Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beauty ¦ July Makeup

So it's time for another monthly makeup post, again I've not been wearing a lot of makeup this month however I have definitely fallen in love with some new products and I've also finally started baking my makeup which is something I feel like everyone has been doing for forever. Don't get me wrong I don't do it everyday however for the days when I want my makeup to last a little longer this is perfect.

Urban Decay Naked Foundation -

I bet you're all super shocked to see this one in here. I'm pretty sure I am going to use this foundation forever. If you aren't a regular over here this is a stunning medium coverage foundation with a really healthy looking dewy finish which lasts all day on my dry skin without settling into any dry patches.

Urban Decay Naked concealer -

I finally picked this up in a shade that works under my eyes and I have been using it everyday this month. It is so lovely and creamy but it has a lovely high coverage, I've been using Fair neutral under my eyes and Light neutral on any blemishes/pigmentation. That is one if the things I love about this so much is that it works for both blemishes and under the eyes.

Collection Sheer loose powder -

I always thought that baking wouldn't work for me however randomly a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did. I only do under my eyes as I'm pretty sure that it would make my makeup look dry on my T-zone and I do like a dewy look. I've found that this has really helped keep my makeup in place and I've been reaching for it if I have a long day.

Mac Satin blush in Fleur power -

This is a product I've never really got much use out of however I've just recently dug it out of my collection and I really love it. It's a really lovely natural peachy pink which looks good with whatever makeup I'm wearing. It has a slight sheen to it which just adds to the glowiness of the foundation making my skin super healthy and radiant.

Urban Decay Beached bronzer in Bronzed -

Now I do love Benefit Hoola however recently I've been wanting something a little darker and a little warmer. This is where the prettiest packaged bronzer ever comes in (Palm trees, Mint green and Rose gold yes please!) This is the darker of the two shades and I really love it. Although it's a lot warmer than Hoola it still isn't orange and just leaves the skin looking very healthily bronzed. It also blends like a dream so even if you do go a little over the top it can be easily fixed.

Laura Geller Gelato swirl highlighter in Gilded honey -

So I finally caved and bought it and I am so glad I did, I was a little worried that it would be too dark when it first arrived however it isn't half as intensely gold once on the cheekbones. It really works well with a good amount of bronzer to give that really gorgeous healthy summer makeup. I feel like some people may find this a little too glittery but if you are a big highlight fan I can see you really loving it.

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray -

I am honestly so glad to have this one back in my life, I was obsessed with this last summer and it was just one of those things that I never got around to repurchasing. However it came at a perfect time, it arrived just before that week of super hot weather here in the UK and it just reminded me how good this stuff is. Not only does it make makeup last so much longer but it also helps to take away and powderiness (I have no idea how to spell that)

HD Brows Eye and brow palette in Foxy -

I've actually been reaching for powders for my brows a lot this month and this is a brilliant palette. I tend to mix the dark brown and the black for a cool toned brown shade which works perfectly with my hair colour. What I like about this is that the powders are pigmented yet natural. I have pretty much no arch on my left brow and this is brilliant for adding in that arch without making it look super obviously drawn on.

Benefit Gimme brow in Medium/deep -

I'm pretty sure this has been in every monthly makeup post since I started doing them. I've actually just purchased a new tube in the new packaging as I just love this stuff so much and can't use anything else to set my brows without missing it. It sets my brows whilst adding a little bit of colour and a little volume it is just the perfect brow gel.

Maybelline Lash sensational mascara -

Now this is growing on me the more it dries out. I found at first it was just super goopy and just clumped my lashes together as well as transferring badly onto both my lower lash line and my lid. However now I'm getting on with it a little better, don't get me wrong it's not one that I'm going to repurchase but I will be finishing it as I don't hate it quite as much.

LA Girl Endless liner in Natural -

This is just a good basic super affordable nude lip liner. I find this is nice and creamy but not so creamy that it moves around on the lips. I also like the fact that it is a twist up pencil as I completely loathe sharpening liners.

Mac Matte lipstick in Mehr -

This is one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment, it's somewhere between a nude and a pink and I just find for me it's one of those perfect everyday shades. I think if you are a religious wearer of subtle nude lips you might find this one a little bright however I wear a lot of super bright shades so it's pretty nude for me. I love the formula of this shade as it looks matte on the lips and lasts really well whilst still feeling very creamy and comfortable on the lips.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Beauty ¦ 10 Summer lipsticks

Since it was National lipstick day today I thought I would share 10 summer lipsticks. I love a good bright lip all year around however I really do pull the out when the sun makes an appearance. I've tried to pick out a range of different formulas and types of products. If you have any bright recommendations leave them in the comments.

Mac Amplified lipstick in Morange - This is a Mac amplified formula which is definitely my favourite they are incredibly pigmented whilst still feeling incredibly moisturizing on the lips. Morange is an incredibly bright orange shade which is super intense. It's definitely not one for the faint hearted however I love it and I think it looks really beautiful with super subtle eyes, lots of mascara and bronzed skin.
Topshop Lips in Rio rio - The Topshop lipsticks are very similar to Mac's satin formula. They aren't quite matte however have the pigmentation and the lasting power of a matte lipstick. This shade is an orangey red however swatched next to something as bright as Morange it doesn't look half as orange. This one isn't the most hydrating so I do like to make sure that my lips are very hydrated before I apply this one.
Illamasqua Lipstick in Corrupt - This one is a very drying formula however if I wear a lip balm underneath I can get away with wearing it. It is an incredibly bright blue toned pink which is definitely an out there shade. I'll pretty much wear any lip colour to college however even I think this one is a little out there.
Morange, Rio Rio, Corrupt

YSL Rouge volupte oil in stick in No. 47 Beige blouse - This is such a pretty browny nude shade, it's incredibly glossy. I love this for just throwing on, it's perfect for chucking in my bag as I can reapply without a mirror. I've heard a lot of people say these don't have enough pigment however I think this has the perfect amount of pigment for what I want it for.
Clinique Lip pop in Poppy pop - Another orangey red (are you sensing a theme?) This one isn't a formula I would usually pick for a bright shade however there is something about the glossiness of this that means it looks super glossy without ending up all over my face. Once the gloss has worn away it leaves a lovely stain behind on the lips.
Revlon Colourburst matte balm in Unapologetic - Again we've got another orange toned shade, this time however its an orangey coral pink. One thing I will say about these is that if you are sensitive to highly scented products I'd give this one a miss as it is so highly scented. If you can get past that however these are so lovely. They aren't quite completely matte so they feel so comfortable on the lips.
Rimmel Kate moss matte lipstick in 110 - This one isn't quite as orange as Morange, it has a lot more pink in it meaning that it isn't quite as out there. Don't get me wrong it isn't the most subtle neutral shade ever but if you are looking for a lipstick that is bright but isn't to bright this one is definitely one to have a look at.
Left to Right - Beige Blouse, Poppy pop, Unapologetic, 110

Dose of Colours Matte lipstick in Kiss of Fire - When I purchased this I thought it was a more blue toned red however turns out it's a lot more of a pinky toned red. I love these as they are incredibly velvety once they have dried down. They wear so comfortably and for such a long time.
MUA Velvet lip lacquer in Vivacity - These do feel a lot more drying than the Dose of colours ones however they aren't half as drying as a lot of the Liquid lipsticks I've tried. I love how vibrant this shade is, it's a blue toned very bright pink which I've been wearing a lot in the past couple of weeks. If you want a super budget liquid lip I'd highly recommend these ones.
Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte Liquid lipstick in Serenity - This is a really pretty peachy nude shade, I find a lot of peachy nudes are far too light for me however this one works really well on my skintone. These are very comfortable and do feel incredibly hydrating despite them being so matte. These last really nicely and don't do that gross flaky thing that some liquid lips do.

Left to Right - Kiss of Fire, Vivacity, Serenity.
That's it for today I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know what you're favourite shades for summer are! 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty ¦ Cohorted beauty - July

I apologise for how late this post is however Drugstore week took up all of my time and I never got round to actually writing this post. Despite the fact that this is super late I thought I would still talk to you about what was in this months Cohorted box as I know I really enjoyed looking through all these posts when I was thinking about signing up. I have actually decided to cancel mine this month as I'm currently saving up for Iceland and I spend enough money without £35 coming out of my account automatically every single month. However once I've got the money together for that trip I'm going to sign up again as I do think it is well worth the money. So without further ado lets get onto the contents of this months box!

So starting off we have the few samples first off we have a 31ml Nars Monoi body oil which smells so beautiful and feels incredible on the skin. We also have a little Bobbi brown cleansing oil which is a really lovely makeup remover. It removes even waterproof mascara which is something that I look for in a cleansing oil. It leaves the skin looking really clean and nice and plump. It also leaves it feeling very hydrated and not at all stripped of all the natural oils like some cleansers can.
Moving on to the full size items we have the Vintage cosmetics company Blending sponge I am so impressed with this, I've actually had to chuck out my beauty blender as it went really gross so I was happy to have something to replace it with. A lot of the sponges that I have tried don't soak up the water like the Beauty blender does however this is so similar and it is a fraction of the price. I think my favourite product out of this months box was definitely the High definition beauty Sculpt and glow palette I've been using this one a lot. The contour is a really good shade for pale skin and the highlight is the most stunning Duo chrome peach and pink. The creams blend so nicely into the skin and leave a very natural looking contour.
Finally in the box we have the Bella Pierre lip liner in Cinnamon and the Bella Pierre lipstick in Envy. I really like these two they give that perfect nineties dark browny nude lip. The lip liner is incredibly creamy and glides onto the lips. I find a lot of liners can drag however this one doesn't at all. The lipstick is incredibly creamy and feels very comfortable to wear however I do feel like it moves around quite a lot and I find I have to very careful or else it ends up all over my face.
Overall I was really happy with this months box and I'd highly recommend it if you are looking for a box that's a little more high-end  

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

3 Summer fashion essentials

Summer season is here; with this in mind, there are closet essentials every woman needs, no matter
what time of year it may be. Depending on your style your fashion, and wardrobe are likely to
change. These are three items however, every woman should own, and can use at any time of the
year, for a day out, night out, or big event you plan on attending.
White shirt -
The long sleeve, short sleeve, halter top, sleeveless; no matter what variety you choose, a white tee
is going to look great on any figure. Add in the fact you can pair it up with colour, go with simple
seamless design, or mix and match with different tops and covers to wear with your white shirt.

Ballet flat -
Another classy, classic style that doesn't get dated. Flats are great for a night out on the town, a
beach day, going to dinner, the movies, or even staying in. They dress up well, can dress down easily,
and can be worn dressed up or casually. No matter what the outfit or attire you have in mind, the
ballet flat is an exceptional shoe for you to pair it with.
Pencil skirt -
Elegant, elongate, accentuate. It is going to help define your figure, your curves, and truly showcase
your assets in a way not too many pieces can do. The skirt is elegant in black, can be purchased in
colour, and comes in a variety of lengths from elegant, to flashy, to showy. You choose the
ensemble, the skirt will likely fit well with it.
No matter what event you have planned, where you are going, or what the occasion, the right outfit
goes a long way. These are three staples in every closet, which can easily be paired for the event, the
date, or even a casual evening in. If you are looking to purchase any of these statement items then
there are loads of Online catalogues which offer
the items.
This is a sponsored post!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Drugstore week ¦ The Lowdown - Primark makeup

A couple of weeks ago I put up a first impressions of the Primark makeup range on my Youtube channel so today I thought I would run though all the products I have tried and do some more in-depth reviews.
2 in 1 Foundation and concealer - Dewy finish - £3.00
This is one of the products that I am kind of on the fence with. I wasn't a fan of the concealer, I found that it offered no more coverage and just made my under eyes look a bit more cakey however I didn't mind the foundation. It is a light medium coverage foundation, in terms of the finish it is more satin than dewy. I find that this does work well for a couple of hours on my dry skin however it does begin to separate and look a bit dry so I imagine it would do this at a much faster rate on oily skin. I don't mind this foundation and I feel like for a beginner this would be enough. One thing I will say about this is that the concealer is much darker than the foundation.
Under eye concealer - £1.50
This concealer is meant to be the same shade as the foundation however it's much lighter, for me personally this is a good thing as it means I can use it under my eyes. I actually really like this, it is nice and lightweight and sits really nicely under my eyes. In terms of coverage it isn't the highest I have ever tried however it is enough to cover my under eye circles when they aren't really dark.
Blush Stick - Coral - £1.50
I don't really like much about this, it isn't to bad however it is not something I would ever reach for. The shade is a bit odd, it is a pastel coral shade which just makes me look like my cheeks are a bit of a funny colour. The texture is okay however compared to some of my favourites it feels quite tacky on the skin and it doesn't blend as well as some of them.
Contour crayons - £3.00
I think these are my favourite thing that I have tried along with the lip liners, I actually use the contour shade as a bronzer and the bronze shade as a contour as I find that it works better for my paler skin that way. I must admit I do find the highlight stick a little pointless as it is a really dark shade and I'm not sure how I would ever use it. The products blend really nicely and don't leave stripes along my face like cream contours often do.

Cream concealer, Foundation, Under eye concealer, Blush stick, Highlight shade, Bronze shade, Contour shade.

Lip Liners - £1.00
These are my other favourite product, they are incredibly creamy and feel so comfortable on the lips. I find a lot of super affordable lip liners look and feel so dry on the lips meaning that lipsticks just doesn't go on right over them however with these lipsticks glides over them. I think if you want to give lip liner a go but don't want to spend to much money these are the perfect way to do that.
Lipstick - £0.90
For 90p I really can't complain about this lipstick and I have to say I am super impressed. It is very creamy and feels incredibly comfortable on the lips. I presumed that it was going to be quite dry as a lot of super budget lipsticks are however it isn't. The lasting power of this isn't the best however as it is so creamy I can let it off. I do find out of all the shades there are very few wearable ones as a lot of them seem to be super neon pinks and things like that. However if you can find a colour you like i'd highly recommend picking one of these up!
Lipstick in Rosewood Mauve, Lip liners in 02, 01, 09, 07
Brow cream - £1.50
I thought the colour of this was going to be so off however it is actually a really nice fairly ash toned brown. It is quite thick and reminds me of the texture of the NYX brow gel. With it being this very thick texture it can end up looking quite heavy if I am not careful with it.
9 and 4 Shade eye palettes - £2.50 and £2.00
I am not a fan of Primark shadows I find that they really lack in pigment and are extremely chalky. I can deal with shadows which have fall out due to the high pigment however these ones fall out like crazy and have no pigment. I feel like the shades in both the palettes haven't been thought trough and the 9 Shade palette literally has 8 medium shades and 1 light shade meaning that is almost impossible to create a look out of the palette.
Volumising mascara - £1.00
Finally we have the volumising mascara, for £1.00 I actually can't think of anything bad to say about this. It adds a nice amount of volume and length to the lashes and keeps a curl. I do find I get a little bit of transfer onto my lower lash line however nothing majorly obvious. I feel like this would make a really fantastic mascara for someone who either doesn't wear much makeup or for someone who is just getting started with makeup.

Brow cream, 3 shades from the 9 shade palette, Shades from the 4 shade palette.
So that's it for today and the last post of drugstore week, I really hep you enjoyed these posts and if you aren't up to date here are all the links ->

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Chatty Drugstore GRWM

So I  thought I'd get my channel involved with drugstore week which means today's post is a video. It  is a chatty drugstore get ready with me. I really hope you enjoy this video and come back tomorrow for another drugstore week post!
Products used -
Miss Sporty Insta glow primer*
Bourjois Healthy mix foundation - 51
Maybelline Super stay better skin concealer - Light
Bourjois Radiance reveal concealer - Light
Freedom Duo brow powder - Dark Brown
L'Oreal Brow artist plumper - Medium/Dark
Barry M Contour kit - Light/Medium
L'Oreal Glam bronzer - Golden Bronze
Miss Sporty Insta glow blush - Luminous Beige*
Sleek Highlighting palette - Solstice
L'Oreal Colour riche L'ombre pure - Sable Lame
Maxfactor False lash effect
Bourjois Rouge edition - Nud-ist
NYX Butter gloss - Crème Brule


Friday, July 22, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Top products under £10

On Monday I talked about my favourite products under £5 so today I thought I would talk to you about my favourite products under £10. I have to say that I found the under £5 difficult however I found this one even harder. There are so many incredible products in this price range however I have narrowed it down to my absolute favourites.
NYX Butter glosses - £5.00
I was convinced these glosses were £5.99 so they ended up in this post however they probably should have gone in the Under £5 post. These are one of my favourite glosses as they are so comfortable to wear and hydrating without being super sticky and gross. They actually have quite a lot of pigment and I use them a lot over the top of nude lipsticks to change the shade slightly. I also love the packaging is the same colour as the shade as it makes them super easy to find in my collection.
Gerard Cosmetics Hydra matte liquid lipsticks - £9.50
Alongside the Dose of colours ones these are my favourite liquid lipsticks, they are an incredibly comfortable matte formula which sits beautifully on my lips even though they are so dry. These wear for such a long time without sucking all the moisture out of your lips like a lot of liquid lips do. The shade selection is also quite varied which is something I feel like isn't done to well when it comes to liquid lipsticks.
NYX Tiramisu, NYX Crème brule, Gerard cosmetics Iced Mocha, Gerard cosmetics Serenity, Gerard cosmetics Ecstasy

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation - £9.99
Along with the serum version this is my favourite budget foundation. It sits beautifully on my dry skin and gives the most stunning very healthy looking glow. It offers a medium coverage however it can be built up to a much higher coverage with a beauty blender (It doesn't build as well with a brush) The finish of this is a dewy finish so it might not be great for an oilier skin type however for drier skinned people this one is a really great budget alternative.
Bourjois Radiance reveal concealer - £7.99
Can we first just take a minute to appreciate how high end the packaging for this concealer looks. Along with the lovely looking packaging is a lovely product, I've been using this under my eyes pretty much everyday since I bought it and I really love it. I have a lot of trouble with concealers looking super dry and gross under my eyes but this one is so hydrating that it leaves my under eyes looking concealed as well as very moisturized. I feel like once again n oily skin this one may slip around a little too much however on dry skin it works really beautifully.
Sleek Solstice highlighting palette - £9.99
This is such a hyped product right now and I 100% understand why it contains 4 gorgeous highlights, one cream and three powders. The powders are super intense and give a seriously glowy look to the skin whilst the cream is a little more subtle, making a perfect base for the powders but also a beautiful natural highlight when used alone. I think this is definitely one that all highlighter fans need to give ago however is definitely not one for people who like a more natural highlight.
Bourjois Healthy mix, Bourjois Radiance reveal, Sleek highlighting palette 3 - 6, Barry M contour kit 7-9
Barry M Contour kit - £6.49
I'm not sure I will ever stop loving this product, it is such a stunning contour powder for pale skin, I must admit I don't ever touch the middle bronzer shade and I don't tend to reach for the highlight to often as it is matte however I would happily pay £6.49 for just the contour powder alone. It is a lovely cool toned powder which is light enough to work on paler skin however it also builds up really nicely on darker skin. I also feel like this would make a nice first contour product as it blends out so well even if you apply a little to much.
Maxfactor False lash effect - £10.99
Okay so I'm cheating with this one a little bit however I had to mention this mascara in one of my drugstore week posts as I am so obsessed with it at the moment. I am a Benefit They're real girl through and through however I'm trying to get through some of my other mascaras before I repurchase it. This one is super lengthening and leaves the lashes looking very fluttery, it isn't particularly volumising however personally that isn't really what I look for in a mascara. It is also very black and holds a curl really well despite not being the waterproof version. It is a little more pricey than your average drugstore mascara however I would recommend it for anyone who want's to try something very like a high end mascara.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Overhyped products

There are so many products that get super hyped in the drugstore so today I thought I'd go through some cult favourites that I really didn't get along with as well as everyone else did.
Nyx Soft matte lip creams -
Everyone is so obsessed with these however I found that the colour just didn't sit nicely on the lips and it clung to every single dry patch I had. When I buy a matte lip product I expect it to feel long wearing and not like it's going to smudge all over my face lip this one does. I think out of everything in this line up this is the thing I am most disappointed in as I had heard so many incredible things!
Maybelline Lash sensational mascara -
This one is a fairly new super hyped product, I am not that picky with mascara however I really didn't get along with this one I found the formula to be incredibly wet which made it hard to apply and meant that all my lashes began to clump together unless I wiped almost all the product off the brush. I also found that despite the fact I have the waterproof version it still smudges under my eyes so badly and leaves me looking like an panda.
LA Girl pro concealer -
The issue I have with this concealer is one that I have with this concealer is one I have with a lot of concealers, I find it to be far to dry and I find that it settles so badly on my skin as it is already incredibly dry anyway. I also found that the lightest shade of this was still a little dark on my untanned skin so it isn't one I reach for anyway. I think if you have normal to oily skin this could work for you however if you have any dryness at all it could very easily end up looking really cakey and dry.
NYX Soft matte lip cream, Bourjois colour boosts, L'Oreal infallible, LA girl pro conceal, Soap ad glory kick ass
Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer -
When I swatched this in boots I was incredibly hopeful. When swatched out of the pot the concealer feels incredibly creamy and like it would be perfect for drier skin types however it seems to completely change when applied under the eyes. I feel like for me layering the salmon and the skin shades feels very thick and no matter how I apply them they always end up looking very dry under the eyes. I also find that once again for a light product the shades are a little dark and again don't suit my winter skin.
Bourjois Colour boost crayons -
I feel like these make a comeback every time the weather gets warmer but I just never really gelled with them. I found that despite the fact they are so glossy they clung to all the dry patches on my lips and I also found that they barely last half an hour before they were basically undetectable on the lips. I'm not sure whether something in them didn't work with my lips however I find whenever I wear them my lips end up super cracked and dry.
L'Oreal Infallible matte foundation -
I am fully aware that this foundation is designed for oily skins however I had heard so much about people with drier skin using it I just had to give it a go. I found it did sit nicely on the patches of my skin that were a little less dry however on the patches that had any sort of dryness it really clung and just emphasised it. I also do find that this foundation sinks into my pores and looks super obvious however over the top of a silicone smoothing primer it can give most skin types a beautiful flawless effect. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Drugstore Dupes

Benefit Gimme Brow in Deep £18.50 VS L'Oreal Brow artist plumper in Medium/deep £5.99
These two products are so similar, they are both tinted brow gels which contain fibres which help add volume to the brows. Gimme brow is a little bit cooler in tone than the L'Oreal one which I do prefer however I do still reach for the L'Oreal one and it doesn't put me off. The wand on the L'Oreal one is much larger which isn't a problem for me as I have super thick eyebrows however if you have thinner brows it could cause a few problems. The L'Oreal one contains much more product so in terms of value for money it is definitely a good purchase, out of these two I honestly could pick a favourite and they are both products I will continue to purchase.
Freedom Brow powder in Dark brown £3.00 VS High Definition beauty brow palette in Foxy £25.00
These are completely different in shade however the texture of these two powders is very similar. They are both very pigmented but don't make the brows look too harsh which is something I really like. On of my brows has practically no arch to it (cheers 12 year old me) so I do find powders usually don't stay on the bit with no hair however these two both stick around. I do honestly think that I wouldn't repurchase the HD brows kit although I love it the freedom one is so similar and they have such a large variation of shades there is no need to shell out that much.
Revlon pressed glitter shadow from the Primer, shadow and sparkle palettes £8.99 VS Urban decay Moondust shadows £14.00
Now there isn't the biggest of price differences between these two however in the Revlon palette you do get four more shadows. That being said if you literally are only buying the palette for the glitter you may as well save the extra £5 and pick up the Urban decay one. These are both very fine and pretty glitters with a very pale colour behind them. There isn't an exact colour match however if you think you'd like the Moondust shades but don't quite want to commit to the glitter you could always give the Revlon ones a go and at least if you aren't a fan you have four more shadows.
Seventeen Skin Wow three way highlighter £5.99 vs Benefit High beam £19.50
I love a good liquid highlight, the seventeen is a little more icy than the benefit however once on the skin and blended the difference is almost undetectable. They are both very natural looking glowy highlights with a pink undertone, they both work well mixed into foundation to add radiance or on the high points of the face to highlight. I like these both as they don't move around the foundation underneath like some cream highlighters do. Again these are so similar I would say if you don't quite want to commit to the Benefit one the Seventeen one is similar enough to not notice a difference!
L'Oreal Glam bronze £7.99 VS Nars Laguna £28.00
I'm pretty sure Laguna is the most hyped bronzer in the blogging community, so many people use it on a daily basis however I always found that it is a little warm for me unless I have a tan. The L'Oreal glam bronze is a little more pigmented however it is a very similar shade (although they look completely different in the swatches) Just like Laguna it has a very fine golden shimmer which isn't detectable on the skin. These both do a really lovely job of bronzing up the skin and I really feel like having both in my collection is not necessary.
That's it for today catch up with the rest of Drugstore week?

Left to Right - Benefit Gimme brow, L'Oreal brow artist plumper, Freedom brow powder, High definition beauty brow palette, Revlon glitter, Urban Decay moondust shadow, Benefit High beam, Seventeen WOW! highlight, L'Oreal glam bronze, Nars Laguna. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Four Skincare favourites

For today's post I thought I would share with you some of my favourite skincare items, I tend to find skincare that I like and stick to it so these are all thoroughly tried and tested favourites.
The Body shop Camomile cleansing oil -
This removes every single last bit of makeup even waterproof mascara, it smells really lovely and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. It works well for me as I have super dry skin. Rather than stripping the skin it makes it feel incredibly nourished without leaving the skin feeling very oily.
The Body shop Vitamin E Intense moisture cream -
This is the most incredible moisturizer for Dry skin. It is incredibly hydrating yet doesn't leave the skin oily and gross like some moisturizers do. I find I can wear this one under my makeup however I can see this making anyone who has any slight oil on their skin would perhaps be best to just sticking to using this one at night.
La Roche posay Effaclar duo + -
I had really terrible acne this time last year which was made even worse by the fact my skin was so dry. This has played a massive part in basically completely my skin whilst massively fading any scars that the acne left behind. Even though this is a blemish treatment it still adds hydration to the skin.
Eucerin Facial sun cream -
I hate sun cream, like I'm talking really hate it! However this one I can just about put up with. It has a matte finish on the skin so it means that makeup goes over the top of it really nicely. The one thing I will say is that the scent of this product isn't the nicest however it is the best facial sun cream I have found for under my makeup!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Top products under £5

Today I thought I would kick off the Drugstore week blog posts with my favourite products under £5, I actually found this super hard to narrow down to a sensible amount of products for the post as there are actually a lot more products under £5 that  I love than I thought.  

Natural Collection Blushed cheeks - Pink cloud £2.00
I remember everyone being so obsessed with these about 3 years ago, they are so super affordable and really are the perfect introduction into blush for anyone who is new to makeup. This shade is a really pretty pink which can be applied very subtly or can be built up to a much more intense shade. These are a little powdery however nothing that is a problem and they still blend beautifully into the skin. I'd highly recommend these to anyone on a budget or who is looking to start/expand their blush collection.
MUA Undress your skin highlighters - Iridescent gold and Pink shimmer -£3.00
These highlights are so pretty, I absolutely love the way they look in the pan it's just a shame about the ugly outer white packaging. These highlights 100% live up to how they look in the pan and are such a bargain for £3.00. They leave a really stunning sheen on the cheeks when applied lightly and leave the skin looking incredible when applied with a slightly heavier hand. This is one of the main  reasons I love them so much as it makes them incredibly versatile as they can be used both ways.

Natural Collection Pink cloud, Mua Iridescent gold, Mua Pink Shimmer
 Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner - East end snob - £3.99
This did the rounds as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow talk (Which I adore so I bought it straight away) I have to say I wasn't sure about the dupe as it is a lot more pink and significantly less nude however I did fall in love with it. I like to use this one under nude lipsticks that are a little too nude for me just to add a little more pink to them. I also love wearing it alone as it is so beautiful and creamy.
Primark Lip liner - Pictured - 13 and 09 - £1.00
I actually own another four shades of these but above I pictured my two favourites, 09 is a really lovely nude shade which is a little bit pink and a little bit orange. The swatch below makes it look quite a bit more orange however on the lips it leans more towards pink. 13 is a really stunning berry shade which is one I used a lot in the winter under vampy shades. These are very comfortable to wear and can be worn alone although they aren't quite as creamy as the Rimmel ones.
Sleek Matte me Lip creams - Birthday suit and Petal - £4.99
These are by far my favourite drugstore liquid lipstick, they dry down to a beautiful matte finish and are so comfortable to wear. They have just expanded the shade range so there are now 12 shades ranging from a very pale pinky nude to some super dark reds. Despite the fact that my lips are incredibly dry these sit really nicely and don't ball up and crack when I reapply (this is my biggest problem with liquid lipsticks) meaning they are perfect to wear to a meal. They wear really evenly and I find that these two shades don't give you that gross line where the products finish on the inside of your lips even after eating.
Rimmel East end snob, Primark 13, Primark 09, Sleek Birthday suit, Sleek petal
 Miss Sporty Miaow look Felt tip liner - £2.99
I love a good felt tip liner but I find they usually run out super quickly however I've had this one for about a year and it's still going strong. It's incredibly black and lasts such a long time without fading or smudging. I also really like the nib as it is quite firm meaning that it makes it incredibly easy to get an accurate line.
Miss Sporty Kohl liner - Magic act - £1.99
I don't usually reach for a kohl liner however whenever I do it's always this one that I end up using. It's a very pigmented basic black liner which wears for a really nice amount of time on the water line and doesn't end up all smudged under the eye. It also works really well for a little bit of smokey liner on the lash line as long as it is blended before it sets.
Makeup Geek eyeshadows - £4.95
Although these aren't technically drugstore as you can't pick them up in store I just had to include them. These are my all time favourite shadows, they are incredibly pigmented, blend beautifully and have the most incredible colour range. They have such a variety of shades and I absolutely love the fact that I can create my own palette for much cheaper than I can create a Mac palette.
Makeup Revolution Foiled eyeshadows - £3.00
These are so stunning and perfect for any kind of special occasion. I love Rose gold all over the lid with a slightly darker warm shade in the crease for basically any kind of occasion and Black diamond is the perfect base for a navy smokey eye. These are meant to be dupes of the Stila magnificent metals shadows so I'd highly recommend if you like the look of those to give these beauties a go!
Miss Sporty felt tip liner, Miss sporty Kohl liner,  Makeup geek Wild west, Brownie points and Roulette, Makeup revolution Rose gold and Black diamond.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Beauty ¦ The sunset shadows.

I feel like I hadn't mentioned makeup geek shadows on my blog in the past couple of weeks so today I thought I'd just remind you of how much I love them and talk to you about my favourite warm orange and yellow shades which I've been loving using to create a sunset eye look.
 Morocco -
This shade is a burnt terracotta which is completely matte and incredibly pigmented, this one is the closest to a brown out of the five I have to talk about today, it is also the darkest of the shades. This is the perfect shade to deepen up a very warm eye look and I also really love wearing it under the eyes.
Poppy -
This shade has a lot more pink in it than Morocco, it is a pinky red shade which again works well as a crease shade. This one isn't quite as intense as morocco however it's a lot more red meaning that it can look a little too much under the eye and can end up making the eyes look sore.
Mango Tango -
This is a medium pink shade, it remind me of cupcake but a little darker and with a slightly more coral. This one makes a really lovely blending shade as well as a really pretty crease shade when paired with a pale peachy shade on the lid.
Top to bottom - Morocco, Poppy, Mango tango, Chickadee, Casino.
Chickadee -
This is a stunning orange-y yellow mustard shade. I really like to use this one all over the lid and then use either morocco or poppy in the crease, this shade is a slightly darker and matte version of casino meaning that works really well pressed over the top.
Casino -
As I've just said the shade of this is very similar to chickadee bar the fact it's a little bit lighter. This shade is so beautifully metallic and I like to use it pressed in the inner third of the lid with chickadee on the lid and morocco in the crease.
So that's it for today's post! I'd love to know what your favourite warm shadows.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beauty ¦ Dose of colours Liquid lipsticks

I absolutely love these lipsticks I have been reaching for them pretty much everyday since I got them as they are both such easy everyday shades to wear. I already have a pinky red shade which is called Kiss of Fire so I knew that I already liked the formula. It is incredibly comfortable on the lips without compromising on the longevity of the product. I find I can get around 7 hours out of these, they do fade a little when eating and drinking however nothing to crazy that they end up looking a mess. These are completely opaque with one layer (even the light one) meaning that they are a super easy no fuss product as you can just throw them on.
Left - Truffle Right - Bare with me
Truffle is the darker of the two shades, I'd say it was a medium browny nude which leans a little more pink than the other shade. I feel like this shade would work beautifully on any skin tone as it is that perfect in the middle nude. Bare with me is a much paler shade with more peachy tones rather than pink. On me this is just darker than my skin tone so I think anything above a lighter medium tone might find this one a bit concealer lippie.
The packaging on these is super practical as I am able to see what shade I am grabbing, the doe foot applicator is also incredible as it is curved meaning it fits onto the lips perfectly. It also means that it holds just enough product for one application. The one problem I have with these is how hard they are to get hold of! I buy mine form Beauty bay however they have a very limited shade selection and whenever they do restock the shades always sell out so fast.
I really love these liquid lipsticks and I'd highly recommend that everyone checks them out!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life ¦ Livening up lunchtime with Haywards

Recently I've been in a little bit of a lunchtime rut so when this parcel turned up I was pretty excited.  (Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that I carried this for about half a mile from the post office and it weighed just under 6kg) For a start I have always had a mild obsession with Piccalilli so I was pretty excited for cheese and piccalilli sandwiches. However I have to say I was excited to receive the veggies as after look on the Haywards website there are so many recipes including their products to add a little twist to very traditional dishes, like the welsh rarebit below. I also definitely need to try adding some piccalilli to my potato salad which is another of the suggestions on the website.
Haywards have recently extended their product range massively and they now have four different types of onions ranging from sweet and mild to hot and spicy meaning that you can choose the products to suit how much tang you like.
I'd highly recommend heading over to the Haywards website //here// if you are looking for a little lunchtime inspiration, I'm especially looking forward to making the Goats cheese and caramelised onion tart and the cauliflower burgers! (also eating the gherkins straight out the jar but that's not half as fancy looking)
Haywards products*  are available to buy from most supermarkets in the UK.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Guest Post ¦ 4 ways to combat suicidal thoughts with Jennifer from the Public health Library

When Jennifer from the public health library got in touch with me and asked me if I would consider sharing an article about suicide prevention I knew that I had to say yes. I am fully aware that this article may have no use to a lot of you however if it helps even just one person that would be absolutely amazing!
Cole x
When you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to silence them. With the depression that so often accompanies them, distracting yourself with enjoyable activities isn’t always an option. Here are a few ways you can work to rid yourself of suicidal thoughts.
1. Meditation Isn’t Just For Buddhists

Meditation is a way for you to clear your mind and relax. Silencing the brain is possibly one of the best methods for quieting negative thoughts as the aim is to eradicate all thought. The catch is meditation takes time. Learning to silence your thoughts take practices and effort. You may want to begin your meditative practice when you are feeling more positive so that shutting thoughts out is not as difficult as when you are depressed.

Image via Pixabay by brenkee
You are also likely to feel more motivated during these times of positivity. Make meditation part of your daily routine so that when you truly need it, you will be practiced and ready.

2. Find an Activity That Busies the Mind

If meditation isn’t for you, seek an activity you can enjoy that keeps the mind busy. If you can’t silence the thoughts, maybe you can have more success drowning them out. Reading an intriguing or complex book is an option, particularly if you challenge yourself to read it upside down.

Crossword puzzles are another good mental exercise along with Sudoku or a traditional puzzle. The object is not necessarily to find enjoyment (which can be challenging for a depressed mind) but rather to busy the mind and prevent any room for suicidal thoughts.
3. Reach Out to a Friend

If there is a person you feel is capable of reacting calmly and supportively to news of your suicidal thoughts, reach out. Be up front and open about what you are going through. Also be prepared to tell them what you need from them. If you just need a person to talk to, let them know. If you need someone to keep you on track with medications, counselling, or other beneficial activities, tell them.

Be sure you know how they can help you before you reach out. Admitting that you are contemplating suicide without having a way for them to help may only work to cause them anguish. However if they are provided a way to be supportive, they are more likely to have a positive reaction.

4. Seek Professional Help

Feeling as though you are dragging loved ones into your problems can be detrimental to your recovery. It may be better to seek professional help in the form of support groups or counselling. If you are experiencing a crisis situation, you might also contact the Suicide Hotline. They can be reach toll free at 1-800-273-8522 and are entirely anonymous.

If feelings of guilt still persist, try to keep in mind that the people who run this hotline are volunteers who have trained to help people like you. They want to help. Let them.

Struggling with suicidal thoughts can be extremely difficult, particularly if you feel you cannot or should not reach out to those around you. While your loved ones are likely happy to help, there are always alternative resources and activities you can do to keep these thoughts at bay.

Take up meditation, buy a few jigsaw puzzles, or find your nearest crisis centre. No matter which route you decide to take, it is important that you find a way to help yourself. Keep in mind recovery is possible and your seeking help is the first step.

Jennifer McGregor is the co-creator of, which was made for one of her pre-med classes as a project. With the site, she intends to provide various resources pertaining to medical inquiries and general health. When Jennifer is not busy being a student, she enjoys walking her dog through the park.