Monday, November 17, 2014

Drugstore Week - The best of Maybelline

It turns out my Maybelline collection is a lot more limited than I first thought, this is it bar a couple more shades of the colour tattoo's this is all I currently own. (I have had other bits but nothing too memorable) 

The Super stay forever strong Gel nail colours are something I hear so much about but up until I went to germany I hadn't tried. I am so glad I finally got around to trying them as they are absolutely incredible. They last about a week on my nails without a topcoat and that really is saying something as nail polish doesn't last two minutes on me. The colours above are Hot salsa and Mint for life which are both very summery shades but are the two I've heard the most about. There is the most gorgeous Dark green I have my eye on for my next purchase. 

My favourite under eye concealer has to be the Fit me concealer. This tube must be at least my 5th it's one of the only products I really miss when it has run out. It's a really lovely formula which doesn't dry on the skin or fall into any lines. It doesn't have the highest coverage so I tend to use it under my eyes and around my nose when I need just a little something more. It works nicely on blemishes that are beginning to fade but I find for me personally it's not quite enough coverage to use on current blemishes. 

If you are a regular reader you will know how much I love the Color Tattoo's. These are something I always seem to come back to and I actually used it for the first time in a while a couple of days ago and it's just completely rekindled my love for them. They are so creamy and blend like a dream. They also last amazingly on my oily eyelids. The colour range over here is a little limited but in the US the range is fairly extensive. 

The final Maybelline product I have is the Lasting Drama gel liner in Black chrome. This was something I bought by accident. I initially wanted the plain Black one but I accidently picked up this shade which is actually a black with little bits of shimmer. I actually really love using it when I'm going out to add a little bit of sparkle to my eyes. The formula is brilliant, I find it very easy to work with and I find it doesn't transfer onto the top of my lids.

Top to Bottom - Colour tattoo in on and on bronze - Colour tattoo in metallic pomegranate - Liner in Black chrome


  1. The colour tattoos are amazing! I must have about 10 of them. Recently got the Fit Me concealer and I'm really enjoying using it so far xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  2. I love Maybelline. They've been a firm favourite of mine for years, so affordable and there's a lot of really great products. I'm loving their lip pencils at the moment.



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