Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beauty ¦ July Makeup

So it's time for another monthly makeup post, again I've not been wearing a lot of makeup this month however I have definitely fallen in love with some new products and I've also finally started baking my makeup which is something I feel like everyone has been doing for forever. Don't get me wrong I don't do it everyday however for the days when I want my makeup to last a little longer this is perfect.

Urban Decay Naked Foundation -

I bet you're all super shocked to see this one in here. I'm pretty sure I am going to use this foundation forever. If you aren't a regular over here this is a stunning medium coverage foundation with a really healthy looking dewy finish which lasts all day on my dry skin without settling into any dry patches.

Urban Decay Naked concealer -

I finally picked this up in a shade that works under my eyes and I have been using it everyday this month. It is so lovely and creamy but it has a lovely high coverage, I've been using Fair neutral under my eyes and Light neutral on any blemishes/pigmentation. That is one if the things I love about this so much is that it works for both blemishes and under the eyes.

Collection Sheer loose powder -

I always thought that baking wouldn't work for me however randomly a couple of weeks ago I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did. I only do under my eyes as I'm pretty sure that it would make my makeup look dry on my T-zone and I do like a dewy look. I've found that this has really helped keep my makeup in place and I've been reaching for it if I have a long day.

Mac Satin blush in Fleur power -

This is a product I've never really got much use out of however I've just recently dug it out of my collection and I really love it. It's a really lovely natural peachy pink which looks good with whatever makeup I'm wearing. It has a slight sheen to it which just adds to the glowiness of the foundation making my skin super healthy and radiant.

Urban Decay Beached bronzer in Bronzed -

Now I do love Benefit Hoola however recently I've been wanting something a little darker and a little warmer. This is where the prettiest packaged bronzer ever comes in (Palm trees, Mint green and Rose gold yes please!) This is the darker of the two shades and I really love it. Although it's a lot warmer than Hoola it still isn't orange and just leaves the skin looking very healthily bronzed. It also blends like a dream so even if you do go a little over the top it can be easily fixed.

Laura Geller Gelato swirl highlighter in Gilded honey -

So I finally caved and bought it and I am so glad I did, I was a little worried that it would be too dark when it first arrived however it isn't half as intensely gold once on the cheekbones. It really works well with a good amount of bronzer to give that really gorgeous healthy summer makeup. I feel like some people may find this a little too glittery but if you are a big highlight fan I can see you really loving it.

Urban Decay All nighter setting spray -

I am honestly so glad to have this one back in my life, I was obsessed with this last summer and it was just one of those things that I never got around to repurchasing. However it came at a perfect time, it arrived just before that week of super hot weather here in the UK and it just reminded me how good this stuff is. Not only does it make makeup last so much longer but it also helps to take away and powderiness (I have no idea how to spell that)

HD Brows Eye and brow palette in Foxy -

I've actually been reaching for powders for my brows a lot this month and this is a brilliant palette. I tend to mix the dark brown and the black for a cool toned brown shade which works perfectly with my hair colour. What I like about this is that the powders are pigmented yet natural. I have pretty much no arch on my left brow and this is brilliant for adding in that arch without making it look super obviously drawn on.

Benefit Gimme brow in Medium/deep -

I'm pretty sure this has been in every monthly makeup post since I started doing them. I've actually just purchased a new tube in the new packaging as I just love this stuff so much and can't use anything else to set my brows without missing it. It sets my brows whilst adding a little bit of colour and a little volume it is just the perfect brow gel.

Maybelline Lash sensational mascara -

Now this is growing on me the more it dries out. I found at first it was just super goopy and just clumped my lashes together as well as transferring badly onto both my lower lash line and my lid. However now I'm getting on with it a little better, don't get me wrong it's not one that I'm going to repurchase but I will be finishing it as I don't hate it quite as much.

LA Girl Endless liner in Natural -

This is just a good basic super affordable nude lip liner. I find this is nice and creamy but not so creamy that it moves around on the lips. I also like the fact that it is a twist up pencil as I completely loathe sharpening liners.

Mac Matte lipstick in Mehr -

This is one of my favourite lipsticks at the moment, it's somewhere between a nude and a pink and I just find for me it's one of those perfect everyday shades. I think if you are a religious wearer of subtle nude lips you might find this one a little bright however I wear a lot of super bright shades so it's pretty nude for me. I love the formula of this shade as it looks matte on the lips and lasts really well whilst still feeling very creamy and comfortable on the lips.



  1. I've really been debating about getting the Urban Decay Naked concealer, do you find it creases or doesn't stay put in day to day wear?
    Love the post!

    Kate @ Beautiboe x

    1. I find on me it stays put all day! It's doesn't dry out in blemishes either! X

  2. I also have the Urban Decay naked skin foundation and I really don't like it, for me it emphasized my dry patches! I would like to try the concealer though and I completely agree about the Lash Sensational! If I repurchased it I would let it dry for two months before I started using it lol.

  3. These are some great favourites. I really want to try out Urban Decays naked concealer and foundation!

  4. Ah, I've been lusting after Fleur Power for ages- it's gorgeous! I'm way tempted by those Laura Gellar highlighters too :)


  5. Lash Sensational, the Urban Decay Bronzer and Laura Geller highlighter are all summer must-haves for me :) I need to give Mehr some love again - it just always works!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  6. I have wanted the Laura Geller highlighter for a while, might have to pick it up soon!

  7. I love Mac matte lipsticks and I'm dying to try that foundation!

  8. I find you can never go wrong with Urban Decay, I love their products so much. That blush and lipstick from MAC look very pretty, I may have to add those to my list to get ! This was a great post and great products !!

    Katie |


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