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Beauty ¦ 10 Summer lipsticks

Since it was National lipstick day today I thought I would share 10 summer lipsticks. I love a good bright lip all year around however I really do pull the out when the sun makes an appearance. I've tried to pick out a range of different formulas and types of products. If you have any bright recommendations leave them in the comments.

Mac Amplified lipstick in Morange - This is a Mac amplified formula which is definitely my favourite they are incredibly pigmented whilst still feeling incredibly moisturizing on the lips. Morange is an incredibly bright orange shade which is super intense. It's definitely not one for the faint hearted however I love it and I think it looks really beautiful with super subtle eyes, lots of mascara and bronzed skin.
Topshop Lips in Rio rio - The Topshop lipsticks are very similar to Mac's satin formula. They aren't quite matte however have the pigmentation and the lasting power of a matte lipstick. This shade is an orangey red however swatched next to something as bright as Morange it doesn't look half as orange. This one isn't the most hydrating so I do like to make sure that my lips are very hydrated before I apply this one.
Illamasqua Lipstick in Corrupt - This one is a very drying formula however if I wear a lip balm underneath I can get away with wearing it. It is an incredibly bright blue toned pink which is definitely an out there shade. I'll pretty much wear any lip colour to college however even I think this one is a little out there.
Morange, Rio Rio, Corrupt

YSL Rouge volupte oil in stick in No. 47 Beige blouse - This is such a pretty browny nude shade, it's incredibly glossy. I love this for just throwing on, it's perfect for chucking in my bag as I can reapply without a mirror. I've heard a lot of people say these don't have enough pigment however I think this has the perfect amount of pigment for what I want it for.
Clinique Lip pop in Poppy pop - Another orangey red (are you sensing a theme?) This one isn't a formula I would usually pick for a bright shade however there is something about the glossiness of this that means it looks super glossy without ending up all over my face. Once the gloss has worn away it leaves a lovely stain behind on the lips.
Revlon Colourburst matte balm in Unapologetic - Again we've got another orange toned shade, this time however its an orangey coral pink. One thing I will say about these is that if you are sensitive to highly scented products I'd give this one a miss as it is so highly scented. If you can get past that however these are so lovely. They aren't quite completely matte so they feel so comfortable on the lips.
Rimmel Kate moss matte lipstick in 110 - This one isn't quite as orange as Morange, it has a lot more pink in it meaning that it isn't quite as out there. Don't get me wrong it isn't the most subtle neutral shade ever but if you are looking for a lipstick that is bright but isn't to bright this one is definitely one to have a look at.
Left to Right - Beige Blouse, Poppy pop, Unapologetic, 110

Dose of Colours Matte lipstick in Kiss of Fire - When I purchased this I thought it was a more blue toned red however turns out it's a lot more of a pinky toned red. I love these as they are incredibly velvety once they have dried down. They wear so comfortably and for such a long time.
MUA Velvet lip lacquer in Vivacity - These do feel a lot more drying than the Dose of colours ones however they aren't half as drying as a lot of the Liquid lipsticks I've tried. I love how vibrant this shade is, it's a blue toned very bright pink which I've been wearing a lot in the past couple of weeks. If you want a super budget liquid lip I'd highly recommend these ones.
Gerard cosmetics Hydra matte Liquid lipstick in Serenity - This is a really pretty peachy nude shade, I find a lot of peachy nudes are far too light for me however this one works really well on my skintone. These are very comfortable and do feel incredibly hydrating despite them being so matte. These last really nicely and don't do that gross flaky thing that some liquid lips do.

Left to Right - Kiss of Fire, Vivacity, Serenity.
That's it for today I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to let me know what you're favourite shades for summer are! 


  1. These are such lovely colours! I really need to get more summer lipsticks I wear the same ones all the way through the year xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Morange looks gorgeous! I've been loving Tropic Tonic this summer and it's definitely inspired me to try more orange-toned lip colours :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty


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