Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Top 5 lip glosses

Hey guys
Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple of days we have had no Internet :,( so just a little note I'm not a huge gloss fan don't get me wrong i like them and I used to use them all the time but now I much prefer a good lipstick so this was pretty hard for me anyways let's get started !!!!
Left to right on the picture at the bottom

Gloss one best all rounder......
h&m blushing bride
This really does show that high end doesn't always win I got this gloss in Germany and paid 95 cents for it bargain it's so lovely good colour payoff not to sticky and the scent is lovely.

Gloss two best colour payoff.....
17 ultimate volume in the nude
Is it me or does this initially sound like a mascara ?? I love this it's incredibly pigmented and looks fabulous on the lips as for the plumping well that's not so good I hate plumping glosses (she says including 2 in her top five ) they never live up to my expectations :(

Gloss three most luxurious...
Temple spa lip treat magnifique
This gloss feels so luxurious this is meant to plump your lips and although it doesn't work it fells amazing on the lips. It is also not sticky and gorgeously glittery. It also smells minty and fresh lovely

Gloss four best all round choice..
Lancôme juicy tubes
These are so pretty they come in a good range of colours the one swatched below is the toffee one it smells good enough to eat! The thing I dislike about these is that there sooooo sticky it's unbelievable I would not purchase any more of these

And finally
Gloss five best care gloss
Nivea care gloss and shine
These have very little colour to them they just give a sheer wash of colour the one swatched below is the one on the pink tube (helpful ??ahahaha ) these leave the lips feeling beautifully nourished and healthy with a sheer colour wash and some shine.

Well if you got to the end congratulations
Hope you enjoyed cole xoxoxo

Left to right h&m blushing bride 17 in the nude temple spa magnifique Lancôme juicy tube toffee Nivea care gloss and shine (pink tube)

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