cousin so I thought I'd put together a little wishlist of the things I want to buy. Enjoy!  

1// H&M Handbag £19.99 //Here// 
I am in need of a proper bag desperately, my Primark satchel just isn't  up to the job any longer. I carry far to much stuff around so I wanted a nice big bag, but I also wanted it to have long and short handles and be a practical colour! 

2// Topshop Orange jersey runner shorts £8.00 //Here// 
Another thing I need is some shorts for the summer and these are perfect. I like the fact that they are light and stretchy and the colour is just fantastic! 

3// L'oreal true match foundation £9.99 //Here//  
I've heard soooo many good things about this foundation and I've also got a £2.50 off coupon so I decided it would be the perfect time to try it! 

4// Lush Creamy candy bubble bar £2.50 //Here//  
This is a bubble bar that I always seem to smell in lush but I never seem to buy it. I've not really seen many people talk about this one but I really fancy trying it! 

5// Lush grease lightening £5.95 //Here//
 This is another product I've heard so many good things about, I even read someone saying it was better than the origins super spot remover. 

6//H&M Red jersey dress £9.99 //Here// 
I love this it's so simple and I love wearing red, I also really like the look of the texture and the shape. 

7// Lush think pink bath bomb £2.50 //Here//
 There is really only 1 reason I want this and that is because it's pretty. I can only begin to dream about the colours it will make my bath! 

8//New look Daisy print tea dress Usually £22.99 on offer for £10.00 //Here// 
I love anything daisy print but the fact that this is on offer just makes it even better! 

9// Lush tea tree toner (small) £3.95 //Here//  
Another product that I have heard so much about but never bought! 

10//New look monochrome elephant skater dress Usually £12.99 on offer for £10.00 //Here// 
I have had my eye on this for such a long time, it's so cute. It's also made even better by the fact it's on offer. 

11//Topshop mint washed panel runner shorts £8.00 //Here//
Another pair of shorts, how cute is the colour of these! 

12// New look nude envelope purse £5.99 //Here// 
To go along with my new bag I decided I needed a new purse. 

13//Lush space girl bath bomb £2.25 //Here//
This is one of my favourite lush bath bombs and it looks so pretty in the water. 

14// H&M basic vest tops in White, black and gray £3.99 each or 3 for 2 //Here//
Finally on my wishlist I have another practical item. I'm in need of new vests and I really like the ones from H&M. 

So that's it for my very practical birthday wishlist, What's on your wishlists at the moment? 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

#BOBBlogchallenge Week 3 - Makeup must haves.

This was such a difficult post to get together as I had no idea what to pick, so I set myself a limit of 5 products and here's what I ended up choosing. 

First of I picked Benefit's They're real Mascara. This is the perfect mascara for me, I have very dark very long eyelashes which is great but the fact that they are poker straight isn't so great. This adds just the right amount of volume without making my lashes look clumpy, but most importantly it leaves my lashes nicely curled.

Next I picked Seventeen's Stay time concealer in extra fair. I have really fallen in love with this and it's most definitely the best drugstore concealer I've tried. It's quite a light concealer but it still has a good amount of coverage. 

For my third product I choose my FashionistA blush palette. The colours are Rose thrill (Top left), Butterscotch (Top right), Juicy apricot (Bottom left) and New york (Bottom right) These blushes are so lovely, they blend like an absolute dream. Recently I've been reaching for Butterscotch but I have a feeling I will be wearing Rose thrill a hell of a lot through out spring and summer.

I think I'm getting a little predictable of course my Urban decay naked basics palette would be in here somewhere. It's fabulous, it's versatile, the shadows are such good quality and the colours are perfect. Need I say more! 

Finally I have a very old favourite, if you read my lipstick tag you will know that this is the first ever lipstick I bought for myself and I still love it. It's perfect for when I don't know what shade to wear. 

So that's my third #BOBblogchallenge. I'd love to know what your holy grail/makeup must haves are!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The blogging community is such a lovely and welcoming place. If your anything like me I love discovering new blogs, so one night when I was in the shower (Is it just me or does any one else have really good ideas in the shower?) I came up with this idea.  

Everyday throughout the month of may I will be posting a guest post from a different blog, if I get a lot of interest there may even be two posts up a day. I will still be posting as usual, so throughout May your going to be seeing a lot of me! If your interested in getting involved in this project please leave me a comment down below with your blog link and twitter if you have it. The type of post is up to you (Within reason) I will welcome beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, book/film reviews, craft and diy posts, home-y type posts (Room tours etc) and many more that I can't think of off the top of my head! 

I will pop everyone who want's to get involved on a list and I will get back to you nearer to the time. 

I hope you enjoy this project and I really hope you get involved. I would love it if you guys could spread the word. Feel free to link this post and use the hashtag #Ablogadayforthewholeofmay 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ishga skincare

When I came home to find these on my doorstep I have to admit I did a little squeal of delight, Ishga are a brand I discovered through twitter. When I opened the package (with great difficulty) I couldn't wait to try out the products. 

"Ishga is a new and exciting skincare product range. Harnessing the potent powers of the finest Scottish seaweed."

Ishga Hebridean Marine toner £25.00*
The first thing I received was this toner, I was super excited to get this as I've been really getting into using a toner lately after trying the boots botanics rosewater one.  I am super impressed with this I find it really helps to take of any extra dirt and makeup left on my face. It has also been fantastic for removing the oily residue left behind by my hot cloth cleanser.  The spray is fantastic and sprays just the right amount of product, I find three sprays on a cotton wool pad is all I need for my whole face. I really can't sing this products praises higher but there is one little thing I don't like about it, personally I really strongly dislike the seaweed-y smell this product has. That being said it is the only thing I can find that I don't like about it! 

Ishga Active cleansing lotion £35.00*
This is my favourite product out of the two I was sent, I've been using this to remove my face and a little of my eye makeup just before I go in with my hot cloth cleanser and I have fallen in love. I find this removes my makeup so well and if push came to shove I could get away with just using this and no hot cloth cleanser. The scent of this one is so much subtler than the toner and I find this smells more fresh than the very potent seaweed-y smell of the toner. I find this feels really luxurious and softening on the skin. I also find that it leaves my skin feeling quite plump and smooth. 

Overall if your looking for some really luxurious high end skincare items I would highly recommend you look into these, Ishga products can be bought of the Ishga website //Here// and you can also find them on twitter //Here//

These products were sent to me for review purposes, although all opinions are my own and no way influenced by the brands generosity.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

#2014bloggerchallenge No.4 - High street vs. High end,The battle of the eyeshadow primers.

About a year ago the whole blogging community went crazy for the MUA pro base eyeshadow primer, people were comparing it to the Urban decay primer potion . So when I received a UD primer potion with my Naked palette I knew I wanted to do a comparison post. So let's get on with the post. 

MUA pro base eye primer  £2.50 

I expected big things from this and it really let me down. I have heard that when MUA changed the packaging they also changed the formula, so that could be why. Unfortunately I find this makes my eyeshadow last less time than when I go primer-less. In terms of texture it doesn't feel greasy and is very lightweight, I just find it doesn't  keep back the oil. The packaging isn't amazing but it's convenient and doesn't get to dirty.

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion £15 
After my experience with the MUA primer, I wasn't expecting miracles from this product but it worked some sort of magic on my oily eye lids. The texture is very similar to the MUA one, although I find this to feel a little more powdery once I've applied it to the lids. Wearing this my eyeshadows lasts all day, I realized how amazing this product was when my eyeshadow lasted all day on Christmas day even after helping my mum with the dinner and running round like a crazy person. I love the urban decay packaging even if it is a little harder to get the product out. 

Overall for me personally urban decay wins by miles, it has quickly become one of my everyday staples and I will be repurchasing it once it's empty! 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

What's on my face #2

I really have fallen head over heels in love with this look so today I thought I would show it you, I've been switching up the lip colour but otherwise I've been wearing this look so much in the past couple of weeks. 

I start of with a mix of Benefit porefesional and Along came Betty prime of your life, I pop this all over my face but focus the majority of the product on my T-zone. For base i'm back to using my Seventeen blemish balm which if you are a regular reader you will know how much I adore it. I then conceal any blemishes with the Catrice camoflauge cream. Finally for my base I pop a little of the Along came Betty you must be blushing duo cheek colour in Pinch/squeeze, onto my cheeks. 

I then fill in my eyebrows with The body shop carbon brown eye definer, which is the perfect shade for my brows. I then prime my eyes with my MAC paint pot in bare study, which I adore as it last sooooo long. Then for eyeshadow I used my Urban decay naked palette, I used the colours Side car (for all over my lid) and Hustle (for in the crease) Finally I finished of my eyes with Benfit They're real mascara

The for lipstick I used the L'oreal colour riche lipstick in 461 Scarlett creme 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

#BOBBlogchallenge Week 2 - Haircare heros

Today I thought I'd talk to you about my all time favourite intensive hair treatments. As you're probably all aware I have bright red dyed hair, so it's not in the best condition it could be in. Up until recently I washed it every night and straightened it every morning. So it's not in the best condition really. I've recently started using both these products on a regular basis and I've found my hair feels stronger softer and looks a lot shinier.

Superdrug Coconut and sweet almond conditioner £1.50 

This is a very old favourite of mine and I've been using it for about two and a half years now. I find this really helps boost my hair and give it the little pick me up it needs. I find over time this helps make my hair look shinier and just healthier in general. It also smells absolutely delicious. 

Tresemme Keratin smooth treatment masque £5.50 
This one really is fabulous, it really has helped to tame my wild mane, it doesn't smell half as good as the superdrug one but it has that nice hairdresser smell which is really pleasant. I find this really does help the control of frizz. Don't get me wrong it isn't a miracle worker but it does at least calm down my hair. 

So that's my second #BOBBlogchallenge post. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd love for you to let me know what your favourite hair masks are? 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The lipstick tag.

I was tagged to do this about a month and a half ago so I have no clue who did tag me, but if it was you thank you. Lipstick wasn't something I ever really wore until I started blogging, I used to be terrified of anything with more colour than a clear lipgloss. How things change, I'm now a complete lipstick junkie and I can't get enough of the stuff! 

How many lipsticks do you own?
I only own 36 which for a beauty blogger barely touches the sides, I've read posts were some girls have 100+

What was your first ever lipstick?
The first lipstick I bought with my own money was Natural collection Rose bud which I still adore today. In terms of the first lipstick I ever owned it was from No7  (Given to me by my nana) and it was a very blue toned very bright pink.
What is your most worn lipstick?
I think it would have to be Seventeen Beehive, it's my go to lipstick for when I don't know what lipstick to wear. 

What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
I would have to say it's a fight between Rimmel, Seventeen and MAC for this one! 

What is your favourite finish?
I love a good matte finish as much as the next girl but I do prefer a creme finish, I find them easier to maintain throughout the day. 
What was the last lip product you bought?
I ordered some of the new Revlon balm stains, but I don't get those till my birthday :(

How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
Only 7...........
What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
I will be ever faithful to my OCC lip tar in NSFW for a red lip as with having red hair a bright red doesn't look as good as a deep vampy one. 
How do you store your lipsticks?
I store them all in my makeup collection in a box all upright so I can see the labels.
What lip products are you currently lusting after?
I really really really want one of the YSL glossy stains they are so damn pretty! 

So that's it I hope you enjoyed this tag. I tag anyone who reads this, if you do it link me in the comments below! 

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Along came Betty - Haul and First impressions.

So this happened when I went food shopping with my mum, ooops. Although I can justify it sort if, I picked up these three items for just £4.50. I'm guessing that they are discontinuing the line, but after hearing so much about the products when they were first released I couldn't pass up on them! 

First off I picked up the Prime of your life illuminating primer, I quite like this. It doesn't keep my makeup on as long as benefit porefesional does but it feels nice on the skin and leaves a lovely glow without being glittery. 

Next I picked up this eyeshadow kit, this has 3 eyeshadows and a liner/cream thing. I was really disappointed with this the shadows really lack in pigment which is such a shame as they are such pretty colours. I don't even really know what to say about the liner, it looks very oily and slides all about the place. I find it transfers really badly onto the lids. I will probably still use the shadows but the liners a big no for me! 


The final thing I picked up You must be blushing duo cheek colour in pinch and squeeze. This has to be my favourite product out of the three. This duo includes one cream blush which is the most gorgeous coral with a very slight shimmer and one powder blush which is a matte peachy colour. I love these they blend beautifully and last really well on my skin. 

Overall I really recommend you guys going into your local Tesco and seeing if they have any Along came Betty products left.