Saturday, November 17, 2012

OPI Ger-minis collection

Hey guys
today i thought i'd share my love of this little collection with you :)

from right to left
dont pretzel my buttons
nein!nein!nein! ok fine!
unfor-greta-bly blue
suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs

I love all these polishes and am really glad i got them i payed £10.95 for them in duty free on the way back from germany but i have found them on the john lewis website for £12.95.
The colours are all beautiful heres how opi describe them....
dont pretzel my buttons
"a haute honey beige that can always make you smile"
nein!nein!nein! ok fine!
"a bodacious black olive? we say ja ja ja"
unfor-greta-bly blue  
"everyones favourite fraulein loves this uber shiny blue "
suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs
"the most beautiful bright purple of all"
my favourite shade out of these minis is definitaly suzi and the 7 dusseldorfs its so shiny :D  The only problem with these polishes is the brushes need i say anymore i mean i know there minis but there so tiny.
what do you think of this collection? let me know!
thanks for reading
cole xoxox


  1. Thanks for your comment in my blog. I follow you via GFC, Facebook and Blogloving, hope you will follow me back.

  2. Really nice colours! xoxo.

    1. I really. Love it there so wearable :)

  3. love these, very pretty colours



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