Friday, November 30, 2012

What's on my bedside table?

Hey guys
Today you get to look at what's on my bedside table yay! I love posts like this and was low on ideas I'm hoping to do a Christmas wish list soon but I can only blog of my I pad because my computers broken (hence the bad quality pictures!) anyway hope you enjoy!!

On my bedside table I always keep a book, at the moment I'm reading "where rainbows end" by cecelia ahern it's a amazing book I love it. I won't go into to much detail but if you would like a review let me know. I also always have my zebra print notebook on hand. The lamp is from ikea and is on of my favourite room accessories the pattern creates such a pretty shadow on the wall. My gorgeous elephant is from store 21 and the duck was bought for me as a jokey present at Easter. I keep my favourite perfume lipstick and chewing gun on there so they are easy to grab the perfume is essence like a first day of spring, the lipstick is wet and wild copper dust and the chewing gum is extra for kids strawberry and banana. Unfortunately you can't buy any of these in the uk and when they run out I don't know what I will do. The other items I keep on my bedside table are my tv remote, a couple of decorative candles my camera a cute dinosaur money box (because I'm immature ) and a photo of me and my brother when we were really small! So in conclusion I really need to have less stuff on my little table ahaha anyways i hope you enjoyed and again I'm sorry for the bad picture quality and long ramblieness hope you enjoyed
Cole xoxox

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