Monday, September 30, 2013

September Beauty top 5

Why hi there, I feel as though I've no written a proper rambly intro to one of my posts in so long so aren't you in for a treat. I just seem to have been so busy this month it's been crazy trying to get the house organised for my German exchange student. I am finishing my spending ban on Saturday so expect a rather large haul sometime in the next couple of weeks. Also I have two post ideas first of i'm going to BBC good food show in November so would you like to see pictures from that and the second is would you guys like to see a post about having a foreign exchange student and my experience both going to Germany and having an exchange student in my house! I could literally go on all day about tiny little completly unrelevant things but I will get on with the post........


                                        Occ lip tar in Not safe for work (NSFW) Here £11.50

I reviewed this little tube of pigmented magic Here The only problem I had with it is it bleeds but since writing the review i've discovered that it doesn't bleed at all when blotted. Its quite a dark vampy red so it's perfect for autumn! 

                                  Natural collection blushed cheeks in Sugar plum Here £1.99

This is such a pretty browny pink, it is just perfect for a completely natural barely there look. I will be popping up a more in depth review in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled for that!

                                            L'oreal matt and messy salt spray Here £3.75

I know I'm really really really late on the bandwagon with this one but I really love the look it gives to my hair, for me the perfect completely straight and shiny and sleek hair just doesn't work I just look stupid so I like to backcomb my hair a lot and this really does just finish it! 

                                    Essence stay all day cream eyeshadow in Coppy right

This pot of wonderful gold shimmery loveliness is something I picked up when I went to Germany and I think it was about 3 euros and its so darn pretty. I've been wearing this everyday including for school because it's beautifully sheer. I love how subtle it is and the lasting power is amazing, I may even cry when it runs out. 

                                                    Essie nail polish in Fiji Here £7.99

This is such a gorgeous colour I've been loving using wearing this lately even though it's not very season appropriate its just soooooo pretty! 

 So that's it the things I've been loving this month, I hope you enjoyed this post.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Rediscovered and Reviewed #1 - Essence stay all day long lastingeyeshadow in Coppy Right

I've come to the conclusion that brands should be more considerate to bloggers when they design their packaging! Photographing mirrored packaging = a absolute bloody nightmare! #Bloggerproblems.

So I've decided to make posts like these more often, I know some people are funny about reviewing a product that has already been used but I think sometimes it's great as you have a really set opinion on the product. So in this series I'm going to be chatting about products I've rediscovered and I'm loving again. 

So the first product in this series is a cream eyeshadow I've become obsessed lately I just love how you don't have to mess around there just so quick and easy!


First things first these are nothing like the Maybelline colour tattoos. I love both products but they are polar opposites. This one is incredibly light and goes on quite sheer. It leaves a lovely coppery shimmer on the lid which can be built up. The formula is amazing they are quite wet so they glide onto the eyelids. The lasting power is amazing I've worn these for 10 hours straight and there has been no creasing at all!


Good points.... 
 Long lasting 
 Incredibly light 
 Good colour 
 Glides onto the lids 

 Bad points.... 
 Very sheer (Not a problem for me but for some people it could be) 

 So that's it for today  hope you enjoyed this post 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Branching out - Pink eye shadows

             Shade 24 - Shade 25

              Shade 24 - Shade 25 
Shade 24 has come out much more         brown it's a lot more pinky!

 Well this is one thing I never thought I would be writing, if your a regular reader you will know that I only ever wear neutrals on my eyes I prefer a bright lip. But after watching a couple of youtube tutorials using mac cranberry I decided I wanted to try something pink but £12 seemed a little steep, considering I may never use it again so I popped into superdrug to look at the mua stand. I picked up two pinky shades. 

First is Shade 24, its a beautiful pinky lilac with lots of shimmer it's great all over lid with a dark brown added to the crease. The second Shade 25 is a lot more daring it is a gorgeous darkened pink with a gold shimmer in it. It looks great in the crease with both Shade 24 and with w.o.s/naked 2 from the naked basics.  

As always these are fantastic quality and blend beautifully and ridiculously cheap. If your looking into branching out with colour a little I'd really recommend checking out MUA. I'm thinking maybe a bright blue eyeliner next! 

 I hope you've all had a fab week

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hi lovelies,

 People in general tend to have this misconception that mental illnesses, whether it be anxiety, depression, schizophrenia etc. are all something to be embarassed about, something to sweep under the bed and to try and ignore. However, you're not alone, frighteningly, 1 in 4 people will suffer from mental illness in a year. Mental illnesses, when left to manifest will strip a person of their personalities, and leave you feeling as if you're a shell of your former self. This is why it's important to raise awareness of mental health, to let people know they're not alone and always have someone to talk to. #GettingArtyForAnxiety is a way of expressing your own personalities, and to raise awareness for mental illness whether you're a sufferer yourself, or a family member.

 So we where asked to create some nail art to show our personalities or just something positive, so here's what I came up with


I used..... 
 Sinful colours 24/7 
 Seventeen Nightshade 
 Barry M Pink sapphire glitter 
 Rio nail art pens Black and White


So the theory behind this was that sometimes life is good and it feels amazing and sometimes its bad and you feel like it has no meaning. But in the end there's something nice and lovely and glittery! I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love for you to pop over to molly's blog Here

Monday, September 23, 2013

Calvin Klein tempting glimmer sheer creme eyeshadow - Sheer nectar

Now many of you will not agree with me but when I see higher end makeup in the poundshop I always have a nosey, it's my inner bargain hunter. I paid £1 for a product with the value of £15.50, things don't get much better than that. The Calvin Klein makeup range has always intrigued me so I decided to pick something up. I've decided to add a summary at the end of each of my reviews, let me know if that's something you'd like me to keep doing!


This is probably one of the smallest pots of cream shadow I've ever seen, I would never ever pay £15.50 for it. That aside I quite like this product, first of I love the packaging. I like how the colour of the lid is the same as the shadow. Moving on from packaging I quite like this product. It's really creamy and blends really well. I find it nice to use it as a base but it also works on it's own to create a subtle eye look. In terms of wear I find this lasts around the 6-8 hour mark but once it starts to crease it creases like crazy! 

 The good points... 

 Beautiful colour 

 Nice packaging 

 Not to shimmery 

 Lasts around 6-8 hours 

 The bad points...

 Only 2.5g of product 

 Once it starts to crease there's no going back

 Overall I probably wouldn't buy this again I'd recommend it if you see it in the poundshop but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it! I hope you found this post helpful

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday wishlist - Ipad cases.

This weeks wishlist was going to be a jumper wishlist but when browsing the ted baker website I came across the I pad cases and decided to do a Ipad case wishlist this week. So on with the post... 

1. Cath Kidston king street rose Ipad sleeve £30.00 How cute is this! I love anything Cath Kidston and they've got some gorgeous prints at the moment. 

2. Kate spade green spotty zipper case £39.95 Oh my this is just so pretty I love the colour and if you haven't managed to work it out I love anything with a spotty print!  

3.  Micheal kors black leather sleeve £59.95 This may be the most ridiculous price for an Ipad case but it is beautiful (is that a good enough excuse to buy it) I love the little bit of rose gold its just so pretty. 

4.  Ted Baker light pink bow tablet case £39.00 Me and my auntie are so obsessed over these they are so sophisticated and grown up, I just love it! 

 So that's it I hope you enjoyed reading me ramble about Ipad cases.


Monday, September 16, 2013

The LFW tag!

So the lovely Tolly from tagged me in this awesome tag she created so lets see my answers....

Have you ever been to a Fashion Week before?: 
No but I will go (one day!) 

If you could go to a Fashion Week, which one would you go to and which season?: I would love to go to London but the ultimate dream is to go to New York! In terms of seasons it really doesn't bother me! 

What designer’s show would you most like to go to?: 
Julian McDonald hands down I love that man!! 

Would you rather be ‘FROW’ (Front Row) or would you rather take the back seat?: 
FROW definitely my theory is go big or go home!!  

If you were able to work at LFW, who would you rather be - A designer, a model, the press, a VIP, or someone backstage?:

I'd love to be a makeup artist behind the scenes it would be amazing.

Sometimes you can get invites to the after ‘part-ays’, but you are only allowed to meet one model, one designer and one VIP/celebrity, in person. Who would you like to meet?: 
Cara Delevingne, Julian McDonald and probably Jessica alba she's so gorgeous 

For your Fashion Week trip, you can take 5 items, for example a camera etc. What would be your essentials?:
Lipstick (of course I'm a beauty blogger I had to get the word lipstick in somewhere), a pair of flat shoes, a notebook, my camera and some sort of painkiller (I will not let a headache ruin my day) 

And finally, of course the obvious question. What will you wear?: 
Oh golly I have NO idea of the top of my head I'd say bright trousers black blazer and a white shirt! 

So that's it I hope you've enjoyed my answers check Tolly's blog out and your all tagged drop me a comment if you do/have done this tag. 


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday best - Rimmel

So I finally came up with a name for this series *YAY* Today's focus brand is Rimmel, they have really stepped up their game recently and I've been loving some of their new releases. With me being on a spending ban I'm waiting to try the stay matte blushes and the scandal eyes shadow paints/pencils!


Match perfection foundation £6.99 I really love this foundation its really light and dewy and it's so pale. I find this lasts quite well on my oily skin which is a big bonus! Its also got an SPF of 18.     

Lasting finish blush in Santa rose £3.99 These are so cheap and so beautiful. This is such a lovely natural peach with a slight shimmer. There pigment is not overly crazy but they build up really nicely. 

Scandal eyes waterproof kohl pencil in black £3.99 Again these are just fab super pigmented super blendable and super waterproof.

Stay glossy lip gloss in stay my rose. £6.29 This is such a pretty gloss and it lasts about 2 hours which for a high street/drugstore gloss is bloody incredible! This is also a really subtle rosy colour perfect for school. 

Apocalips lip lacquer in apocaliptic £6.49 I have a love hate relatioship when I picked it up I loved the colour but I hated the fact that it bleed so badly but then when I thought about it I'd never tried blotting it so I tried that a couple of days ago and it lasts forever! (THIS MAY BE A SLIGHT EXAGGERATION! ;) )

and finally... Kate Moss lasting finish lipstick in 02 £5.49 This is the lipstick version of Apocaliptic and I love it! It lasts for so long. Its fab!!

So that's it... I hope you all had a good weekend!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Guest post - The No7 Autumn colour edit.

Hola! Today I have a guest from the lovely rebecca from Ohkalukalay enjoy! xxx


Hello to all you fabulous lovelies out there, I'm Rebecca, and the lovely Nicole has asked me to write a guest post on her blog, and who am I to say no? I'm a great fan of sharing newly discovered beauty products, and that's exactly what this post is today. It's all about two fabulous products that I'm going to be wearing this Autumn when the weather gets a bit colder (saying that, I did have the heating on yesterday... slippery slope, yes? Haha). I've been waiting a good while for Autumn to arrive, as for me, it's all about bold brows, bold lips and flushed cheeks, either separately or all together, and these two products definitely tick two of those boxes.


So, let's begin with this gorgeous lip crayon. I feel that No7 are really bringing it with their products these days (if you follow my blog, i'm sure you'll know i'm all about the No7 lipsticks) and this crayon is no exception. It's glossy, pigmented, not exactly creamy, but not drying either, or really very sticky. I hate gloopy, stickiness on my lips as somehow my hair always gets stuck to it, and it just ends badly. This however, is nothing like the horrible gloopy hair debacle. This is actually really lovely. The crayon isn't as thick as others that you can get from Revlon etc, it's thinner, and the actual products seems more moisturising than others, which is a huge plus from me. It's super easy to apply, and can be blended with a finger to give a more subtle colour, something similar to 'i've just been rubbing my lips together' kind of look, which I really like. It lasts for a good few hours before reapplying, and I find that it fades quite evenly, which is always a worry for me.

Our next product is what No7 call a Blush Tint and is very similar to the Revlon Baby Stick that they brought out in the summer, the difference here is that the colour payoff with No7 is a lot greater, and less.. I don't know, shiny? There was something quite sheer and shiny about the Revlon Crayon, which is perfect for summer, but for winter? Nope. A bit not good. This crayon is seriously pigmented, to the point where i would not actively put it on my face straight from the stick. I put it on my hand, then dab it on with my fingers, and then blend with a brush. Otherwise, it can look like you've just gone for a run, or it's really, really cold... and it's not that cold, so maybe it would look a bit odd for this time of year? It's creamy, so can be blended very well, and is very buildable, if the first flush of colour wasn't enough for you. For pale skinned beauties, I'd apply this sparingly, as I've found, it can give a 'too flushed' look.


So here are two of my No7 picks for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season, which I am very excited about. I just want to thank Nicole for letting me guest post, as it's such an exciting experience (: and I hope that you've all enjoyed reading this, if so, I'd love for you to let me know, and to check out my blog, which can be found here at ohkalukalay. What products are you coveting this A/W? Are you going to be rocking a bold lip? Or perhaps a flushed cheek? Let me know (: xx


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wednesday wishlist - New look

1. Cameo rose daisy print jumper. £17.99 I am so drawn to daises I don't know why I am but I saw this in the shop and I fell in love. 

 2. Red tartan skater skirt £14.99 I have no idea how I would style it but I love it so much I just seem to be attracted to tartan as well. 

 3. Black leather look biker jacket. £39.99 I'm on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket and I really like this one. 

 4. Black cut out panel boots. £24.99 OOOOOh are these boots not just the most beautiful boots ever if I don't pick these up before Christmas their going on my list! 

 5. Acid wash skinny jeans £22.99 I really like these I think they would look great with the boots and the daisy print jumper!  

6. Teal Chicago baseball tee. £14.99 I really like this they also do it in a burgundy and a red. I just think these would be super comfy for around the house.

 So that's it for this weeks Wednesday wishlist.


Monday, September 09, 2013

Review - Essence all about cupcake

Essence All about cupcake $2.99 

Now I didn't actually buy this in the us I bought it in Germany but I couldn't find the European price anywhere. I love this lipstick its super creamy and its such a subtle girly colour. I thought it was quite similar to natural collection rosebud but in fact its a lot sheerer and a lot lighter. It's a very sheer glossy pink with a slight orange tinge to it. this really is the perfect your lips but better colour. This is so moisturizing and glossy so it looks great even when your lips are drier than the Sahara desert. 

Overall if you get the chance to pick this up wether you live where you can get essence or travel to somewhere they are 

So that's it a nice short review, Have you ever tried Essence?

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Best of the brand #1 Mua

Hey lovelies, So for the next few sunday's instead of my sum up post I'm going to be doing a Best of the brand series. The sunday sum up posts haven't been as popular as I liked so I'm thinking of writing one a month rather than one a week. What do you think? So I'm not going to ramble on anymore on to the post....


Swatches Left to Right - Lipstick Shade 16 Nectar - Power pout Justify - Single eyeshadow Shade 28 - Mosaic blush English rose - Eyeshadow trio Innocence - Pro base conceal and brighten kit Porcelain beige (Lightest concealer and the cream highlight/blush) 

 Lipstick - Shade 16 nectar £1 Here. I reviewed this Here. I love the colour of this it's a beautiful toned down bright orange. Although this can be a little drying and the wear time isn't amazing for £1 it's still a complete bargain! 

Power pout - Justify £3 Here. I have also reviewed this Here. This is a very pinky orange. Its super minty and moisturizing. This is probably one of my favourite Mua products ever! 

Eyeshadow single - Shade 28 £1 Here. I really cannot believe these are only £1, I used to have more shades but they were all silly colours that I would never wear so I got rid of them, although I really need to get a few more neutral shades there so beautiful and creamy.  

Mosaic blush - English rose £2.50 Here. I featured this in a disappointing products but when I rediscovered it about a month ago I just cant get my head around why I didn't like it! It makes a beautiful shimmery highlight although it can be built up to enough intensity for a blush. 

Eyeshadow trio - Innocence £2.50 Here. The pigment in this bad boy is just ridiculous, the swatches above are me running my finger over the small domes twice. These blend so beautifully and last for a good 8-10 hours. They are such a bargain!  

Pro base conceal and brighten kit - Porcelain beige £3.50 Here. I love this kit for redness and blemishes, the coverage is high and they blend seamlessly into the skin. You get a lighter yellow toned concealer and a darker pink toned concealer and then you also get a baby pink/peach highlight which can be used as a blush if its built up. This is such a great product for travel as it is so compact. The only thing I would say is that I prefer the black Mua packaging to the white, it stays much cleaner. 

Nail polish - Bold blue £1 Here. This is such a pretty colour I wore it quite a lot over the summer I find it lasts probably 2 days tops but for £1 who cares!!! 

 So that's it my first best of the brand post out of the way. What do you think of Mua products? What are your favourites?

Friday, September 06, 2013

Get to know me tag!

Over the past couple of months my blog has grown so much and I have gained almost 450 followers (GFC and bloglovin' combined) I thought I'd do a tag and tell you lovely people a bit about me. I hope you enjoy.... 


 Vital Stats:
 Name: Nicole 
Nicknames: Cole 
 Place of Birth: Stockport 
 Occupation: Student 

Hair colour: Red 
 Eye colour: Bright blue 
 Braces: Yep and I love them 
 Righty of Lefty: Righty 

Film: Angus thongs and perfect snogging (Ahhhh memories) and The little mermaid 
 TV Show: New girl and the great British bake off 
 Colour: Purple!!! 
 Song: Sleeping with sirens ft MGK – Alone 
 Restaurant: There’s a little Italian restaurant in chapel and its amazing!! 
Store: Boots, Topshop and New look 
Book: Miranda hart is it just me? And Lauren Conrad beauty 
Magazine: Elle, Glamour or Company 
 Shoes: Converse or Vans I can’t decide

Single or Taken: Single 
Eating: Nothing 
Listening to: Youtube videos 
 Thinking about: What to write 
Watching: Nothing 
 Wearing: My h&m spotty skater skirt and my dad’s Eminem shirt! 

 Future: Want 
Children: Yep! 
Want to be married: Yess! 
Careers in mind: Chef or something in the beauty world!
 Where do you want to live: London or paris 

 Do you believe in: 
Miracles: Yes 
Love at first sight: No, because then you are just falling in love because of their appearance which is shallow and not real love! 
Ghosts: Nope
 Aliens: Nope
 Soul Mates: Yep 
Heaven: Not sure
 Yourself: Most of the time!

 13 Questions Tag The Questions:

 1. What do you order at Starbucks? I've never been to Starbucks *Hangs head in shame* 

 2. What's one thing in your Closet/Wardrobe that you cannot live without? My skater skirts and my jack wills jumpers 

 3. What's one thing that most people probably wouldn't know about you? I have a disability called Hip Dysplasia so I limp alot when I get tired and I’m also terrified of birds and those people that dress up all in gold and silver and hand out lollies (Does anyone know what I mean?) 

 4. Name one thing that you want to do before you die See Niagara Falls!

 5. What's one food that you cannot live without? Ice cream 

 6. What quote/phrase do you live your life by? If a man whistles at you don’t turn around you’re a woman not a dog. 

 7. What is your Blog about? Mainly beauty with a little fashion and lifestyle sprinkled in. 

 8. What's your number one most listened to song on iTunes? I have no idea! 

 9. What kind of style would you define yourself as having? Monochrome and grunge! 

 10. Favorite number 3 because I was born on 3/3 at 3.13am 

 11. Two hobbies Blogging and baking 

 12. Two pet peeves People who lie to make themselves popular I don’t even wan’t to talk about this it really winds me up! People who make other people feel miserable another quote I live by is if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all so again this is pretty self explanatory! 

 13. What do you toppings do you order on your pizza? I love Hawaiian (Ham,pineapple and mushrooms) 

 I would love you to let me know if you do/have done this tag

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #5 Vamp it up!

1. Max factor mulberry 

 How amazing are all of these lipsticks, my favourites out of these 7 are probably Mac cyber and Look beauty Berry vamp. Since #bbloggers chat on sunday I've been obsessing over vampy lipsticks. I need to get me some. What Vampy lipsticks do you guys like? Do you like vampy lipsticks at all? Let me know :)


Monday, September 02, 2013

August Beauty top 5

Well this month seems to have been the month of me loving pink things. This month I've been prefering a much more toned down makeup, with the weather been so hot I just couldn't be bothered so iv'e been reaching for some of my old favourites. 

 First off I have this beautiful chanel nail polish in the shade 217 Splendeur, a quick google of this product tells me that it has been discontinued which is such a shame as it is such a beautiful shade its a very dark bright pink with a slight blue undertone. 
 Next is the Natural collection vanilla body spray £1.99. This is a beautiful sweet smell, it's not for everyone my mum hates it but me and my best friend love it. 
 Next is a old trusty of mine its the natural collection lipstick in rose bud £1.99. This lipstick is ridiculously cheap its such a pretty natural colour and I love the finish and how moisturizing it is. The only thing I'm not a fan of is the packaging its a little flimsy. 
 Fourth up is this Argan oil Hair treatment 99p. I picked this up from home bargains not expecting much but I really like it its really helped tame frizz and has made my hair really shiny!
 Finally is this Dainty doll blush, I just love the way this shines in the sun it really is beautiful. The colour is just perfect for a natural makeup day.

 So that's it what have you lovely people been loving this month?


Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday sum up - 1st September

Hey guys, 

 apologies for the absence of SSU in the past two weeks. I have been on holiday therefore missed the two sundays as I was away. 

 So in the past two weeks I've been on holiday to abersoch which is one of my favourite places ever, we had an amazing time and my lovely parents also bought me a baby blue jack wills jumper Yay! It's also been my Nana and Grandad's ruby wedding anniversary so we went out for a lovely meal at the cock in whaley bridge, I had a burger and eton mess the food there is amazing I highly recommend it. 

In other news yesterday was exactly a month till my beautiful German exchange partner Theresa I'm sooooo excited. I literally cannot wait to give her my beauty swap box of her and get mine. Would you guys like to see a post about what she bought me?

 So lets sum this Sunday up.... 

 This past couple of weeks I've been   

Listening to.... Rizzle kicks young generation its so catchy I love it!    

Watching.... I've been loving the new series of midwives on BBC it's such a heartwarming show.    

Reading.... My secret sister by Jenny Lee Smith and Helen Edwards this book is just amazing, it's the story of two sisters finding each other. Its just fabulous I highly recommend it to anyone.   

Playing.... Jelly splash this ones just as addictive as candy crush. I need help :/   

Loving.... My new jack wills jumper and the fact we are getting into autumn.    

Buying.... School supplies :(    

Blogging about.... 
and last but not least What is getting arty for anxiety? 

 What have you lovely lot been up to recently?