Monday, September 30, 2013

September Beauty top 5

Why hi there, I feel as though I've no written a proper rambly intro to one of my posts in so long so aren't you in for a treat. I just seem to have been so busy this month it's been crazy trying to get the house organised for my German exchange student. I am finishing my spending ban on Saturday so expect a rather large haul sometime in the next couple of weeks. Also I have two post ideas first of i'm going to BBC good food show in November so would you like to see pictures from that and the second is would you guys like to see a post about having a foreign exchange student and my experience both going to Germany and having an exchange student in my house! I could literally go on all day about tiny little completly unrelevant things but I will get on with the post........


                                        Occ lip tar in Not safe for work (NSFW) Here £11.50

I reviewed this little tube of pigmented magic Here The only problem I had with it is it bleeds but since writing the review i've discovered that it doesn't bleed at all when blotted. Its quite a dark vampy red so it's perfect for autumn! 

                                  Natural collection blushed cheeks in Sugar plum Here £1.99

This is such a pretty browny pink, it is just perfect for a completely natural barely there look. I will be popping up a more in depth review in the next couple of days so keep your eyes peeled for that!

                                            L'oreal matt and messy salt spray Here £3.75

I know I'm really really really late on the bandwagon with this one but I really love the look it gives to my hair, for me the perfect completely straight and shiny and sleek hair just doesn't work I just look stupid so I like to backcomb my hair a lot and this really does just finish it! 

                                    Essence stay all day cream eyeshadow in Coppy right

This pot of wonderful gold shimmery loveliness is something I picked up when I went to Germany and I think it was about 3 euros and its so darn pretty. I've been wearing this everyday including for school because it's beautifully sheer. I love how subtle it is and the lasting power is amazing, I may even cry when it runs out. 

                                                    Essie nail polish in Fiji Here £7.99

This is such a gorgeous colour I've been loving using wearing this lately even though it's not very season appropriate its just soooooo pretty! 

 So that's it the things I've been loving this month, I hope you enjoyed this post.



  1. love the blushers from NC and i want to try a salt spray!

    great post,
    zofia xo

  2. I have the salt spray and just can't get it to work for me, boo! :( great post!

    1. try spraying it on your hands then running you hands through your hair that's what works for me xx


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