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Guest Post ¦ 4 ways to combat suicidal thoughts with Jennifer from the Public health Library

When Jennifer from the public health library got in touch with me and asked me if I would consider sharing an article about suicide prevention I knew that I had to say yes. I am fully aware that this article may have no use to a lot of you however if it helps even just one person that would be absolutely amazing!
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When you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, it can be extremely difficult to silence them. With the depression that so often accompanies them, distracting yourself with enjoyable activities isn’t always an option. Here are a few ways you can work to rid yourself of suicidal thoughts.
1. Meditation Isn’t Just For Buddhists

Meditation is a way for you to clear your mind and relax. Silencing the brain is possibly one of the best methods for quieting negative thoughts as the aim is to eradicate all thought. The catch is meditation takes time. Learning to silence your thoughts take practices and effort. You may want to begin your meditative practice when you are feeling more positive so that shutting thoughts out is not as difficult as when you are depressed.

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You are also likely to feel more motivated during these times of positivity. Make meditation part of your daily routine so that when you truly need it, you will be practiced and ready.

2. Find an Activity That Busies the Mind

If meditation isn’t for you, seek an activity you can enjoy that keeps the mind busy. If you can’t silence the thoughts, maybe you can have more success drowning them out. Reading an intriguing or complex book is an option, particularly if you challenge yourself to read it upside down.

Crossword puzzles are another good mental exercise along with Sudoku or a traditional puzzle. The object is not necessarily to find enjoyment (which can be challenging for a depressed mind) but rather to busy the mind and prevent any room for suicidal thoughts.
3. Reach Out to a Friend

If there is a person you feel is capable of reacting calmly and supportively to news of your suicidal thoughts, reach out. Be up front and open about what you are going through. Also be prepared to tell them what you need from them. If you just need a person to talk to, let them know. If you need someone to keep you on track with medications, counselling, or other beneficial activities, tell them.

Be sure you know how they can help you before you reach out. Admitting that you are contemplating suicide without having a way for them to help may only work to cause them anguish. However if they are provided a way to be supportive, they are more likely to have a positive reaction.

4. Seek Professional Help

Feeling as though you are dragging loved ones into your problems can be detrimental to your recovery. It may be better to seek professional help in the form of support groups or counselling. If you are experiencing a crisis situation, you might also contact the Suicide Hotline. They can be reach toll free at 1-800-273-8522 and are entirely anonymous.

If feelings of guilt still persist, try to keep in mind that the people who run this hotline are volunteers who have trained to help people like you. They want to help. Let them.

Struggling with suicidal thoughts can be extremely difficult, particularly if you feel you cannot or should not reach out to those around you. While your loved ones are likely happy to help, there are always alternative resources and activities you can do to keep these thoughts at bay.

Take up meditation, buy a few jigsaw puzzles, or find your nearest crisis centre. No matter which route you decide to take, it is important that you find a way to help yourself. Keep in mind recovery is possible and your seeking help is the first step.

Jennifer McGregor is the co-creator of, which was made for one of her pre-med classes as a project. With the site, she intends to provide various resources pertaining to medical inquiries and general health. When Jennifer is not busy being a student, she enjoys walking her dog through the park.

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