Friday, May 19, 2017

April Makeup

So  apologise for how late I am with this post but I thought I would still put one up as I feel like so many people love this kind of post. I have recently treated myself to a lot of new products which will be creeping up on posts over the next couple of months so for this months post there are quite a few new favourites.
First off I've been reaching for the Clarins True radiance foundation which is a seriously beautiful super glowy base. This is definitely one to avoid if you are oily or even combo however if you have dry skin this is the most stunning base as it just seems to avoid any dry patches and doesn't settle throughout the day. For concealer I've been using Mac pro longwear again as it is just a stunning high coverage but not too heavy that it falls into the very fine lines under my eyes. Then I have been setting my under eyes with the Bourjois Java rice powder which is slightly pink toned meaning it adds a beautiful slight highlight under the eyes.
For brows I've been trying to reach for something other than my Anastasia dip brow and Benefit Gimme brow so I've instead been using the Benefit Ka brow in number 5 which is a little too warm for m y liking so I have been toning it down with the Freedom Duo brow powder in ash brown. Then finally I have been setting them with the New look brow fibre gel which is something I discovered in my recent testing video on my channel.
For colour on the face  I have been obsessed with Nars Laguna bronzer, it is just the most beautiful warm toned bronzer. I have to be a little more careful with this than some of my other bronzers but now I am used to it I am literally obsessed. For blush I have been reaching for Urban Decay indecent constantly which is just the prettiest light peachy colour which works so nicely with any eye look. Finally for the face I have been loving the Laura Mercier highlighter in indiscretion which is a stunning gold highlight.
Eye wise as always I have been using my Urban Decay Original primer potion for a base. You will know if you are a regular reader or watch my channel that this is one of my all time favourites. Then for shadow I have been reaching for the Jeffree star Androgyny palette which probably is a little more autumn appropriate but I am just in love with some of the red and yellow tones. I've actually really got into liner this month and have been using the Bobbi Brown gel liner in Sepia almost everyday. I love how it isn't quite as in your face as  black but does a really beautiful job of widening the eyes. Mascara wise I have been using the Joan Collins Class act mascara which is basically my perfect mascara. It lengthens the lashes whilst keeping them nicely separated.
Finally on the lips I've been using Mac Subculture lip pencil which is a more orange toned nude and then Jeffree star celebrity skin which is a pretty pale lip shade but I just love the almost concealer lip look at the moment. Just to make sure everything's nice and set I've been using the NYX dewy setting spray which does a beautiful job of ensuring nothing gets too heavy. 


  1. I love Benefit Gimme Brow! Haven't heard much about the Clarins Radiance foundation (or Clarins foundations in general tbh) but don't think it would suit my oily skin. I love Nars face powders in general too, great favourites! Thank you for sharing, hope you have a lovely weekend x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. i loveee the urban decay primer potion such a classic x


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