Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Beauty from aldi?

Hello lovelies, 

 You are more than likely questioning the title, if your in the Uk you will know that Aldi is a low price supermarket that also sells everything from bike helmets to cosmetics. Walking through aldi doing the food shop with my nana I had no idea they sold makeup but as we were browsing my nana pointed it out to me. Of course me being the loyal blogger I am had to pick some up to review for you lovely lot.


  Lacura Beauty Lipstick in Classic red £1.99    Lacura Beauty Lipgloss in Flamingo £1.99

So starting of with the lipgloss, I was intrigued by this with the aldi we were in having no testers (one of my pet peves) I just had to guess and cross my fingers that they would be good shades for me. So I decided the safest option was a bright pink. I really like the packaging it looks more expensive than £1.99 when compared to the natural collection glosses which are the same price. Colour payoff is mediocre but it is nice and glossy and no to sticky.


The Lipstick is my favourite out of the two it's super pigmented, creamy and moisturizing. The colour is a beautiful orange toned red although it looks very pink in the photo. The finish is very similar to the original Rimmel Kate Moss range. I tend to lean towards more blue toned reds but I actually really like this one. It is a very classic red. Personally I think that they could price these at a good £5.00 and they would sell they are that good. I also love the packaging the shape reminds me of mac lipsticks and I just love the chrome effect.

 Have you ever tried Lacura Beauty? 


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  1. Wow, the lipstick is lovely! The color is amazing and what a great price!



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