Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #2 Yankee candles

Aloha! I love candles, I love the way they look especially Yankee's so I decided to show you some of the things I am lusting over from the Yankee website.

 1. Bucket sampler holder £2.55 These are so cute I can just imagine having about 5 on my window sill and having the candles in them lit at night. (ahhhh how peaceful) 

 2. Cream petal wax tart burner £4.99 I really want a wax tart burner I just love how they look this is currently on sale. I've heard that some people have the problem of the tarts spitting so I thought this one is a little deeper than some. 

 3. Red velvet cupcake large jar £19.49 This is probably one of my favourite yankee scents, I'm a sucker for sweet smells. 

 4. 10 food and spice wax tarts (mixed) £9.60 I love the idea of this, I like to stick to a couple of scents but I can see this helping me try a variety of scents. 

 5. Salted caramel wax tart £1.20 Like I said before I'm a sucker for sweet foody smells and this just sounds perfect. 

 6. 3 small jars fruit £17.50 I love the way the little jars look and again I like this because it can help you try a variety of scents. 

 7. Strawberry buttercream wax tart £1.20 Oh look its another sweet smelling one. This is another of my favourite yankee scents it's very sweet but not sickly.

 So that's it. 

 Do you guys enjoy yankee candles, whats your favourite scent?



  1. Burning my red velvet right now aha!

    Good post!
    Zofia xo



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