Thursday, July 14, 2016

Beauty ¦ Dose of colours Liquid lipsticks

I absolutely love these lipsticks I have been reaching for them pretty much everyday since I got them as they are both such easy everyday shades to wear. I already have a pinky red shade which is called Kiss of Fire so I knew that I already liked the formula. It is incredibly comfortable on the lips without compromising on the longevity of the product. I find I can get around 7 hours out of these, they do fade a little when eating and drinking however nothing to crazy that they end up looking a mess. These are completely opaque with one layer (even the light one) meaning that they are a super easy no fuss product as you can just throw them on.
Left - Truffle Right - Bare with me
Truffle is the darker of the two shades, I'd say it was a medium browny nude which leans a little more pink than the other shade. I feel like this shade would work beautifully on any skin tone as it is that perfect in the middle nude. Bare with me is a much paler shade with more peachy tones rather than pink. On me this is just darker than my skin tone so I think anything above a lighter medium tone might find this one a bit concealer lippie.
The packaging on these is super practical as I am able to see what shade I am grabbing, the doe foot applicator is also incredible as it is curved meaning it fits onto the lips perfectly. It also means that it holds just enough product for one application. The one problem I have with these is how hard they are to get hold of! I buy mine form Beauty bay however they have a very limited shade selection and whenever they do restock the shades always sell out so fast.
I really love these liquid lipsticks and I'd highly recommend that everyone checks them out!


  1. I was looking at these the other day! I really want to get my hands on the colour Stone. These shades look gorgeous too!

  2. these look great!! I love these types of shades :) they're so versatile

    Xoxo Jessy

  3. I love these shades. They are so pretty. I'm really into nude lipstick products. I don't have much liquid lipstick so I'm definitely going to check out this ones. Thanks for sharing! xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  4. Thanks for sharing these. Dose of colors is an amazing brand. I love their highlighters but I feel like I need to try out the lipsticks too!



  5. I love Liquid lipsticks too. Both of these look stunning. I've trying to get my hands on them for long but they always seem to be out of stock xx

    LPage Beauty

  6. I have Truffle too and absolutely love it - this has to be one of my favourite liquid lipsticks, I just find it so hard to catch them in stock!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty | US & Sephora Giveaway

  7. Love liquid lipsticks, apply so much better! These are stunning colours love them!!X

  8. I haven't tried Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks yet. Though I would like to! The packaging looks really chic and I've heard nothing but good things about them. These shades look beautiful. I'll be sure to pick one up soon. Great post! :)

    Nicole | In The Life of NM // Enter My Giveaway!

  9. I only have stone and I always forget I have it! I want to try some other colors. These two look so pretty!


  10. I keep seeing these everywhere and the colours are just beautiful :) So good to see they live up to the expectations, because they seem lovely :)

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  11. These are such nice shades!! I really want to try something from DOSE and I think these will be my first!!
    Kathy x

  12. I've been trying to get these for ages. They look so pretty, I definitely want them more now after seeing you review them, your lipstick always looks amazing in snaps :) x


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