Friday, November 30, 2012

November empties!

Hey guys 2 posts in one day lucky you soo without babbling on here's my November empties
Nivea invisible for black and white pure deodorant - this does the job what else can I say?
Vo5 nourish me truly shampoo- this smells amazing and I have really felt a difference in my hair.
Fresh banana split body wash - this smelt gorgeous and soap up really well.
Wilko dreamy- I bought this after dolly bow bow said they were great value and I loved it! It smells so sweet and girly.
Clarins eye makeup remover - this is amazing! I really don't know what I'm going to do without it.
Superdrug dry shampoo in away with the fairies- this smelt so really nice but 1) it doesn't work in my red hair and
2) batiste works much more effectively
Dove summer glow for fair to medium skin - this was really enjoyable it smelt odd but worked really well it gave a lovely glow to my skin without being streaky or orange
Spa deep cleansing wipes and tea tree facial wipes - I use these after removing my makeup to wipe of any left over dirt they both worked as well as each other but at the end of the day they weren't mind blowingly amazing!
And last but not least my only makeup item accessorize water proof mascar isn't the packaging of this just beautiful the mascara was pretty good I wouldn't rush out to buy another but if I need a new mascara I may repurchase

And that is that hope you enjoyed cole xoxox

What's on my bedside table?

Hey guys
Today you get to look at what's on my bedside table yay! I love posts like this and was low on ideas I'm hoping to do a Christmas wish list soon but I can only blog of my I pad because my computers broken (hence the bad quality pictures!) anyway hope you enjoy!!

On my bedside table I always keep a book, at the moment I'm reading "where rainbows end" by cecelia ahern it's a amazing book I love it. I won't go into to much detail but if you would like a review let me know. I also always have my zebra print notebook on hand. The lamp is from ikea and is on of my favourite room accessories the pattern creates such a pretty shadow on the wall. My gorgeous elephant is from store 21 and the duck was bought for me as a jokey present at Easter. I keep my favourite perfume lipstick and chewing gun on there so they are easy to grab the perfume is essence like a first day of spring, the lipstick is wet and wild copper dust and the chewing gum is extra for kids strawberry and banana. Unfortunately you can't buy any of these in the uk and when they run out I don't know what I will do. The other items I keep on my bedside table are my tv remote, a couple of decorative candles my camera a cute dinosaur money box (because I'm immature ) and a photo of me and my brother when we were really small! So in conclusion I really need to have less stuff on my little table ahaha anyways i hope you enjoyed and again I'm sorry for the bad picture quality and long ramblieness hope you enjoyed
Cole xoxox

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 5 lip glosses

Hey guys
Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple of days we have had no Internet :,( so just a little note I'm not a huge gloss fan don't get me wrong i like them and I used to use them all the time but now I much prefer a good lipstick so this was pretty hard for me anyways let's get started !!!!
Left to right on the picture at the bottom

Gloss one best all rounder......
h&m blushing bride
This really does show that high end doesn't always win I got this gloss in Germany and paid 95 cents for it bargain it's so lovely good colour payoff not to sticky and the scent is lovely.

Gloss two best colour payoff.....
17 ultimate volume in the nude
Is it me or does this initially sound like a mascara ?? I love this it's incredibly pigmented and looks fabulous on the lips as for the plumping well that's not so good I hate plumping glosses (she says including 2 in her top five ) they never live up to my expectations :(

Gloss three most luxurious...
Temple spa lip treat magnifique
This gloss feels so luxurious this is meant to plump your lips and although it doesn't work it fells amazing on the lips. It is also not sticky and gorgeously glittery. It also smells minty and fresh lovely

Gloss four best all round choice..
Lancôme juicy tubes
These are so pretty they come in a good range of colours the one swatched below is the toffee one it smells good enough to eat! The thing I dislike about these is that there sooooo sticky it's unbelievable I would not purchase any more of these

And finally
Gloss five best care gloss
Nivea care gloss and shine
These have very little colour to them they just give a sheer wash of colour the one swatched below is the one on the pink tube (helpful ??ahahaha ) these leave the lips feeling beautifully nourished and healthy with a sheer colour wash and some shine.

Well if you got to the end congratulations
Hope you enjoyed cole xoxoxo

Left to right h&m blushing bride 17 in the nude temple spa magnifique Lancôme juicy tube toffee Nivea care gloss and shine (pink tube)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hauling !!!

Hey guys
I have to stop buying things I swear superdrug are going to ask me to move in or something I seem to spend all my time there anywayyyyy enough with the babbling here we go

I love ...... Cranberry celebration bath and shower gel - £2.05
is it bad I bought this purely because it was glittery :)
Superdrug sugar and spice self heating mask - £0.99
I love superdrugs face masks and I haven't tried this one yet it sounds like it will smell so good
Mua pro brow kit - £3.50
I've heard some good reviews about this I just hope it lives up to my expectations
Mua blushes in shade 1 + 3 - £1.00 each
Shade 1 is a gorgeous baby pink colour with a slight shimmer and shade 3 is a beautiful terracotta colour I love these blushes so pigmented and so cheap
Mua eyeliner pencil in Snow White - usually £1 but it was my third item in the three for 2
I'm sick of ending up with black liner under my eyes and looking like I've been punched so I'm going to try white fingers crossed
Barry m nail paints in amethyst glitter and black multi glitter- £2.99 each one free on the 3 for 2 offer
Glitter black Barry m what's not to like !!!
Primark Seam free cami top in ivory - £3.00
I love these and needed one for my nana and grandads wedding anniversary party tomorrow
Soo that's it I seem to be incapable of saving money I think I need therapy ahahaha
Hope you've all having a amazing weekend
Love cole xoxox

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lily Flame-Fairy dust review

Hey guys
Today im reviewing this gorgeous lily flame candle. I love all lily flame produts because they really make the whole house smell gorgeous so lets get on!
   lily flame fairy dust £8.50
So before we even get onto the scent let me describe my undying love for the packaging its sooo cute I just love it.
Onto the scent on the lily flame website the scent is described as "powdery, warm, sparkly and magical just like fairy dust". I kind of agree if you imagine fairy dust it probably does smell like this candle. I'm rubbish at describing scents but i would say it smells kind of like marshmallows and parma violets but in a grown up way rather than a sweet sticky way.
Overall I love this candle and I would recommend all of the lily flame products to anyone who loves strong smelling candles/reed diffusers/room mists. They are well worth the money and i would pay alot more for them!!
hope you enjoyed
cole xoxox

NOTD#3 Christmas cheer

Hey guys

This nail look really reminds me of Christmas the beautiful red wine colour is a Jessica polish called company crimson which came free in this months company magazine and the nude brown is essence cafe ole and a final note apologies for the awful looking cut on my hand I may have just stabbed myself with a screwdriver in dt!!!
Hope your having a good day
Lots of love cole xoxox

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My weekend routine

Hey guys
Today I'm writing about my weekend routine I'm not going to go to far into the products but I will give you a quick overview hope you enjoy :)

So lets start with the my night time
1. I remove my makeup with the boots cleansing milk I'm using this like a hot cloth cleanser until I have time to pick up the superdrug one.
2. I then remove any left over mascara with the clarins gentle eye make up remover and a superdrug oval cotton pad (I love these so much !!).
3. Then I use the super drug tea tree exfoliating wash this is so gentle so I use this 3 or 4 times a week.
4. Next I wash my hair with vo5 nourish me truly after that is washed out I comb through a blob (technical terms here;) ) of superdrug coconut and sweet almond conditioner (which smells beaut).
5. Then I use the body shop fuzzy peach shower gel and then the N spa jojoba and jasmine body polish on my legs.
6.when I get out the shower I apart a couple of sprays of the l'oreal kids tangle tamer which smells so sweet and lovely and then I wrap my hair in a towel.
7. Next I moisturise with garner 7 day moisture lotion for dry skin.
8. I then use the avene cleanance k cream gel for blemish prone skin (sample) and the boots essentials soothing eye gel.
9. Finally I spray myself with the natural collection body spray in passion fruit for a spritz of fruitiness :)

So after all that lot lets move onto the morning know I'm not sure if the pictures will end up at the bottom as I'm blogging from my I pad so yah noo not sure how it will turn out ;)

My morning routine is so much simpler
1. Firstly I wash my face with the clean and clear morning energy oil reduce face wash and apply the superdrug tea tree spot stick to any blemishes
2. I then moisturise with the N spa blueberry cream pie body butter and the asda young skin Matt finish moisturiser on my face
3. Then after letting the moisturiser soak in I wipe my face with a wipe, at the moment I'm using the spa deep cleansing facial wipes
4. Finally I spray myself with a bit of impulse at the moment I'm using goddess

Apologise for the huge amount of rambling I'm this post hope you enjoyed cole ;)

Top morning
bottom night

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Walking in a winter wonderland NOTD #2

just a quick wintery nail of the day here. I used revlon silver screen and a colour couture polish from bhs which I don't know the name of. i've been using lots of glitter these past few weeks and I'm starting to feel very Christmassy can't believe it's only 39 days :D

Hope you enjoyed cole xoxox

OPI Ger-minis collection

Hey guys
today i thought i'd share my love of this little collection with you :)

from right to left
dont pretzel my buttons
nein!nein!nein! ok fine!
unfor-greta-bly blue
suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs

I love all these polishes and am really glad i got them i payed £10.95 for them in duty free on the way back from germany but i have found them on the john lewis website for £12.95.
The colours are all beautiful heres how opi describe them....
dont pretzel my buttons
"a haute honey beige that can always make you smile"
nein!nein!nein! ok fine!
"a bodacious black olive? we say ja ja ja"
unfor-greta-bly blue  
"everyones favourite fraulein loves this uber shiny blue "
suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs
"the most beautiful bright purple of all"
my favourite shade out of these minis is definitaly suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs its so shiny :D  The only problem with these polishes is the brushes need i say anymore i mean i know there minis but there so tiny.
what do you think of this collection? let me know!
thanks for reading
cole xoxox

Sunday, November 11, 2012

mini haul!!!





glamour £2 free nails inc polish-elizibeth st
company £2 free jessica polish-company crimson (only available at whsmith)
dare magazine free
boots christmas gift guide free
nivea caramel cream lip butter £1.25 superdrug
wine gums around 50p
revlon silver screen £1 poundland
sally hansen scared scarlet £1
just a little bit of shopping hope you enjoyed cole xoxox

NOTD #1 glitter on glitter

hey guys
just a quick post i love this but it was a bitch to get of so i thought i'd do a notd is it just me or is it starting to feel really christmas.....
viola temple spa glitter and barry m rose quartz glitter
hope you enjoyed
cole xoxox

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

gift vouchers blogger challenge!!!

 Hey guys so I stumbled across this little gem of a challenge a couple of days ago and im very exited to publish this if you want to participate in the challenge click here
so the idea of this challenge was to pick 5 fashion related items that would make great christmas presents under £35
soooooo here goes......

My first pick are these gorgeous friendship braclets from not on the high street there so cute you can pick and choose the colours and charms on the bracelet. My favourite is definitely the hamsa hand charm. These are on the pricey side at £29.00 each but there so lovely i couldnt resist.

My next pick is this new look snood. I love getting knitwear for christmas, there just something satisfying about getting a new scarf in the winter. This is a bargain at £12.99.

I looooooove this next pick a debenhams onsie cant you just imagine sitting next to the christmas tree in this its making me feel christmasy just thinking about it and its only £25.00 :)
This asos dress is so lovely it would look great with knitted tights and some brown boots you can also get it in black i love the pattern and at £25.00 its practicaly stolen :)
My last pick is this amazing set of martini rings from topshop they are all really beautiful. I have to say I may have a small obsession with rings at the moment so i would literally jump for joy at these land in in my stocking :) these are £18.50 which i think is completly worth it.
hope you enjoyed this post
cole xoxox



Sunday, November 04, 2012

Holiday pictures #1


just a couple of snaps from my holiday to the very lovely but bloody freezing east coast  including some pumpkins we carved :)
hope you've had a good day
cole xoxox