Thursday, February 06, 2014

#BOBBlogchallenge Week 1. Skincare savior - Boots botanics Super balm

Boots Botanics Super balm here £4.99

The weather has been pretty bad in England and my skin is having a massive tantrum, it's been really dry and super sore. That's where this little pot of goodness has stepped in. A multi use balm that can be used on dry, sore and  cracked lips and skin, this has been perfect for getting me through the cold weather.

I've found that not only has this cleared up dry patches on my face, it's also been helping to knit back together the cracks due to dry skin on my hands. In terms of scent it isn't offensive it smells a lot like the original Burts bee's lip balm. I also love the fact that it is 93% organic. I find that it doesn't leave a greasy residue behind, which is what I first expected. I even find I can put my makeup straight on top of it.

If you have trouble with dry skin I most definitely recommend this. 


  1. I've not tried this before but sounds like it would be great for this awful weather. Great price too! xx

  2. I love a good multi tasking product x

  3. I've used this balm and think its great and so reasonably priced xx


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