Friday, August 30, 2013

#gettingartyforanxiety what is it?

Hey guys and gals,

Today I'm talking to you about this amazing project I'm being involved in. The wonderful Molly from decided it was time to get the blogging world talking about anxiety and mental health issues. 

So the idea of the project is to create a nail art design reflecting your personality, the design should have a meaning behind it for example the perfectly straight lines are because I like things to be organised or random spots of rainbow colours because I'm a bit quirky. I won't go into to much detail but the link to Molly's post is

For me this is something close to home as my great grandma suffered from depression and anxiety all her life, anxiety also effects me its something that so many people suffer silently so we need to start shouting about it! 

I really hope you get involved, if your interested Molly is waiting for your tweets and will be happy to explain in full detail what the project is about. 

I really hope you lovely people get involved 

Au revoir 

Cole xoxo

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #4 Asos beauty

Todays wishlist is a Asos beauty wishlist, I love surfing through asos when I have nothing to do. So without rambling to much I will get on with it!

1. Daniel sandler Brow brush £10.25 Here 

 2. Illamasqua Cream pigment in androgen £13.50 Here

3. Korres lip butter in wild rose £8.00 Here

4. Illamasqua lipstick in flare £16.50 Here 

 5. Nars love thrill gift set £31.50 Here

6. Steam cream maya tin £13.00 Here 

 7. Stila convertible colour trio in warm £23.00 Here 

 8. Ted baker bright pink makeup bag £22.00 Here 

 9. Tokyo milk let them eat cake lip balm £12.50 Here 

 and that's it a beauty wishlist from asos hope you enjoyed


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She's a vintage rose

Well I'm getting more inventive with my post titles :/ Today I have a face of day for you, on Sunday me and my family went out for a meal for my Nana and Grandads 40th wedding anniversary. We were in a huge rush to get out the door as we had only got back from Abersoch mere hours before so I didn't get time to take outfit pictures but I managed to get a few snaps of my makeup.
I now realize that there is absolutely no need for me to take such a close up picture. First of base wise I blended my Maybelline dream pure BB cream in light with my fingers then concealed with my Maybelline Fit me concealer in 15. I then powdered with the collection pressed powder in 18 ivory with my real techniques contour brush. For blush I dusted FashionistA juicy apricot lightly on the apples of my cheeks with the Eco tools blush brush. I then moved onto my eyes, first of I applied a thin layer if the Mua pro base eye primer on my lid and then blended up towards my eyebrow. Then taking the middle shade from my bourjois smoky eyes trio in rose vintage using my Eco tools eye blend brush all over the lid and then taking the darkest shade from the trio I used my Eco tools crease brush to blend it into the crease and blending. I then took The body shop carbon brown eye definer in my waterline and the seventeen backlash mascara on my top lashes. Finally for lips I took my old trusty Natural collection rose bud lipstick.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Review --- Topshop eye crayon in mystical.

This was such a bargain I popped into topshop last weekend and picked this up in the sale for £1, from what I've found on various blog posts that this retailed at £7.50. I don't know if you can still pick it up but my topshop seemed to have loads left. So onto the actual review... 

 The colour of this reminds me of the Maybelline colour tattoo in on and on bronze but with more gold. It's very creamy, glides onto the eyelid and blends really nicely. The shimmer is very finely milled and doesn't look to much. The lasting power is fantastic I find this lasts somewhere in the region of 6-8 hours without creaseing. If you can get your hands on this I would really highly recommend it, it really is a fantastic product. I cannot believe they have discontinued it :( 

 What do you guys think of the Topshop make up range? I'm definitely impressed


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #3 - Benefit


 another scheduled post for you today as I'm still on holiday. I've only tried a couple of benefit items but what I've tried I've loved so I thought I'd do a wish list. Enjoy...


                                                                   1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

1. Hervana Boxed blush £23.50 - You don't really hear much about this in the blogging world but the reviews I have read all sing its praises. 

 2. They're real mascara £19.50 - On the other hand this is probably one of the most blogged about products ever and every review I've read has said its amazing, I just don't know if I'm brave enough to fork out 20 quid for a mascara.

 3. The porefessional primer £24.50 - Another of the highly praised benefit items, this seems as though it would be a complete savior for my combination skin.

 4. World famous neutrals Most glamorous nudes ever £23.50 - If your a regular reader over here you will know I love neutral shadows and these just seem perfect as I've been looking for a slightly darker set of browns. 

 5. Go tropiCORAL face kit £25.50 - This seems like the perfect little cheek and lip kit I love coral and I have a perfect shaped space for this in my collection! 

 So that's it. 

Are you guys lusting after/loving any benefit products lately?


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My updated everyday makeup routine.

Aloha! So while your reading this I am on holiday in sunny(fingers crossed)Abersoch! So I haven't posted about my everyday makeup for a while so I thought I'd update you.


Base wise I've been using my Maybelline dream pure BB cream in Light and a little Maybelline fit me concealer in number 15 under my eyes and on any blemishes. Then I've been reaching for the Collection pressed powder in Ivory to set my concealer and powder my T zone. For blush I've been using my FashionistA blush in Butterscotch which is a very pretty matte peachy pink.


In terms of eyes I've been keeping it nice and simple a little eyeshadow in the form of W.O.S, Naked 2 and faint from the urban decay naked basics palette collection fast stroke liner in black on my lash line, a little rimmel scandal eyes kohl in black in my water line and lashings of seventeen backlash mascara on my lashes.

Next up is eyebrows, the darkest shade of Mua brow kit is all I use and then finally for lips I have my beloved collection cream puff in fairy cake which may be my most worn lip product ever! 

 Whats your everyday makeup? tell me in your comments

Friday, August 16, 2013

Products I was expecting more from #1


 Today I though I would do something a little different. I enjoy writing products I regret buying but I've only done one and I found that even those products I enjoyed some aspects of them. So I decided to post about things that I expected to be better than they were

The first product I expected to be better was the collection lasting perfection concealer £4.19. Everyone raves about this, How amazing the coverage is How long it lasts and so on. I find it to cake and crease really easily and I really don't like it. 

 The next product I thought would be better was the rimmel stay matte powder £3.99. I found that this didn't keep me matte at all and I also found even though I have the transparent shade it seems to add an orange tint to my face. 

 The final product I have I wont talk about to much as I reviewed it Here. It is the collection cover and go foundation £5.99. To put it in a nut shell this clings to dry patches and slips of oily patches. In terms of the concealer the coverage isn't fantastic and its a little cakey.


So that's it, did you enjoy this post I'd love for you to let me know in the comments!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #2 Yankee candles

Aloha! I love candles, I love the way they look especially Yankee's so I decided to show you some of the things I am lusting over from the Yankee website.

 1. Bucket sampler holder £2.55 These are so cute I can just imagine having about 5 on my window sill and having the candles in them lit at night. (ahhhh how peaceful) 

 2. Cream petal wax tart burner £4.99 I really want a wax tart burner I just love how they look this is currently on sale. I've heard that some people have the problem of the tarts spitting so I thought this one is a little deeper than some. 

 3. Red velvet cupcake large jar £19.49 This is probably one of my favourite yankee scents, I'm a sucker for sweet smells. 

 4. 10 food and spice wax tarts (mixed) £9.60 I love the idea of this, I like to stick to a couple of scents but I can see this helping me try a variety of scents. 

 5. Salted caramel wax tart £1.20 Like I said before I'm a sucker for sweet foody smells and this just sounds perfect. 

 6. 3 small jars fruit £17.50 I love the way the little jars look and again I like this because it can help you try a variety of scents. 

 7. Strawberry buttercream wax tart £1.20 Oh look its another sweet smelling one. This is another of my favourite yankee scents it's very sweet but not sickly.

 So that's it. 

 Do you guys enjoy yankee candles, whats your favourite scent?


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A very late July used and abused


 well I'm a little late with this one not like were 13 days in august or anything. So without rambling lets get started...


Charles worthington Sunshine uv protection Shampoo. I bought this from tk maxx in manchester for about £3.00. It smelt nice but otherwise it didn't do anything else to my hair. 

 Repurchase; maybe 

  Superdrug sweet almond and coconut intensive conditioner. This is one of my favourite hair products ever it smells amazing and leaves my hair so soft and shiny. 

 Repurchase; already have 


Nspa jojoba and white jasmine body polish. This is a very gentle scrub so personally isn't to my taste as I like quite a harsh scrub. Although I could imagine it being great for a person with sensitive skin. 

Repurchase; probably not 

  Mandara apa amber heaven softening body cream. This was a mini which I won in a giveaway and I really enjoyed using it. The smell did remind me of being in the spa, but I didn't find it hugely nourishing. 

 Repurchase; probably not 

  The body shop passion fruit body butter. The body shop butters are probably my favourite moisturizers that I've tried I find them to be very nourishing. The passion fruit is one of my favourite scents along with the chocolate one.

 Repurchase; I have the raspberry one at the minute but I will at some point 


Boots essentials cucumber cleansing lotion. I think this is somewhere around the £1.50 mark and i really like it the scent of cucumber is very refreshing and this helps remove the bulk of my make up before I cleanse with my hot cloth cleanser. 

 Repurchase; I'm using a simple cleansing milk currently but I prefer this so I will repurchase when the simple one runs out 

  The body shop super volume mascara. There's not really much to say about this it worked but it did nothing amazing. 

 Repurchase; no I've got much better mascaras 

  Fragrance and deodorant..

Nivea invisible for black and white. This is probably one of my favourite deodorants as it smells nice and doesn't leave white/yellow marks. 

 Repurchase; probably 

  Ormonde Jayne frangipani (sample) I don't like this personally for me its not sweet enough and a little to mature (this is me being stereotypical if you like this and your young go you!) I received this from whats in my handbag so i'm not bothered that I'm chucking it when its still half full. 

 Repurchase; nope 

 So that's it sorry for it being so late.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday sum up #2


 Not much to report on this week its been pretty uneventful, its now less than a week till I go on holiday to abersoch which I am looking forward to. I've also decided to set myself a little post schedule. Tuesdays will be anything I fancy, Wednesdays will be a wishlist post, Fridays will be anything I fancy and Sundays will be my weekly sum up post. I may not always stick to this and post something else rather than a wishlist or my sum up, but i'm hoping it will keep me a little more organised. 

 In terms of my mini spending ban I have bought nothing at all this whole week (Go me)! Although I was very tempted by the new MUA cheek tints (even if they are endorsed by one direction). so that's it for the chat 

  This week I've been

Listening to .... Pierce the veil bulls in the bronx and sleeping sirens Alone 

  Watching .... Britain and Ireland's next top model

  Reading .... Still reading Call the midwife by Jennifer Worth 

 Playing .... Hill climb 

 Loving .... Topshop eye crayon in mystical 

Buying .... Nothing!! Go me 

Instagraming ....

Refreshers ice lolly 

And my Christmas list 

Friday, August 09, 2013

Seventeen backlash mascara

If you guys follow me on twitter during #bbloggers chat on sunday I mentioned how much I've been loving this mascara. I also mentioned it in my favourites Here and in my summer makeup picks Here.


The thing that drew me most to this mascara was the brush, its huge yet surprisingly easy to use. In terms of formula it is quite wet but not enough to make it clumpy. I find one or two coats is enough to have natural lashes but go for three to really build up the volume and length. In terms of price I think its great value, drugstore mascaras are so expensive in the uk especially Maybelline, Max factor and Revlon. I have to say Seventeen are probably the best lower end drugstore mascaras you can get. My last point is the packaging it's super simple yet eye catching and I really like the way it looks.

Two coats of Seventeen backlash mascara. ( I have no other makeup on sorry) 

 Whats your favourite drugstore mascara? I'd love for you to let me know in the comments.


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Wednesday wishlist #1

Hello lovelies, so I love reading wishlist posts so I've decided to make a series out of it. If you would like me to do a wishlist for a particular brand/shop leave me a comment.

                                                                1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7. 

1. I love this its such a gorgeous aubergine colour and I think it would be amazing for autumn/winter. -- £28.00

2. I need a kimono in my life and I just think this would look amazing with a bright block t-shirt and white jeans. -- £38.00

3. I love the simpleness of this, I could just see it being so versatile. -- £20.00 

4. These are amazing I love quilting and studs there just so beautiful. -- £55.00 

5. As you may know I love skirts and I buy way to many but this is only £20.00 and its so bright and just amazing -- £20.00 

6. I love this its adorable the tiny weeny bunnies are just so cute. I think it would look ace tucked into coloured shorts -- £32.00 

7. Finally is this gorgeous I am always drawn to daisys I just love the way they look. -- £40.00 

 So that's it my first wednesday wishlist.


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Beauty from aldi?

Hello lovelies, 

 You are more than likely questioning the title, if your in the Uk you will know that Aldi is a low price supermarket that also sells everything from bike helmets to cosmetics. Walking through aldi doing the food shop with my nana I had no idea they sold makeup but as we were browsing my nana pointed it out to me. Of course me being the loyal blogger I am had to pick some up to review for you lovely lot.


  Lacura Beauty Lipstick in Classic red £1.99    Lacura Beauty Lipgloss in Flamingo £1.99

So starting of with the lipgloss, I was intrigued by this with the aldi we were in having no testers (one of my pet peves) I just had to guess and cross my fingers that they would be good shades for me. So I decided the safest option was a bright pink. I really like the packaging it looks more expensive than £1.99 when compared to the natural collection glosses which are the same price. Colour payoff is mediocre but it is nice and glossy and no to sticky.


The Lipstick is my favourite out of the two it's super pigmented, creamy and moisturizing. The colour is a beautiful orange toned red although it looks very pink in the photo. The finish is very similar to the original Rimmel Kate Moss range. I tend to lean towards more blue toned reds but I actually really like this one. It is a very classic red. Personally I think that they could price these at a good £5.00 and they would sell they are that good. I also love the packaging the shape reminds me of mac lipsticks and I just love the chrome effect.

 Have you ever tried Lacura Beauty? 


Sunday, August 04, 2013

Sunday sum up #1

Hello lovelies, so I decided to add a little more lifestyle into my blog so on a sunday I will be writing a chatty post. I can't 100% promise you one of these posts but I will try my best! 

 Sunday sum up #1 

 So it's the second week of the summer hols and I'm already beginning to get bored. I'm counting down the days till were of to Abersoch (in wales) and I'm praying for good weather. After the recent spell of amazing weather I'm still wearing my shorts and skirts and I'm not letting the weather beat my summer fun!  

In other news I'm now on a spending ban till my friend from Germany arrives (58 Days :D) I have now completly finished shopping for her swap package which I have mentioned in various other posts and I'm excited to give it to her, I will post about what she got me when I get it. 

 This week I've been 

Listening to .... Lana Del Rey Diet mountain dew and Lolita. Fall Out Boy Death Valley 
Watching .... CSI re-runs on sky on demand
Reading .... Call the midwife by Jennifer Worth    
Playing .... Candy crush seriously I'm addicted 
Loving .... Seventeen Backlash mascara 
Buying .... Natural collection body sprays, Tea tree cleanser and toner and Foaming face wash from superdrug, Grey socks with sparkle Eye crayon in mystical and a tiny floral N necklace from the topshop sale.   
Blogging about ....  OCC lip tar in NSFW, July beauty top 5 and Summer makeup essentials 
Instagraming ....

So that's it my first Sunday sum up post. 

I hope you've all had a fab week, 


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Summer makeup picks

Hello lovelies, Today I thought i'd take you through the products that I've been loving in the hot weather. Enjoy!


So first of I have the products I've been using on my face. I mentioned the Maybelline dream pure BB cream in my july top 5 Here. Then I have the Maybelline Fit me concealer I decided to pick this up as a couple of people recommended it to me through Bbloggers chat, when I said I didn't like collection lasting perfection and I really like it its lovely and creamy and doesn't crease. Finally for my face I have the Fashionista blush in juicy apricot I reviewed a couple of fashionista's blushes Here. Although this shade isn't reviewed. It is a coral with a very finely milled gold shimmer. 


Eyeshadow wise I've been using the Maybelline colour tattoos and the essence stay all day cream shadows. Eyeliner wise I've been using the Collection fast stroke liquid liner. This is one of my holy grail items as it is long lasting and super black. Finally for mascara I've been using the Seventeen backlash mascara which is amazing it makes your lashes look false with one coat. I will be popping up a review in the next few days. 



I couldn't decide if I should put brows in face or eyes so I decided they could have a little category to themselves. Both products I use are from MUA. I use the darkest powder out of the pro brow kit and then set it with the clear mascara (which I can't find on the website). 



First for lips I've been using the Seventeen mirror shine lipstick in Cheeky secret which is a gorgeous pinky peach glossy colour and the final product in this post is my Mac lipstick in creme cup which is a beautiful light baby pink colour. 

 So that's it what makeup products have been getting you through the hot weather?