Sunday, September 01, 2013

Sunday sum up - 1st September

Hey guys, 

 apologies for the absence of SSU in the past two weeks. I have been on holiday therefore missed the two sundays as I was away. 

 So in the past two weeks I've been on holiday to abersoch which is one of my favourite places ever, we had an amazing time and my lovely parents also bought me a baby blue jack wills jumper Yay! It's also been my Nana and Grandad's ruby wedding anniversary so we went out for a lovely meal at the cock in whaley bridge, I had a burger and eton mess the food there is amazing I highly recommend it. 

In other news yesterday was exactly a month till my beautiful German exchange partner Theresa I'm sooooo excited. I literally cannot wait to give her my beauty swap box of her and get mine. Would you guys like to see a post about what she bought me?

 So lets sum this Sunday up.... 

 This past couple of weeks I've been   

Listening to.... Rizzle kicks young generation its so catchy I love it!    

Watching.... I've been loving the new series of midwives on BBC it's such a heartwarming show.    

Reading.... My secret sister by Jenny Lee Smith and Helen Edwards this book is just amazing, it's the story of two sisters finding each other. Its just fabulous I highly recommend it to anyone.   

Playing.... Jelly splash this ones just as addictive as candy crush. I need help :/   

Loving.... My new jack wills jumper and the fact we are getting into autumn.    

Buying.... School supplies :(    

Blogging about.... 
and last but not least What is getting arty for anxiety? 

 What have you lovely lot been up to recently?

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