Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The everyday palette - Blank Canvas Master series one.

So it's been a bit of a manic two weeks. Yesterday I had an operation which I was meant to be having on Friday but it has all been very rushed. Today I just thought I would ease back into it with a review.  This palette is one I reach for so regularly as it is just a perfect day to day palette, it contains eleven matte shades and one shimmery lid shade making it perfect for anyone who wants a more natural look on the eyes. It also works really well as a palette to use as a base alongside a brighter palette as it has all the transitions, highlighters and crease shades you would want. 

The palette also comes with a beautiful double ended brush with a flat shadow shade and a fluffy blending brush. This is such a lovely quality brush and is one I reach for even now which isn't something I usually do with brushes I get with palettes. So without further ado, lets get into the shades. 

Lily - A true really highly pigmented matte white perfect for the brow bone. 

Goddess - A very pale highly shimmery gold shade. 

Core - For me this very pale taupe makes the perfect all over shade to set my primer however I feel like it is one would work better on paler skin tones as it may look ashy on darker skin tones. 

Hibiscus - A more neutral matte medium toned brown. 

Brazen - A warm toned light brown, this one fore me is my go to transition in the palette. 

Carmin - A very terracotta red shade which looks beautiful in the crease and outer V. 

Cocoa - A very deep warm toned shade with red undertones. 

Downtown - A slightly purple red toned deep brown. 

Forza - A camel brown shade which is another great crease shade. 

Hickory - This is slightly lighter and less red toned than Downtown. 

Strut - A peachy brown shade which is another really lovely transition. 

Corruption - A dark charcoal brown shade. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Crazy bright lips - Where to spend and where to stop.

I am a big fan of weird lip colours, so today I thought I would talk you through some of the products I love and one that I don't love so much for a crazy coloured bright lip. 

Jeffree Star has a huge range of crazy coloured lipsticks and I love them. Two of my favourites are definitely Crocodile tears which is a gorgeous deep green and Blue velvet which is a stunning blue shade. These lipsticks are incredibly easy to wear and very comfortable on the lips. I find that they are very rarely streaky and are just one of my favourites for crazy lip colours. 

The Essence vibrant shock lipsticks are brilliant for if you are on a budget. The shade selection is very limited however if you want to try a crazy coloured lip then its a really good one to try. These are incredibly pigmented and sit comfortably they aren't quite as opaque as a liquid lip. These are definitely one I would recommend them if you were on a budget. 

The NYX Liquid suedes are a good choice if you do want something incredibly opaque but are on a budget. The only thing I worry about these is the that they don't set down completely matte, therefore there is always the risk that they are going to end up all over the face. They do set down to a slight satin finish and are long lasting it's just the initial glossiness. I love the shade Stone fox which is a grey toned brown and it's actually one I wear a lot. 

Unfortunately I don't really like the MUA velvets, which upsets me as they come in such a huge range of shades. They set down to a beautiful velvet finish so are amazing for photography and things however they are so incredibly dry. They are very uncomfortable which is such a shame as they are super affordable. 

That's it for today, I would love to know what your favourite bright lipsticks are! 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

This month I loved, 01

I can't remember when the last time I did a favourites post was however I have decided this year I'm going to try and get all twelve favourites posts out on both my youtube and blog as they are some of my favourite posts to read and I love looking back on them at the end of the year. 

First off I wanted to mention bullet journaling, I have really stuck to it throughout January and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I have tried both the really simple bullet journal and the super complicated. At the moment I would say I am somewhere in the middle and I am enjoying it so much. If you would like a post about bullet journaling let me know in the comments as I'd love to do that. The rest of my favourites this month are beauty related, I wanted to mention Lush Sleepy as it is something I have been using all month. If you aren't a lavender fan then this isn't for you however I personally adore the way it smells. I'm not sure it actually helps me sleep however I do find it helps me to relax. 

Moving onto makeup, for the face I have been loving the Maybelline fit me concealer. They have recently expanded the shade range and there is now finally a shade pale enough for my winter skin tone. Number 5 matches me perfectly and is actually pale enough to highlight under my eyes. This concealer is one I have loved for a long time, it reminds me so much of Urban Decay naked skin and is just a fab overall concealer for drier skin types. I got a load of Glossier stuff for christmas and without a doubt the Cloud paint in Haze is my favourite. It is a beautiful peachy brown shade which adds a slight peach flush to the cheeks which works beautifully with so many eye looks. The other item for the face I wanted to mention is the Nip and fab liquid gold highlighter in white gold. This is a beautiful pink toned highlight shade which looks so beautiful. This is definitely an intense highlight when used on the cheekbones however if it is mixed into the foundation it gives a stunning luminous look to even the most matte of foundations. 

Moving onto the eyes I wanted to mention the newest mascara from Maybelline, since picking up the Total Temptation mascara I have worn nothing else. I normally don't like a mascara straight away however I have fallen in love with this one. It lengthens the lashes and adds just enough volume. It actually reminds me a lot of Benefit They're real once it has begun to dry out. The other eye product is a liner, I have been looking for a deep red liner for ages however didn't want to spend a lot as I wasn't sure how much I would use it. However I have worn the Essence Long-lasting liner in Berry-fan-tastic so much this month. I have been pairing it with very warm toned grungey looks and I just love what it adds. I was a little worried it would make my eyes look sore however I don't find it does as long as it's paired with the right look. 

Finally for lips I have the Maybelline Super stay matte ink, I didn't pick out a particular shade as I have been loving pretty much all of the shades. I have every shade apart from 85 which I cannot seem to get anywhere. These are super highly pigmented and last forever on the lips. They aren't completely matte immediately however once they have dried down fully they are a comfortable matte. The shade range is also amazing, I would definitely recommend you check these out. Finally I wanted to mention the Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte in Iced mocha. This is something I have recently dug out of my collection and have fallen back in love with. It is a beautiful slightly grey toned shade. The hydra mattes are a lot more matte than the super stay ink's and are more like the traditional matte. 

So that's it for today, what are your January favourites? 

Friday, February 09, 2018

Trying out Bleach London and a giveaway

I am kind of frustrated here as when I initially ordered this I picked up nine shades for my palette and nine shades to go in the giveaway palette however one was out of stock by the time it shipped so I'm super sorry about that! 

Today I wanted to do a pretty in depth review of the shadows I picked out, if you are a lover of warm tones this is definitely the giveaway for you. I only actually have one issue with these shadows and thats the names. they don't have proper names they are just a mix of letters which is super annoying as it makes it difficult to remember. However other than that I am really impressed with the shadows. They blend beautifully and have a nice amount of pigment making them easy to work with. The shade range they stock is pretty varied and I'm actually thinking about building a green/blue based palette next. 

RB 1 sh - This shade is your basic matte white, it isn't the brightest white ever however I am not a big fan of a super intense brow bone highlight. This is definitely enough for me. 

R SH - this one is a satin finish baby pink shade, it has got a little mauve in it making it a little deeper than your traditional baby pink shade. 

BP 2 MA - This one is a salmon pink shade with a matte finish. I find this one makes a beautiful transition shade for when I use the deeper oranges in the palette. 

TD 4 MA - This one is similar to BP 2 MA however it has a more orange tone than a pink one. Again a great transition shade or crease shade when applied heavily. 

TD MA - This one is your standard matte orange shade, it is quite bright in comparison to something like Morocco by Makeup geek. I think this is definitely one you would want in your collection if you are into brighter shades. 

TD ME - This one is the other satin shade in the palette. It is actually a very similar bright orange to the shade above however a tiny bit deeper. This one has a beautiful golden sheen and is my favourite lid shade in my palette. 

ISR 4 SH - This one is a super deep red shade perfect for deepening up a look. I also really loved this shade just smoked all over the lid as it is one of those that appears to sit darker in the crease. 

GS 3 ME - The final shade in the palette, it is such an intense highly metallic yellow gold. I'm fully aware this definitely isn't to everyones taste however I love it. It pairs perfectly with the orange shades in the palette to create a beautiful sunset eye look. 

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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Ten to try - Beauty bay

If you are a regular reader, or you follow me on any social media you will know that I'm a bit of a Beauty bay junkie. Today I thought I would share ten products/brands that you should definitely check out on the site. This was super hard to narrow down, I really think the products here are the creme de la creme. So without further ado lets get into the post. 

Starting off with brushes the Morphe 332 is actually the only thing I have tried from the brand but I am absolutely obsessed with it. It's the perfect slightly fluffy crease brush for my eye shape and size. I think if you have a smaller or more hooded eye shape this might not work as well for you however if you have pretty big eyes this is just an amazing brush to put colour in the crease and blend in a targeted way. The brush quality is actually much better than I expected and it washes really nicely. The other brush I wanted to mention is the Zoeva 317 winged liner brush, I love so many Zoeva products however I have to say this is definitely my favourite. It is the best brow brush ever and is one I reach for every single day. 

Moving onto palettes I had to mention my Coloured Raine Queen of hearts palette, this one was definitely my favourite palette of 2017. The shades are so stunning and just so pleasant to work with. Although the deep purple doesn't swatch well it works beautifully on the lid and blends like a dream. The metallics are more like a foiled shadow and are perhaps my favourite shadow formula ever. The Juvias place Nubian palette is perfect if you love a warm toned palette. Both of these were actually mentioned in my top five palettes post so definitely check that out if you want to know more. The final palette I wanted to mention today is the Blank canvas cosmetics Master palette 1. I feel like this palette gets no way near enough credit as it is just a really basic neutral palette however these shades are just so lovely to work with and I think it is the perfect basic palette in anyones collection. 

Milani Luminoso is such a hyped product and one that really deserves it in my opinion, it is a stunning rose shade with a golden sheen which just makes the skin look so beautiful and glowy. It isn't too pigmented either making it very hard to go over the top with it. I honestly think everyone should have this shade in their collection as it us just such a beautiful shade. The Festival face glitters are a bit of a random addition to this post however I wanted to mention them for the more creative types! These come in such a huge range of sizes, shapes and colours. One of the ones I have is actually little UV moons and stars which look so cute both on the lids and on the face. The final non lip product today is my Anastasia Dip brow. You can get this elsewhere and the Anastasia website do now ship to the UK however I picked up mine off Beauty bay when it was very hard to get elsewhere. I love this stuff and if you are a regular reader you will already know that as it is basically the only brow product I use. 

Finally we have two different liquid lips. It was so hard for me to not include my Jeffree star Liquid lips in this however I do tend to purchase those off Beautylish now as they tend to get the new collections faster than Beauty bay so I thought I would mention two different brands. The first being Jouer which I have only recently dipped my toe into their waters and I am so impressed. Their liquid lips are super matte yet don't feel uncomfortable on the lips. I also wanted to mention the Dose of colours liquid lips which are possibly the most beautiful matte liquid lips I own. They set down to the  most beautiful almost velvet finish and are ones I reach for all the time. 

So that's it for today's post, I'd love to know what products from Beauty bay you feel people need in their collections.