Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lily Flame-Fairy dust review

Hey guys
Today im reviewing this gorgeous lily flame candle. I love all lily flame produts because they really make the whole house smell gorgeous so lets get on!
   lily flame fairy dust £8.50
So before we even get onto the scent let me describe my undying love for the packaging its sooo cute I just love it.
Onto the scent on the lily flame website the scent is described as "powdery, warm, sparkly and magical just like fairy dust". I kind of agree if you imagine fairy dust it probably does smell like this candle. I'm rubbish at describing scents but i would say it smells kind of like marshmallows and parma violets but in a grown up way rather than a sweet sticky way.
Overall I love this candle and I would recommend all of the lily flame products to anyone who loves strong smelling candles/reed diffusers/room mists. They are well worth the money and i would pay alot more for them!!
hope you enjoyed
cole xoxox


  1. I have this and the room spray, I'm a bit obsessed!

    1. I know they all smell so amazing I love the mango fandango reed diffusers it's a great summery scent :) x

  2. This is probably a favourite of mine, I just recently picked up the taller one. I love these candles!! x

  3. This candle is my all time favourite!!


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