Friday, August 30, 2013

#gettingartyforanxiety what is it?

Hey guys and gals,

Today I'm talking to you about this amazing project I'm being involved in. The wonderful Molly from decided it was time to get the blogging world talking about anxiety and mental health issues. 

So the idea of the project is to create a nail art design reflecting your personality, the design should have a meaning behind it for example the perfectly straight lines are because I like things to be organised or random spots of rainbow colours because I'm a bit quirky. I won't go into to much detail but the link to Molly's post is

For me this is something close to home as my great grandma suffered from depression and anxiety all her life, anxiety also effects me its something that so many people suffer silently so we need to start shouting about it! 

I really hope you get involved, if your interested Molly is waiting for your tweets and will be happy to explain in full detail what the project is about. 

I really hope you lovely people get involved 

Au revoir 

Cole xoxo

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