Sunday, November 02, 2014

Big blogger, little blogger, cardboard box

Recently there has been a lot of talk in the blogosphere about "Big bloggers" Can I just ask the question here, what is a big blogger. Is it the amount of followers they have, or the number of pageviews they get on a daily basis. Or is it the amount of events they go to and how many PR samples they get sent. We can all get a little down about it sometimes it's only human. 

Let's face it at the end of the day we are all in the same boat whether you have 5 followers or 50,000 we are all swimming in a rising sea of thousands and thousands of bloggers. Would we not all be best just helping each other out. So a little word to "Little bloggers" perhaps you will be were the "Big bloggers" are one day and perhaps you won't but as long as you enjoy what you're doing never give up!  I'd really like to know your opinions on this! Let me know in the comments or tweet me @Coleoftheball


  1. Great post! I think there are so many people who blog now it is hard to be recognised if you enjoy it then that should be your main goal! Carry on enjoying it!

    1. Totally agree! I dont think bloggers get near enough credit as they should! Its mainly just youtubers this, youtubers that these days x

  2. This is such a delicate subject, I mean what makes bigger is obviously the attention those bloggers get but to be honest there's loads of not so well known bloggers that have amazing content and where I go first to see an opinion. To me it doesn't matter the number of followers you have if you write amazing content right? Blogging shall be a funny thing and something you love doing not a competition between big and not so big bloggers.. It's my opinion. :)

    Mary Bloomy


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