Friday, May 26, 2017

The battle of the Brow pomades

If you watch my youtube channel you will more than likely know I love a good strong brow so today I'd talk to you about the four brow pomades I have tried and do a little roundup for you. I'd also love to know what your favourite brow products are as I am always looking for new products to try and tame my unruly brows.
Starting off with my least favourite which is the Benefit Kabrow! Now a lot of this is the fact that the colour is too warm for me, shade Number 5 if you were wondering. I like the brown to be deep but also slightly more grey toned as on me it just looks better. That being said this pomade is a little waxier and doesn't sit quite as nice as the other three. It does tend to move about a little more and doesn't seem to almost sink into the skin like the others do. This is definitely one of those brow products where you will leave an imprint of your brow and anything you rest your head on.
Ranking at number three is the Freedom Brow pomade. This one is in the shade Ash brown and I actually have the opposite issue with this one than the benefit one as this one is a little too ashy and seems to draw all of the colour out of my face. Other than that I find that the formula of this is incredibly dry and even when it was brand new it just wasn't as easy to work with as the Anastasia and the NYX. I just find that it is so dry on the brush it almost seems to drag the skin and is hard work to manage.

Benefit Kabrow, NYX Tame and frame, Freedom Brow pomade, Anastasia Dip brow.
I would definitely say the NYX Tame and Frame is the closest I have found to a dupe of the Anastasia Dip brow. The shade I have is espresso and is slightly warmer than the Anastasia however is perfectly within my areas of not too grey and not too warm. This one is a little stiffer however no way near as stiff as the Freedom. I find it fairly easy to work with and would say if you want to practise with a pomade but don't want to shell out for the Anastasia then give this one a go.
Finally of course my winner is the Dip brow I have the shade Medium brown which is the perfect not too warm not too cool brown. What I love about this is that is creamy and easy to work with but it also then sets quickly and gives some seriously long lasting brows. I have had my current pot open for well over a year and it is showing no signs of drying up which for me most definitely makes it worth the medium of the road price tag.
So that's it for today, I'd love to know your favourite brow products! 

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  1. The lady in Benefit said the same to me, she was warning me off getting shade 5 because she worried it would be too dark and warm but personally I love it:)


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