Thursday, July 21, 2016

Drugstore Week ¦ Overhyped products

There are so many products that get super hyped in the drugstore so today I thought I'd go through some cult favourites that I really didn't get along with as well as everyone else did.
Nyx Soft matte lip creams -
Everyone is so obsessed with these however I found that the colour just didn't sit nicely on the lips and it clung to every single dry patch I had. When I buy a matte lip product I expect it to feel long wearing and not like it's going to smudge all over my face lip this one does. I think out of everything in this line up this is the thing I am most disappointed in as I had heard so many incredible things!
Maybelline Lash sensational mascara -
This one is a fairly new super hyped product, I am not that picky with mascara however I really didn't get along with this one I found the formula to be incredibly wet which made it hard to apply and meant that all my lashes began to clump together unless I wiped almost all the product off the brush. I also found that despite the fact I have the waterproof version it still smudges under my eyes so badly and leaves me looking like an panda.
LA Girl pro concealer -
The issue I have with this concealer is one that I have with this concealer is one I have with a lot of concealers, I find it to be far to dry and I find that it settles so badly on my skin as it is already incredibly dry anyway. I also found that the lightest shade of this was still a little dark on my untanned skin so it isn't one I reach for anyway. I think if you have normal to oily skin this could work for you however if you have any dryness at all it could very easily end up looking really cakey and dry.
NYX Soft matte lip cream, Bourjois colour boosts, L'Oreal infallible, LA girl pro conceal, Soap ad glory kick ass
Soap and Glory Kick ass concealer -
When I swatched this in boots I was incredibly hopeful. When swatched out of the pot the concealer feels incredibly creamy and like it would be perfect for drier skin types however it seems to completely change when applied under the eyes. I feel like for me layering the salmon and the skin shades feels very thick and no matter how I apply them they always end up looking very dry under the eyes. I also find that once again for a light product the shades are a little dark and again don't suit my winter skin.
Bourjois Colour boost crayons -
I feel like these make a comeback every time the weather gets warmer but I just never really gelled with them. I found that despite the fact they are so glossy they clung to all the dry patches on my lips and I also found that they barely last half an hour before they were basically undetectable on the lips. I'm not sure whether something in them didn't work with my lips however I find whenever I wear them my lips end up super cracked and dry.
L'Oreal Infallible matte foundation -
I am fully aware that this foundation is designed for oily skins however I had heard so much about people with drier skin using it I just had to give it a go. I found it did sit nicely on the patches of my skin that were a little less dry however on the patches that had any sort of dryness it really clung and just emphasised it. I also do find that this foundation sinks into my pores and looks super obvious however over the top of a silicone smoothing primer it can give most skin types a beautiful flawless effect. 



  1. That sucks about the LA Girl pro concealer! I really wanted to try that! I don't know if it would be light enough for my really pale skin!! <3

    Amelia | Amelia Grace

  2. The mascara might be the version you have... I bought the waterproof one accidentally and hated it. The normal one is my HG mascara and I would never use anything else!! Don't loose hope, I love it!!

  3. Interesting, have you thought about trying the Pro Glow? That might be better suited to your skin, we have such different skin types so I love most of the products you didn't get on with too well. I haven't noticed Lash Sensational to be very smudging, I have the waterproof bottle as well but tbf I do remove most of the product from the wand on all my mascaras as I find that gives me a better application. Great post, I'll pay more attention next time I use some of these products xxx

    AlLittleKiran - Bloglovin

  4. Lash Sensational is my favourite but mascara is a really personal product. I HATED the UK L'Oreal Infallible Matte but the one I got in America is absolutely amazing - it's definitely not the same product!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

  5. I've used the S&G Kick Ass Concealer and didn't get on with it either, I only liked the yellow toned concealer shade and for the price of it, it's not worth buying it just for that! x

    Gemma Louise

  6. I was going to try the S&G concealer, I won't bother noe ☺

  7. I feel the same way about the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams as you do. They don't last long on the lips at all, although I do like the colour range! x
    Louise |


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