Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hauling !!!

Hey guys
I have to stop buying things I swear superdrug are going to ask me to move in or something I seem to spend all my time there anywayyyyy enough with the babbling here we go

I love ...... Cranberry celebration bath and shower gel - £2.05
is it bad I bought this purely because it was glittery :)
Superdrug sugar and spice self heating mask - £0.99
I love superdrugs face masks and I haven't tried this one yet it sounds like it will smell so good
Mua pro brow kit - £3.50
I've heard some good reviews about this I just hope it lives up to my expectations
Mua blushes in shade 1 + 3 - £1.00 each
Shade 1 is a gorgeous baby pink colour with a slight shimmer and shade 3 is a beautiful terracotta colour I love these blushes so pigmented and so cheap
Mua eyeliner pencil in Snow White - usually £1 but it was my third item in the three for 2
I'm sick of ending up with black liner under my eyes and looking like I've been punched so I'm going to try white fingers crossed
Barry m nail paints in amethyst glitter and black multi glitter- £2.99 each one free on the 3 for 2 offer
Glitter black Barry m what's not to like !!!
Primark Seam free cami top in ivory - £3.00
I love these and needed one for my nana and grandads wedding anniversary party tomorrow
Soo that's it I seem to be incapable of saving money I think I need therapy ahahaha
Hope you've all having a amazing weekend
Love cole xoxox

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  1. I got the black glitter nail polish the over day and it's lovely. The shower gel looks lovely too X

    Lucy Loves To Blog


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