Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday sum up #2


 Not much to report on this week its been pretty uneventful, its now less than a week till I go on holiday to abersoch which I am looking forward to. I've also decided to set myself a little post schedule. Tuesdays will be anything I fancy, Wednesdays will be a wishlist post, Fridays will be anything I fancy and Sundays will be my weekly sum up post. I may not always stick to this and post something else rather than a wishlist or my sum up, but i'm hoping it will keep me a little more organised. 

 In terms of my mini spending ban I have bought nothing at all this whole week (Go me)! Although I was very tempted by the new MUA cheek tints (even if they are endorsed by one direction). so that's it for the chat 

  This week I've been

Listening to .... Pierce the veil bulls in the bronx and sleeping sirens Alone 

  Watching .... Britain and Ireland's next top model

  Reading .... Still reading Call the midwife by Jennifer Worth 

 Playing .... Hill climb 

 Loving .... Topshop eye crayon in mystical 

Buying .... Nothing!! Go me 

Instagraming ....

Refreshers ice lolly 

And my Christmas list 


  1. You've got such cute handwriting! xx

  2. This is a nice little list! I've been meaning to watch Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model but never had the time. :( too much blogging, haha

    Beauty from the Fjord

  3. Love refresher lollies :) and keeping a christmas list through the year is such a good idea! I keep mine on my phone and add to it when I see something I like :)

    Katie xx | Katies World

    1. I find if I leave it till Christmas I end up having no ideas at all hehe xx


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