Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Mac haul

I feel like recently I have bought a hell of a lot more high end makeup and have been trying out quite a lot of new Mac products. Other than lipsticks and a couple of other bits I hadn't tried a lot so I have been delving a little deeper into the brand recently. I made an order a couple of weeks ago and today I thought I would show you what I picked up.
Shadescents in Candy Yum Yum. £35.00
This was something I smelt while I was aways in Iceland but it was something ridiculous like 10000 Krona and I have been meaning to pick it up ever since and I really am glad I did. If you aren't one for sweet smells this one definitely isn't for you but if you are then you need to check this out. It is sweet and fruity yet it has a grown up twist to it. I 100% love this one and at £35.00 for a 50ml bottle I really can't complain about the price either.
Fruity Juicy bronzer in Refined golden. £23.00
I believe this bronzer is in the permanent collection however I just had to get something from this collection as I adore the packaging. I've been recently testing out loads of bronzers as I feel like I constantly use the same two and I feel like this one has definitely made it into my regular rotation. It is quite a warm shade with a slight golden sheen in the similar vein of Nars Laguna.
Fleur De Force x Mac lipstick - £16.50
Since when did Mac lipsticks go up to £16.50! When I found out Fleur was creating a lipstick with Mac I knew I had to have it. She was actually the first youtuber I ever watched and when the shade was revealed I was even more excited. It is a really stunning everyday nude shade which is fairy orange/brown toned which I just think is perfect. I feel like this is such a classy nude and I have already got so much wear out of it.  

Bright Pink Lip and eye box. £29.00
I feel like they are having some fab offers recently and when I saw these kits for under £30 for three products I was interested. This particular kit contains Candy Yum yum lip liner which is a super bright blue toned pink, Breathing fire lipstick which is a matte more neutral toned bright pink and then the instacurl mascara. I have heard a lot about Mac mascaras and not a lot of it has been positive so I figured even if I hated it I still got the liner and lipstick for just slightly less. That being said I have actually been loving the mascara it's a super interesting concept as you can have the brush both curled and straight making it easy to use on both the top and bottom lashes. 
Fleur de force lipstick, Breathing fire, Candy Yum yum, Refined golden
So that's it for my Mac I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to let me know in the comments what your favourite Mac products are! 

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  1. wow these all look amazing, that shade is so so pretty xx



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