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Beauty ¦ Budget contouring and highlighting

I love a good contour and highlight so today I thought I would share some of my favourites with you. I feel like in the past year the high street has really upped the contour and highlighting game so it seemed only fitting for me to dedicate a post to all of my favourite products to get perfectly sculpted cheekbones and super highlighted cheeks.
Sleek highlighting palette - Solstice
This palette is so ridiculously beautiful and I just absolutely love it. This one contains 2 baked highlights, 1 powder highlight and a cream highlight. These highlights are so beautiful and intense, they leave the skin so beautifully highlighted and they are definitely fab if you love a really strong highlights. If you like a more natural highlight I'd definitely recommend the other highlighting palette I have from sleek as it isn't quite as intense.
MUA Undress your skin highlighters - Iridescent gold and Pink shimmer
These are perfect if you want to try out highlighting but don't want to spend to much, these are really pretty and look pretty natural on the cheeks. You can build them up and get quite an intense look from them which means they are super versatile as they can be used for both a natural and an intense look. For £3 I honestly cannot find anything that I don't like about the actual product however the packaging is crap and always breaks which is super annoying and means I'm incredibly reluctant to take them away with me.
Sleek highlighting palette - Precious metals
This is the other sleek highlighting palette which is a little bit less intense than the solstice palette. This one contains 3 cream highlights and 1 powder, the creams blend beautifully into the skin leaving a very beautiful sheen on the cheeks which does look very natural. The middle gold shade looks especially natural and leaves a healthy glow on the skin. These creams also make a really lovely base to put other highlighters over to make them last longer.

Left to right - Sleek Solstice palette 1-4, MUA Iridescent gold, MUA Pink Simmer, Sleek Precious metals palette 7-10.

Barry M Chisel cheeks contour kit - Light to medium
I love this contour kit, so much so that I've actually hit pan on the contour shade as I use it pretty much everyday. It is perfect for pale skin as it is very grey toned and I just find it blends beautifully and looks like a beautiful natural shadow. I must say about the other two shades in the palette are not something I use ever really, the bronzer shade is quite orange and the highlight is completely matte so they aren't products I ever reach for.
NYX High definition blush - Taupe
This is another really beautiful cool toned contour shade, so many people talked about this and I can really understand why everyone loves it. It blends really well and like the Barry M one leaves a very natural shadow. It is a little bit more cool toned than the Barry M one so it works well when I am looking super pale.

Barry M contour kit 1-3, Nyx Taupe
 Sleek Face form palette - Light
This palette is a nice all rounder. The bronzer is somewhere between a contour and a bronzing shade meaning that it is a really nice one to just add a little bit of shape to the face. The highlight is a really pretty champagne shade which looks really beautiful and gives the face such a pretty glow without looking super obvious. Finally the blush in this palette is absolutely stunning. It has quite a lot of shimmer in it meaning that if I don't want a highlight it's a nice one just to add a bit of glow as well as a bit of colour.
Zoeva Contour palette - Rose Gold
This palette is soooo pretty the contour is a very pale shade which is perfect for people who have super pale skin. It's one of those shades that I reach for when I want a really natural contour colour. It isn't quite as cool as I would like however as long as I blend it well I have no trouble with it look orangey. On the other hand the highlighter in this palette is definitely not natural at all. It is an absolutely beautiful white gold highlight which looks so stunning on the cheeks. Finally in this palette we have the most stunning rose gold shade. It is honestly such a beautiful shade and I absolutely love wearing it when I want something neutral but something that still adds a pop to the cheeks.
Collection #blushandglow palette
I really like the bronzer and the highlight out if here, the blushes are nice but not something I ever use however I feel like the addition of them in this palette makes it perfect for people who are just starting out with makeup. The bronzer is actually pretty cool toned and like the sleek is a cross between a contour and a bronzer making it perfect to use for a little bit of both. The highlight is the most natural out of all the ones that I have spoken about to do and is almost undetectable unless the light catches it. As you can see from the swatches below it's very faint however I feel like sometimes that's what I want if I am wearing very light makeup.
Left to Right, Sleek face form 1-3, Zoeva Rose gold 4-6, Collection blush and glow 7-8.


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