Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Drugstore Week - The best of Essence

Essence have fast become one of my favourite drugstore brands as they are so affordable but they have such a wide range of products. I think I've liked 95% of the products I've tried from them. Before I start I'm just going to give a shoutout to their mascaras as they are also amazing I just don't have one at the moment. 

The Quattro eye shadow palette in Over the taupe is a brilliant combination of colours to create quite a light smokey eye which can be built up to be much more intense with a little work. The shadows aren't the most pigmented or creamy eyeshadows I've ever used but for the price they are a really nice quality and for once you get a very affordable quad were all the colours work nicely together. They blend nicely once on the eyes and they last a good amount of time with a primer. 

I wrote a whole post expressing my love for the Longlasting Lipstick range //Here//  The one in the picture above is On the catwalk! which isn't particularly my favourite shade it's just the one that came out of my draw first. I have four of these and I've found that each shade has a different formula and finish so if you'd like to know more I would highly recommend reading that post (Nothing like a bit of shameless self promo on my own blog hey) 

The Lash and brow mascara is an old favourite which I first tried when I went to germany for the first time in 2012. It is a really nice product, it's not to wet and doesn't leave the brows really sticky and crispy which I find can sometimes happen with a clear mascara. I find it keeps my brows in place all day and it's really affordable too! 

I had heard a lot about the XXXL matt lipglosses and I can now see why. Can we first address the name these are not lipglosses. Creams, lacquers yes but not glosses. These feel so creamy on the lips and don't suck all the moisture out like some lip creams can. The shade pictured above is Velvet rose and I also have silky red which is a very classic red which I've found myself wearing a lot. These are really lovely it's just such a shame the colour range is very small. 

The final product I have today is the Blush up powder blush in Pinky flow the name is awful ( pinky flow kind of makes me want to gag is it just me? ) but the product itself is absolutely stunning the mixture of the bright pink  and the baby pink mix together to give the most gorgeous blue toned but somehow subtle pink. On the cheeks it adds some colour with a little shimmer and it's one of those blushes that gives you that lit from withing look. It lasts really nicely on the cheeks and tends to stick around for a good 6-8 hours depending how oily my skin is. 

From Left to Right - Over the Taupe - On the Catwalk - Velvet rose - Pinky flow 


  1. Essence is one of my favorite brands for years! They have great quality for the price! My favorite product is the longlasting eye pencil in Black Fever! It lasts and lasts without smudging and it only costs 2€ I've used up countless pencils and still buy them. The longlasting lipsticks are also favorites I have 5 of them :) xx

    Mary Bloomy

  2. Love Essence - such amazing value! I actually haven't tried the products you've mentioned but I'll check them out! Their lip and eye liners are so good xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

  3. I bought loads of Essence stuff in Germany but I haven't tried anything since it arrived in the UK. I defo need to though!

    x x | daisydaisyxxo

  4. I love Essence products! Have you tried their nail polish, it's amazing!!

    Rachel | beautyandthebird.co.uk

  5. all these products look great xx


  6. Lovely little review - Essence is my favourite brand. It's so cheap! X


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