Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday sum up #1

Hello lovelies, so I decided to add a little more lifestyle into my blog so on a sunday I will be writing a chatty post. I can't 100% promise you one of these posts but I will try my best! 

 Sunday sum up #1 

 So it's the second week of the summer hols and I'm already beginning to get bored. I'm counting down the days till were of to Abersoch (in wales) and I'm praying for good weather. After the recent spell of amazing weather I'm still wearing my shorts and skirts and I'm not letting the weather beat my summer fun!  

In other news I'm now on a spending ban till my friend from Germany arrives (58 Days :D) I have now completly finished shopping for her swap package which I have mentioned in various other posts and I'm excited to give it to her, I will post about what she got me when I get it. 

 This week I've been 

Listening to .... Lana Del Rey Diet mountain dew and Lolita. Fall Out Boy Death Valley 
Watching .... CSI re-runs on sky on demand
Reading .... Call the midwife by Jennifer Worth    
Playing .... Candy crush seriously I'm addicted 
Loving .... Seventeen Backlash mascara 
Buying .... Natural collection body sprays, Tea tree cleanser and toner and Foaming face wash from superdrug, Grey socks with sparkle Eye crayon in mystical and a tiny floral N necklace from the topshop sale.   
Blogging about ....  OCC lip tar in NSFW, July beauty top 5 and Summer makeup essentials 
Instagraming ....

So that's it my first Sunday sum up post. 

I hope you've all had a fab week, 



  1. lol everyone's talking about candy crush! I still have no idea what it is!
    Hannah :) x

    Love, Life, and Makeup Blog/Twitter/Pinterest

    1. I'd highly advise you not to get it it's addictive xx


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