Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Perfect pale skin bronzers.

So I'm going through a bit of a bronzer obsession at the moment. Today I thought I would share some of my current favourites for paler skin. I have to admit I tend to try more high end bronzers as I find a lot of the drugstore ones tend to lean on the more orange side.
I'll get the first two which everyone loves out of the way, Benefit Hoola is a staple in so many people's makeup bags and I love it too. It's the perfect mix of warm and cool tones meaning it adds both the warmth to the face and sculpts. It's completely matte but somehow still gives the skin a glow. Another cult favourite is Nars Laguna, it's a little warmer than Hoola and also has some micro shimmer, I prefer this one for just bronzing rather than sculpting due to the warmth.
Next up we have the NYX Matte bronzer in light. This is a pale very red toned shade, this works the best for an all over bronze and is the most subtle out of the five I'm talking about today. As I have super pink toned skin this works beautifully however I feel like on more yellow toned skin it may be a little too red.

The other bronzer with a slight shimmer is Mac Refined Golden which is actually quite similar to Nars Laguna but a little darker. The shimmer in it is a little more obvious and makes the skin beautifully glowy. I absolutely love this for doing an all over bronze and is one I've been reaching for a lot over the past couple of weeks. Finally we have the Urban Decay beached bronzer in bronzed this is a stunning matte shade which is just a little bit warmer than Hoola. This is honestly one of the most beautiful creamy bronzers I have ever tried and it blends into the skin flawlessly.
I'd love to know what your favourite bronzers are as I'm always on the lookout for new ones.

Hoola, Laguna, NYX Light, Refined golden, Bronzed.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The battle of the Brow pomades

If you watch my youtube channel you will more than likely know I love a good strong brow so today I'd talk to you about the four brow pomades I have tried and do a little roundup for you. I'd also love to know what your favourite brow products are as I am always looking for new products to try and tame my unruly brows.
Starting off with my least favourite which is the Benefit Kabrow! Now a lot of this is the fact that the colour is too warm for me, shade Number 5 if you were wondering. I like the brown to be deep but also slightly more grey toned as on me it just looks better. That being said this pomade is a little waxier and doesn't sit quite as nice as the other three. It does tend to move about a little more and doesn't seem to almost sink into the skin like the others do. This is definitely one of those brow products where you will leave an imprint of your brow and anything you rest your head on.
Ranking at number three is the Freedom Brow pomade. This one is in the shade Ash brown and I actually have the opposite issue with this one than the benefit one as this one is a little too ashy and seems to draw all of the colour out of my face. Other than that I find that the formula of this is incredibly dry and even when it was brand new it just wasn't as easy to work with as the Anastasia and the NYX. I just find that it is so dry on the brush it almost seems to drag the skin and is hard work to manage.

Benefit Kabrow, NYX Tame and frame, Freedom Brow pomade, Anastasia Dip brow.
I would definitely say the NYX Tame and Frame is the closest I have found to a dupe of the Anastasia Dip brow. The shade I have is espresso and is slightly warmer than the Anastasia however is perfectly within my areas of not too grey and not too warm. This one is a little stiffer however no way near as stiff as the Freedom. I find it fairly easy to work with and would say if you want to practise with a pomade but don't want to shell out for the Anastasia then give this one a go.
Finally of course my winner is the Dip brow I have the shade Medium brown which is the perfect not too warm not too cool brown. What I love about this is that is creamy and easy to work with but it also then sets quickly and gives some seriously long lasting brows. I have had my current pot open for well over a year and it is showing no signs of drying up which for me most definitely makes it worth the medium of the road price tag.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know your favourite brow products! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Mac haul

I feel like recently I have bought a hell of a lot more high end makeup and have been trying out quite a lot of new Mac products. Other than lipsticks and a couple of other bits I hadn't tried a lot so I have been delving a little deeper into the brand recently. I made an order a couple of weeks ago and today I thought I would show you what I picked up.
Shadescents in Candy Yum Yum. £35.00
This was something I smelt while I was aways in Iceland but it was something ridiculous like 10000 Krona and I have been meaning to pick it up ever since and I really am glad I did. If you aren't one for sweet smells this one definitely isn't for you but if you are then you need to check this out. It is sweet and fruity yet it has a grown up twist to it. I 100% love this one and at £35.00 for a 50ml bottle I really can't complain about the price either.
Fruity Juicy bronzer in Refined golden. £23.00
I believe this bronzer is in the permanent collection however I just had to get something from this collection as I adore the packaging. I've been recently testing out loads of bronzers as I feel like I constantly use the same two and I feel like this one has definitely made it into my regular rotation. It is quite a warm shade with a slight golden sheen in the similar vein of Nars Laguna.
Fleur De Force x Mac lipstick - £16.50
Since when did Mac lipsticks go up to £16.50! When I found out Fleur was creating a lipstick with Mac I knew I had to have it. She was actually the first youtuber I ever watched and when the shade was revealed I was even more excited. It is a really stunning everyday nude shade which is fairy orange/brown toned which I just think is perfect. I feel like this is such a classy nude and I have already got so much wear out of it.  

Bright Pink Lip and eye box. £29.00
I feel like they are having some fab offers recently and when I saw these kits for under £30 for three products I was interested. This particular kit contains Candy Yum yum lip liner which is a super bright blue toned pink, Breathing fire lipstick which is a matte more neutral toned bright pink and then the instacurl mascara. I have heard a lot about Mac mascaras and not a lot of it has been positive so I figured even if I hated it I still got the liner and lipstick for just slightly less. That being said I have actually been loving the mascara it's a super interesting concept as you can have the brush both curled and straight making it easy to use on both the top and bottom lashes. 
Fleur de force lipstick, Breathing fire, Candy Yum yum, Refined golden
So that's it for my Mac I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to let me know in the comments what your favourite Mac products are! 

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The king of the setting sprays

Urban Decay All nighter 30ml*
I have loved this since I started beginning to get into makeup and I am loving it even since the new packaging. With having dry skin I have always used this as a method of taking away any of the powderiness from my skin but also to ensure that my makeup is locked onto my face. I know so many people who reach for this product whether they have the oiliest of skin or the driest of skin. One of the main things I love about this spray other than the fact that it keeps my makeup on forever is that the spray is so incredibly fine. As it is so fine it means it causes the least disturbance to your makeup and avoids the forming of those little balls that appear when the spray isn't quite fine enough on a setting spray.
Another great thing about this product is that it can both be purchased in a 30ml travel size as pictured above and a larger bottle meaning that you don't have to invest fully until you've given it a try. Overall I love this product and would recommend it to anybody.
I'd love to know what your favourite setting spray's are? 

Friday, May 19, 2017

April Makeup

So  apologise for how late I am with this post but I thought I would still put one up as I feel like so many people love this kind of post. I have recently treated myself to a lot of new products which will be creeping up on posts over the next couple of months so for this months post there are quite a few new favourites.
First off I've been reaching for the Clarins True radiance foundation which is a seriously beautiful super glowy base. This is definitely one to avoid if you are oily or even combo however if you have dry skin this is the most stunning base as it just seems to avoid any dry patches and doesn't settle throughout the day. For concealer I've been using Mac pro longwear again as it is just a stunning high coverage but not too heavy that it falls into the very fine lines under my eyes. Then I have been setting my under eyes with the Bourjois Java rice powder which is slightly pink toned meaning it adds a beautiful slight highlight under the eyes.
For brows I've been trying to reach for something other than my Anastasia dip brow and Benefit Gimme brow so I've instead been using the Benefit Ka brow in number 5 which is a little too warm for m y liking so I have been toning it down with the Freedom Duo brow powder in ash brown. Then finally I have been setting them with the New look brow fibre gel which is something I discovered in my recent testing video on my channel.
For colour on the face  I have been obsessed with Nars Laguna bronzer, it is just the most beautiful warm toned bronzer. I have to be a little more careful with this than some of my other bronzers but now I am used to it I am literally obsessed. For blush I have been reaching for Urban Decay indecent constantly which is just the prettiest light peachy colour which works so nicely with any eye look. Finally for the face I have been loving the Laura Mercier highlighter in indiscretion which is a stunning gold highlight.
Eye wise as always I have been using my Urban Decay Original primer potion for a base. You will know if you are a regular reader or watch my channel that this is one of my all time favourites. Then for shadow I have been reaching for the Jeffree star Androgyny palette which probably is a little more autumn appropriate but I am just in love with some of the red and yellow tones. I've actually really got into liner this month and have been using the Bobbi Brown gel liner in Sepia almost everyday. I love how it isn't quite as in your face as  black but does a really beautiful job of widening the eyes. Mascara wise I have been using the Joan Collins Class act mascara which is basically my perfect mascara. It lengthens the lashes whilst keeping them nicely separated.
Finally on the lips I've been using Mac Subculture lip pencil which is a more orange toned nude and then Jeffree star celebrity skin which is a pretty pale lip shade but I just love the almost concealer lip look at the moment. Just to make sure everything's nice and set I've been using the NYX dewy setting spray which does a beautiful job of ensuring nothing gets too heavy. 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The perfect glowy base for dry skin.

So it's been a while, I haven't had a lot of motivation recently however I'm just going to try and slide back into blogging slowly and see how I go on. Today I thought I would talk about my favourite base combination for when my skin is feeling super dry and looking quite dull.
Nars Pure radiant tinted moisturiser - I cannot actually believe how long it took me to try this. It is a really beautiful medium coverage base which is perfect for dry skin. It doesn't cling to any dry patches. It leaves the skin looking so beautifully radiant whilst not making it so glowy that the skin looks oily.
Mac Pro longwear concealer - I love this stuff for under the eyes as it's super high coverage but doesn't go gross and cakey. This shade is also a little lighter than the foundation meaning that it slightly highlights my under eyes.
Clarins Instant concealer - This is my favourite concealer for the rest of the face as it is so incredibly light yet super high coverage. It covers redness well and doesn't sit uncomfortably on blemishes overall I think if you are a one concealer kind of person you'd love this one.
Bourjois Java Rice powder - This is the most beautiful powder for if you need to set the under eyes to minimise creaseage but you don't want something that it going to suck all the moisture out of your skin. It has some really tiny reflecting particles in it meaning it also does a nice job of highlighting the area.
Urban Decay All nighter setting spray - I love this stuff, although my skin is in no way oily I do like to put that final setting layer on however powders are to heavy, which is why I love this product so much. Not only do I rely on this to really set down my makeup but it also removes any cakiness and helps to prevent my foundation from moving about so much. This is the perfect alternative to powder for anyone who can't wear it but also a fab product for an extra setting layer if you need it. 

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Joan collins Class act Mascara

Joan Collins class act mascara*
I feel like Mascaras aren't something that I regularly mention on my blog however this one is too brilliant not to mention. I'm not a big fan of mascara which adds a tonne of volume I more prefer one which just lengthens and adds a little bit of volume. This has the perfect brush for this as it is more of a bristle brush rather than a plastic one. This does a really beautiful job of curling the lashes and keeping the curl. It's also a super jet black which is something I look for in a mascara as I like my lashes to be pretty dark and defined. I really love the packaging and think it has a really sleek and high end look. It reminds me a lot of the Charlotte tilbury packaging and I think it's beautiful.
If you're on the lookout for a new mascara I would highly recommend you give this one a go.