Friday, September 13, 2013

Guest post - The No7 Autumn colour edit.

Hola! Today I have a guest from the lovely rebecca from Ohkalukalay enjoy! xxx


Hello to all you fabulous lovelies out there, I'm Rebecca, and the lovely Nicole has asked me to write a guest post on her blog, and who am I to say no? I'm a great fan of sharing newly discovered beauty products, and that's exactly what this post is today. It's all about two fabulous products that I'm going to be wearing this Autumn when the weather gets a bit colder (saying that, I did have the heating on yesterday... slippery slope, yes? Haha). I've been waiting a good while for Autumn to arrive, as for me, it's all about bold brows, bold lips and flushed cheeks, either separately or all together, and these two products definitely tick two of those boxes.


So, let's begin with this gorgeous lip crayon. I feel that No7 are really bringing it with their products these days (if you follow my blog, i'm sure you'll know i'm all about the No7 lipsticks) and this crayon is no exception. It's glossy, pigmented, not exactly creamy, but not drying either, or really very sticky. I hate gloopy, stickiness on my lips as somehow my hair always gets stuck to it, and it just ends badly. This however, is nothing like the horrible gloopy hair debacle. This is actually really lovely. The crayon isn't as thick as others that you can get from Revlon etc, it's thinner, and the actual products seems more moisturising than others, which is a huge plus from me. It's super easy to apply, and can be blended with a finger to give a more subtle colour, something similar to 'i've just been rubbing my lips together' kind of look, which I really like. It lasts for a good few hours before reapplying, and I find that it fades quite evenly, which is always a worry for me.

Our next product is what No7 call a Blush Tint and is very similar to the Revlon Baby Stick that they brought out in the summer, the difference here is that the colour payoff with No7 is a lot greater, and less.. I don't know, shiny? There was something quite sheer and shiny about the Revlon Crayon, which is perfect for summer, but for winter? Nope. A bit not good. This crayon is seriously pigmented, to the point where i would not actively put it on my face straight from the stick. I put it on my hand, then dab it on with my fingers, and then blend with a brush. Otherwise, it can look like you've just gone for a run, or it's really, really cold... and it's not that cold, so maybe it would look a bit odd for this time of year? It's creamy, so can be blended very well, and is very buildable, if the first flush of colour wasn't enough for you. For pale skinned beauties, I'd apply this sparingly, as I've found, it can give a 'too flushed' look.


So here are two of my No7 picks for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season, which I am very excited about. I just want to thank Nicole for letting me guest post, as it's such an exciting experience (: and I hope that you've all enjoyed reading this, if so, I'd love for you to let me know, and to check out my blog, which can be found here at ohkalukalay. What products are you coveting this A/W? Are you going to be rocking a bold lip? Or perhaps a flushed cheek? Let me know (: xx



  1. I have the No7 crayon on my wishlist at the moment, I love this colour! I haven't seen the blush tints before, definitely need to give one a try- looks like the perfect autumn blush x

  2. Lovely colours for this time of year, I am no where near brave enough to wear a colour like this!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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